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Dojo (1/5)

I'm no expert on the art of the dojo so I will simply introduce this concept for those who are unfamiliar with the term, contextualise it for our current situation and link to some resources.

There are many out there who can explain what a dojo is and what it can do for us far better than I can.

Basically, a dojo is a place dedicated to training in the martial arts. Usually there is a teacher ("Sensei" in Japanese traditions, "Sifu" in Chinese traditions). There will be rules to keep students safe as they learn to fight, such as a code of conduct and formalised rituals for combat practice.

In a dojo, you are learning martial techniques and so there is a risk of injuring yourself or another. A dojo is designed to provide a container where students can learn to wield dangerous weapons wisely and to balance power with self-control.

By training in a dojo, the students becomes both stronger and wiser, and are better equipped to triumph over threats and obstacles in their lives.

In the realm of psychological warfare and mental defence, the dojo is a concept that we can use to protect our minds, similar to framing wargames as game-based learning as previously discussed. See Game-Based Learning thread >>19934696 pb

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Dojo (2/5)

We are living in a time of 5th Generation Unrestricted Warfare. This means that everyone, including civilians and children, is under attack by any and every conceivable means. Two of the most critical fronts in this war are psychological warfare via Big Tech, MainStream Media and standardised schooling, and chemical warfare via Big Pharma and Big Food.

So as we are building a Mind Palace (see >>19940293 pb) we have to be aware that we are building under fire from hostile forces, forces that seek to undermine both our physical and our psychological health. Under these conditions, it makes sense to pair the concept of the Mind Palace with the concept of the Dojo to make a Mind Dojo.

Many people are already doing this, there are plenty of mind dojos up and running. Joe Rogan's podcast is a good example, Russell Brand's Stay Free livestream is another.

Look and you will see these ancient models replicated all over the internet, old ways repurposed for the digital age. We've survived these kinds of attacks many times in the past. We know how to come together to train our minds, strengthen our communities and search through the lies to discover the truth.

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Dojo (3/5)

In the movie The Matrix, the hero Neo is invited by his teacher Morpheus to train in a mind dojo. Morpheus creates a dojo where students can be taught how to operate in the matrix, the strange liminal space that has imprisoned humanity. Here, Neo discovers his own power and hones his skills before going into battle against the agents of the matrix.

By testing himself against his teacher inside the dojo, Neo unlocks his potential. He finds that he is capable of more than he ever imagined.


Kung Fu: Neo vs Morpheus | The Matrix [Open Matte]

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Dojo (4/5)

I got back on my feet after an almost-lethal brain injury in Clif High's mind dojo.

His teaching gave me what I needed to remember who I was and where I'd come from and to orient myself to the situation. From there, I was able to create my own strategies for success and move forward independently.

In the first few minutes of this video, Clif describes the dojo and its purpose.


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Dojo (5/5)

Clif High has a series of videos riffing on the theme of dojo and applying martial arts concepts to contemporary 5th Generation Unrestricted Warfare (5GUW), which is where we live these days.

Concepts from martial arts traditions can help us to survive and thrive during times like these. Highly recommended.

Budo - enlightenment through contention.