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No worries fren, your story reminded me of an old show 'The Storyteller'

One of the episodes was titled 'The Soldier and Death' and in the end the soldier has wondered around because he captured death but then released it & it wouldn't take or kill the soldier. He was tormented so he wen't to Hell but they wouldn't have him so he got 300 souls to bring to Heaven. When he got there Heaven wouldn't have him but would take the souls so he concocted a plan to have one take him in but well, dasting, kek.

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Wow if it was Manatees anon never seen em like that.

I lived in SWFL (Cape Coral, Ft Myers) for 9 years, seen lots of Manatees but never doing that. They are very slow creatures, why they get hit & killed so often by boat propellers. They are considered the sea cow because they are very docile, kind & loving. I even swam with them.