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Trump truthed about the passing of Roslyn Carter

77 years of marriage

Truthed at 4:44 pm


Anon been thinking lately what is the worst thing that Q eluded to ? What could it be

What is worst than pedo and how they get the adrenochrome !!!!


Also, there is a TikTok video of William Tompkins stating the same thing that’s it’s much more worst than child sacrifice!!! In that video he states that all our previous presidents are reptilians except DJT and that he knows everything


Possible soul trap, maybe an evil cycle of evil frequency enslavement and trapping the soul , but deep inside anon knows that we have the key to break that


It’s just on my mind lately

Does any anon have an idea what’s worst than that?


Anon thinks we gonna start seeing the hidden draco families soon like the orsini and others


But what’s worst ???

Anon is comfy but this thing is on my mind lately

And we never researched it fully on the boards

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Anon has great faith and content even though anon is nobody and doesn’t have much

Grateful for everything especially this board, it makes everything more tolerable

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That’s anon focus currently

There is no spoon to bend


Reality is warping especially time

Crazy shit happening

And no anon is clean, never tried any drug and never will


Reality is the biggest illusion out there

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Anon is Christian but anon doesn’t believe in rapture


Christianity for me is morals and wisdom

Anon read the khabborious codex


Anon believes every profit came to give his followers a key to break the matrix and get out of the draco frequency jail


So yes Jesus teaching are ingrained in my soul but not the fake Bible

We are a collective consciousness and together we broke the matrix on a spiritual level and now it’s playing out physically


Saw many visions during my prayers or quiet time and received and still receive many massages

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Not mandrene fren

Worst me palastinian kek


Used to pray to God to make me anything else

Used to cry as a child why you created me Palestinian (true story) watched and went through hell before coming to the USA

Came legally decades ago

Grateful for this country and for God for not abandoning me


Palestinian anon, and now won’t change that

It shaped me to who I’m today


Very conscientious and very comfy

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Anon grew up in the Holly land

Anon learned from a priest that spoke Aramaic fluintly

Most Americans Bibles are way different than my childhood Bible

Most teachings are twisted in a sick way


Research it anon

Look for the true Bible and every time you read anything that is Holy in your eyes ask for wisdom and clarity

Literally pray for wisdom and clarity and anon is sure that God will guide you

Anonymous ID: 8b36ca Nov. 19, 2023, 7:08 p.m. No.19945940   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>5952


Yeah he taught me how to pray and how to listen (meditation)

Many many nuggets that anon used daily

He said always talk to God like you are talking to a father, don’t recite and don’t repeat same prayer but rather tell the father about your day


It’s a personal journey for each human beings

In my culture humans are called God’s creation or sons of Adam

When is distress breath deep and ask

Many things that now make more sense

Anon witnessed many miracles including personal miracles

My faith is what kept me sane in this crazy world


He also taught me that life is like a school, we graduate when we are of service to others and we stand up for everything that’s wrong

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There is a collective consciousness

Once you tap into that, miracles happen

Everything is intertwined

Every prophet gave his understanding or his way into tapping into the absolute field


What anon is saying is that the dracos twisted every Holy teachings through frequency manipulation but we have the key to breaking it just by intent