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Gay Marines Get Wooped By Some Bruthas, Then Put In Their Place By PoPo


Gateway pundit (A gay propaganda outlet) reported that the bruthas won the fight but video clearly shows Jarheads getting their ass kicked as they hit like little girls then shoved around by a piggie.


Video Link:

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Hey guise. I know this isn't a phychotherapy board or a crisis center and your reply if any will most likely to be hateful but wtf right.


I've decided to check into the mental hospital. I believe I am awake. At least to a certain degree. Not trying to shill here either. My problem is that I'm completely isolated. Perhaps because of Q. Maybe some Freemason secret society shit. Part of me thinks that it may be an individual targeted psyop on this anon. Perhaps for something I did in this life or previous life, if you believe in that sort of thing. To be honest, not sure wtf is going on. I do know that I was maliciously persecuted for over two years by local PD and prosecutors for a non crime. My actions were caught on multiple video cameras including security cameras and personal cameras and body worn cameras. My Attorney refused to request them through discovery then quit and kept my money. Hired another attorney who also refused make a motion to dismiss and refused to show the video evidence exonerating me. So I was prosecuted for more than two years then the case was dismissed without prejudice by prosecutors on the day of trial and so I hired a civil rights attorney to sue and recoup the funds I spent on attorneys. This new attorney (on contengency) is also refusing to help me. He has gifted the defendants with a way to get the case dismissed, complicated stuff. I can afford to fire and hire another I would have to pay the new corrupt attorney money owed for hours worked. And even if I could, there is no guarantee he/she will not be corrupt as well. I don't know if they are corrupt or being intimidated. You could imagine how it has gotten to me. I mean what are the chances of all these attorneys acting this way.

I do not have kids or family to help me. Just my filipina wife who is not educated. Not awake. Just good looking.


My anxiety is off the hook. Xanex gets me through the days and to be honest I don't know what reality is any more. I feel targeted as fuck. I'm getting my ass kicked bad. Not by the original assault and battery on myself by a government official but by the process and my attorneys who are working with the government to drive me to suicide. I have been having very traumatic bouts with anxiety and paranoia. I do not trust the VA. (not a combat vet. Just a deck ape) They have committed me before and lied to do so. But I have made up my mind. I have no one. I don't want my wife to come home to find my corps. I love her very much. She is a literal angel. But I cannot go on like this. It has been unbearable. I have spent the last 6 or seven years here and half chan. It's been on HELL of a ride. But I have no idea at this point whether you guise are even real. Who knows right. I don't know what I have ever done to deserve what is happening. I know admin knows exactly who I am and must hate me for some reason. I never did nothing that bad. I left some pretty insultive posts. Espesially right after the stolen election. That's about it. Anyways it was going on long before Q. And anyways I've made my mind up. I'm going in. I guess I was hoping Q could say something one way or the other but know that's not realisic. I guess I was hoping I was on a fear factor episode and Q could pop out and say something to save me from this night mare. I was just standing up for the constitution an here I am. I have been having continuous terrible thoughts and anxiety. The VA hear is totally commie country. They lie. Im fucking scared as hell. They going to make me wear masks and obey. They are all brainwashed with rings and spikes in their faces and I'm going there for help. I have prayed (a lot) for an angel but recieved only demons. It's over for me. One way or the other. It's over. I need peace. I must have peace. I must have someone. Alone isn't working anymore. Love you guise but are you real? I don't know you. If nothing else pray for wife. Seriously. She doesn't understand what is going on. Have mercy on her. Sorry. They broke me. Never thought they could. Sorry for the post.