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Good morning anons. Another day of watching mentally-ill shills chimp out and throw shit at everyone and everything hoping they can piss off the lions enough to shred some innocent sheep. I love the theory that they're here to contaminate the minds of newfags and provide "confirmation" to the MSM that anons are all nazi racist sexist homophobic jew-hating whyte supremes;


A) Because from long months of observation it appears to be true


B) The absolute water-brained retardedness of the Ivy League educated, "background checked" GS-8 Fed who came up with the idea and the GS-12 Fed that approved it


As you were faggots. I'll be in the area all morning

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Because there are (for the time being) more white people in this country than any other race. Without doing anything, and by default, whites are supreme in this country and it pisses the minorities off because muh racism. Which as an argument, is exactly as stupid as it was designed to be by the communist-lesbian-public education complex. It's supposed to be stupid so that intelligent people just walk away refusing to argue and the communists can claim moral victory.


tl:dr We're gonna need a bigger helicopter

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Technically true but missing the point. If you think the other ethnic groups will all unite in brotherhood to throw off their shackles of oppression, you're not thinking it all the way through. The spics will immediately go to war with the niggers to exploit their numbers advantage. The asians will side with whites because they're going to need someone to do business with. Also, whites own most of the guns.


It wouldn't be the holocaust you want, but the holocaust need.

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Kek. Someone learned how to greentext, but not why.

>Be me

>Remember the Super Tard stories

>Kek quietly in nostalgia

>Go on with my day despising the Jew World Order