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Reminder: All good LARPs that rope in and kill millions of White Christians are started by unifying them against oppressive jews, then redirecting them to an unrelated target


Trump loves the Jews, Trump donated millions to Israel, after 5 murder Christians in America Trump gave a speech on how we must protect judaism and israel, and reminder that the kike Q has been advocating you to "join the military and fight for your country. rEmeMbeR uR 0aTh!?"


Don't want to die for Israel? Stop following the mossad Q LARP that pretends to be anti-Mossad.

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I'm in Nebraska friend. Sorry you have to hear the truth. Go look up Trump's recent speech about protecting kikes. Do you really want to sacrifice America for the jews? Record number of White murder globally? Niggers being released after murder to go murder more? For 4 years in a row? And pathetic retards like you are probably still telling yourself "It had to be this way, it's not possible to save America without murdering white Christians and donating billions to Israel"


Stupid brainwashed kike lover.

Anonymous ID: e0474c Nov. 18, 2023, 7:50 p.m. No.19940349   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Sorry man, jew loving trump used you and this entire movement to gather followers to sacrifice for attention. Then he used his influence to sell you out to Israel. There are really psychosis infested Q shills that believe no one's been murdered, it's all a fake show, and Trump will personally fly in and save us.