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Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon pledges $250,000 to support free speech on X after Media Matters hit job targets Elon Musk ✊

Nov 19, 2023


The Left hates freedom of speech and they hate Elon Musk for allowing freedom of speech.


On Friday, they declared war on Elon by organizing an advertiser boycott of X, led by Media Matters (a rabidly anti-freedom leftist "watchdog" that exists to paint normal Americans as Nazis). Elon returned fire on Saturday with the threat of "thermonuclear" retaliation:


In the meantime, X is losing advertising dollars left and right as big brands drop or pause spending on the platform.


Enter Seth Dillon and The Babylon Bee:

Yes, Seth Dillon has pledged to spend 250 GRAND in advertising to help show his support for Elon Musk and X as a free speech platform.


And he's not alone: