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>>19943272 OTD: Approximately 64% of those on board the Hindenburg during its last flight survived the crash:








Erich Spehl Rigger on board the zeppelin Hindenburg ? died of burns in the Infirmary


Karl Boerth Character potential saboteur ?


Colonel Franz Ritter Character


Franz Ritter von Epp He was a member of Bavarian People's Party, before joining the Nazi Party in 1928, when he was elected as a member of the German parliament or Reichstag, a position he held until the fall of Nazi Germany.


The character of Franz Ritter is based on Luftwaffe Colonel Fritz Erdmann


Luftwaffe Colonel Fritz Erdmann Died in wreck ? identified by his wedding ring ?


It has been suggested that Adolf Hitler himself ordered the Hindenburg to be destroyed in retaliation for Eckener's anti-Nazi opinions




What happened to the HINDENBURG?

What really happened to the HINDENBURG?

Who died during the ‘accident’?

Why is this relevant?


Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream).

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Actor @nealmcdonough

says he relied on faith after being blacklisted in Hollywood


"I couldn’t get a job because people thought I was this crazy religious guy. But that wasn’t the case. I love my wife, but I love my acting too. I was hopeful that, at some point, someone would give me a chance again."


Thankfully he got that chance with Angel Studios and is starring in their new movie #TheShift premiering 12/1


10:23 AM · Nov 19, 2023




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The Bidens start Thanksgiving early by

serving dinner and showing ‘Wonka’

to service members


Associated Press, by Will Weissert


Posted By: Imright, 11/19/2023 8:33:16 PM


NORFOLK, Va.— President Joe Biden visited naval installations in Virginia on Sunday to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday week, introducing an early screening of the upcoming movie “Wonka” and sharing a “friendsgiving” meal with service members and their relatives. Biden also paid tribute Sunday to former first lady Rosalynn Carter, who died Sunday, and to President Jimmy Carter. “They brought so much grace to the office,” Biden said. The president and first lady Jill Biden headed to a packed auditorium at Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads to introduce the new film centered around the early life of Roald Dahl’s fictional eccentric chocolatier, Willy Wonka. It will be officially released Dec. 15.

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Mistake or White Hat control?

Seriously- Bill Clinton, 77, accidentally releases tribute to DIANNE FEINSTEIN instead of Rosalynn Carter after Former first lady died aged 96


HT Karli Bonne


1:56 PM · Nov 19, 2023