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something big coming around the corner

~A BIG NEW SUNSPOT GROUP: A large and active sunspot group is emerging over the sun's northeastern limb. This 24-hour movie from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows seven Earth-sized dark cores, with more to come:(pic rel)

Newly-numbered "AR3490," the sunspot group is cracking with flares. Earth-orbiting satellites have registered three M-class flares and nearly a dozen C-class flares since the weekend began.

The sunspot group is so large, it is affecting the way the whole sun vibrates. Helioseismologists used the tremors to detect this sunspot group while it was still on the farside of the sun. Their latest seismic maps confirm that we haven't seen all of it; some of the group is still wrapped around the edge of the sun.~

rotating to face earth

any big flares now will hit us square on