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Q, can I get some guidance on this information found on cloning? Is this why they want the DNA?


We Will Discuss The Manner Of Cloning And The Aspects Of Viewing That Can Become Obvious If One Cares To Know Truth! Knowing There Are Over A Billion Clones Operating In Your Awareness With A Growing Number, May Spark Your Interest In Learning The Truth Of Those Around You!


For Every Clone, There Is A Controller. In Many Instances, There Is A Team. There Is Always A Purpose Or Agenda In Place For The Creation Of Each Clone. With Unlimited Financial Resources Available, Many Celebrities Have Joined With Handlers To Receive Greater Status As The Creators Of The Clone Also Become More Wealthy. Many Singers And Dancers As Well As Actors, Hosts And Politicians Have More Than One Clone Available To Maneuver Their Way To Power And Notoriety.


We Have Shared In Prior Communication Regarding DNA That This Material Carries The Genetic Code Of All Necessary Factors Needed To Create Each Clone. In Rapid Transformation, Information Is Carried And Grown In Material That Would Be No Different Than A Petri Dish In A Laboratory. Indeed, The Actions Of These Creators Are Reckless As They Experiment With The Product As Well As Toying With All Lives That Must Endure This Charade.


Characteristics With Hair And Eye Color, Age And Form Are Programmed And Adjusted. Many Politicians Have Been Noted To Have Many Looks With Different Hair Lines, Nose And Ear Size And Even Varying Heights. Some Photos Do Not Resemble Others In Any Manner. The Creators Are Hoping That You Do Not Notice. In Many Instances, There Is A Changing Of The Product’s Face That Would Be Close To What You Understand As Plastic Surgery. There Are Incisions And Areas Where Changes Are Made. The Breakdown Of Materials Does Not Heal As There Is No Immune System And Surgeries Allow Material To Be Altered And Removed Without Replacing The Entire Clone. These Are Not Masks As Some Suppose In Guessing. The Science Is There If Those Seeking Truth Would Open To Understand!


The Biden Product Is Glitching With Face Movement And Program Breakdown. This Clone Will Be Phased Out Completely While Allowing Those Observing To Believe This Is All About Age. There Is No Purpose To Continue To Repair And Replace Areas When New Leadership Is Desired. Beware Of Clones That Creators Have Already In Place. Clones Have No Souls And For This Reason, There Is Only Darkness.


Many Clones Have Ongoing Procedures And Often There Are Areas Of Entrance To Repair The Clone By Way Of The Eyes, The Ankle Region And The Feet. These Are Areas Where Surgery And Openings Can Be Disguised And Hidden With Sunglasses And Boots. This Is A Common Method Used By Handlers And They Scramble To Hide Clones During The Period Of Many Adjustments,


There Are Facilities Around The World Where Clones Are Produced And Kept. China Has The Largest Production And They Have Purchased Land Throughout The United States To Direct Operations In New Facilities That Will Be Rapidly Constructed As The Shift Is Near. Their Intention Is Dictatorship By Clone Control. Russia And Other Areas Of The Earth Are Teeming With Clones That Are Programmed With Orders To Control Others. Beware Of The Ongoing Proxy Wars Where Only Humans Die.


You Are An Infinite Soul Of Light!


Fear Nothing In This Reality For Nothing Will Remain. You Are Transitioning To A New Way Of Being! One That Is Familiar To You In Origin! The New Earth Is A Place Of Beauty Where You Will Thrive In 5-D (Vibrational Frequency And Location). A Home Of Peace Without War, No Lies, No Deception And No Disease. You Will Enjoy The Perception Of Your Soul. You Will Understand Your Light!

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We need to be very aware of the manipulation of mind control that purposely manipulates mankind out of their informed consent.


Basically, humanity has been tricked in ways that are way out of our perception of understanding.


Mainstream media and their psychological operations and propaganda are used to manipulate the uninformed public to support ideas and agendas that only benefit the controllers of this off world alien anti-human agenda.