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Governor Abbott: We've deployed the National Guard to put these razor wire border barriers down there. So what does Biden do when we put those razor wire border barriers that deny people access to America? Joe Biden put a forklift down there and lifted them up, and allowed thousand of migrants to enter the country illegally

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President Trump: I believe by the end of this administration, it'll be fifteen million people, that's bigger than New York state, who have come into our country illegally. And many of those people, you don't want them in our country.

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President Trump: These guys got in and the economy went haywire, and inflation went through the roof…when it goes to four percent, like recently…but what about the twenty-seven percent that it lifted over a short period, two and a half years, where people are just; they're dying, they can't live.

[is that the true rate of inflation reached under Biden?]