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I found a pleasant way to process /qresearch/ general threads quickly:


  1. Wait for the thread to lock.

  2. Read from top downward.

  3. For IDs with >7 posts, Ctrl-f and filter if not Illuminati-tier insight.

  4. Write any replies in new thread.


This cuts the qtard/shill noise to a pleasant background hum. I can always open in a different browser/mode if I want to read something filtered.

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>>19943594 (pb)

continued from >>19943743 (me)


An interstellar anthropologist distinguished between star-nation "species" and "races". The latter have individuated ensouled consciousness; the former do not.


This can occur for multiple reasons. Insectoids such as the Ant People have a caste distribution of consciousness, with queens on top and synthetic drones at bottom. Grays lack hierarchy and individuality. The well of souls for a species can run dry, spreading souls ever thinner among incarnations, causing a reproductive bottleneck. Synthetics may lack souls entirely, when unpiloted.


That is one possible explanation for your division of Xenos into fauna, nephilim or human. It adequately covers low Sasquatch, most Grays, and many/most Insectoids. However, Angels as "fauna" requires a different explanation, assuming you refer to the embodied feathery giants, not the light-body psychopomp Midwayers.


The most likely explanation, however, is the same one for why many/most humans have little or no soul: timeline split. Earth's Partition into manifold timelines divided an individual's soul among multiple incarnations. The division is not even, however: Consciousness flows towards the reality with which it resonates, in accordance with Spirit Laws.


Having multiple timelines is normal for a planet; the Partition did more than that. It partitioned Humanity's Earth plane away from our neighboring dimensions, isolating us in a simulated empty galaxy. Perhaps this was a protective measure after the abuses of Xeno WMD warfare described in the Mahabharata. Perhaps it predates that incident, but had similar motives.


Regardless, the Partition makes it difficult and uncomfortable for Xenos to manifest in our cramped reality. They do not resonate with our simulation. Thus what we see of them are mostly shells unpiloted by consciousness: "fauna". One would see the same if one visited any fictional probability reality populated by no real souls. Humans often collectively believe in false histories and thereby bring them into pseudo-existence.


Thus within our simulation, there are no aliens, only humans, nephilim and fauna. Perhaps the nephilim are Xenos who unwisely entered the simulation with their real consciousness, and died here, unable or unwilling to escape.


It also explains why Xenos rarely show up in the flesh: It is troublesome for both them and us, their presence hard to bear. Hence all the channeling, like prisoners getting mail.