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> there were once no walls. your cells remember.


How long ago was Earth's Partition? 14,000 years, or earlier? There have been 4-6 ages of man on Earth, I've heard. The aboriginal dreamtime seems optimized for a more unbounded reality.


> there are nephs, all long dead.


Nephs are human ghosts, or have they Fallen from higher estate?


> flora and fauna aside…


Maybe if we don't discriminate against the personhood of the Locusts, they won't eat us as fast.


> they seek to close of part of Logos from The Father. if they succeed, everything just winks out.


Some motherfuckers always be trying to ice skate uphill.


> h.s.sapiens are simply an interstitial species.


Try having a body without connective tissue.


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> "angels are fauna''.


Dat's racist.


Anyway, clearly fauna can kick our ass. Whether they consider us fauna is the more pressing question.


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close *off?