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Israel Arrests NBC Journalist for Inciting Terrorism


PJ Media, by Matt Margolis


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Posted By: Dreadnought, 11/19/2023 9:06:13 PM


An NBC journalist was arrested on Thursday in Israel for allegedly inciting terrorism and expressing affiliation with Hamas. "Marwat Al-Azza, a 45-year-old journalist, employed by the NBC television network and living in east Jerusalem, was arrested after four recent posts on her personal Facebook page regarding the October 7 terror attack by Hamas from the Gaza Strip, in which at least 1,200 people were murdered and 240 taken hostage,” reports the Jerusalem Post. “The police claim that Al-Azza 'arrived ready for arrest,' without a mobile phone, and even wrote phone numbers on her leg." Al-Azza, a Palestinian freelance journalist, reportedly mocked the kidnapping of an elderly Israeli woman in Gaza.

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Cringe Alert: Biden Makes Creepy Comments

to Little Girl at Military Family Event


Red State, by Nick Arama


Posted By: Imright, 11/19/2023 8:50:17 PM


If you looked at Joe Biden's public schedule this weekend, it might have seemed that he had no serious issues on his plate and that American hostages weren't being held by Hamas terrorists. What was he doing on Sunday? Going to a showing of "Wonka" for military members and their families. He was also going to a "Friendsgiving" event with service members and their families from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the USS Gerald R. Ford at Naval Station Norfolk. Despite reports about the administration potentially moving closer to a deal regarding the hostages, Biden acted as though he had no idea about anything.

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Optus chief executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin has resigned following the mass outage.


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