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the nsdap went after subversion and degeneracy like the shit hirschfeld was pushing

research bolsheviks instead

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you see, in pic related 2 and 3, we see the main instigating sheboon #1 snatch the marine's ID out of his hand saying, "nigguh, i'll break yo shit, wut?" as she throws it in the street

camera pans away for a second to the left then back to the right

here, in pic related 4, we see heboon #1 take a swing at the marine (thus initiating the fist attack) next to the post and appears to miss wildly as the trained marine side steps him in a controlled manner

pic related 5 is where heboon #2 steps in bowing up instigating further followed by the initial heboon #1 and another heboon #3 steps in

interesting to note that heboon #1 and #2 share what look to be the same haircut that may or may be sexually influenced but that's neither here nor there

heboon #1 ends up landing what looks to be a single decent punch then is abruptly taken to the ground by a trained killing machine and begins taking a fucking punishing until the popo steps in and breaks it up

the end