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You do you.

cursing people who don't recite what you do. Or believe a doxology


That's why my ancestors left Europe


To get away from people like you, who think you know better and can curse people who don't agree.

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fair enough.

Just thinking of a scripture I know, where the hero goes to heaven and sees all the evil cousins.

They wouldn't let his dog in either.

So he decided no to stay, and crawled down to Hell

Turns out it was just a test.

We love God not for rewards, like heaven.

Sorry for "going off' on you.

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>>19945170 lb


>>19945169 lb



some people suffer a lot and they think:

"I must have done something"

but that's not necessarily true?

God's ways are inscrutable, Deep.

"Unfathomable are the ways of Karma."

(Divine Justice)

Some people's crime seem so heavy.

that they'd just have to be punished?

Does the threat of punishment stop them?


They only feel remorse once they are caught.

Psychos always have big smiles?

Nothing worries them

until they are caught.


Maybe the light of their own consciousness of their deeds causes suffering, once they awaken?

but when covered in ignorance they fail to recognize it. And feel themselves "good people" "banality of evil" it was once called

They "see' only in a limited way.

The pain comes when their deeds are revealed,

Cause most psychos, like Biden, have no remorse and are atheist.

Maybe who they are, is their own punishment?

should they let be let run wild though?

Isn't our own good-dharma/ karma to stop psychos, via civilized Law, from harming innocents?

Otherwise we are colluders?

Otherwise, their crimes stick on us?

mujoo either are paid or have brains like nasty chimps (not the good chimps)