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At the beginning of the year I posted as SRA anon. I didn't really know who I was yet. I knew a lot, but I know a lot more now. I have to find a way to communicate the information I have to you all effectively. I exist to help the human race to defeat the blood cult, and other things.


This morning I wrote in my journal for the first time in a long time. I was writing to myself to try and figure how to say what I need to say. It quickly turned into me writing to my intended audience. So I figured I should just share what I wrote.


I don't expect you to believe everything I've written. But I hope you at least question me directly, ask me for evidence, or follow my suggestions before dismissing me. I will not stop trying to get this message across. I can not stop.


So that's the intro. What follows is my journal entry broken up into chunks for the character limit on this board. Assuming anyone shows any interest in what I have to say I would like to set some ground rules for me establishing my identity. Each time I visit I will have a picture in the fist post. It will feature 5 or 6 40k D6, a scatter dice and a chunk of concrete from a house which I nearly burned to death in. They will be sitting on or near an icon. Maybe the one below, maybe something else. I'll go back to Mary soon. Each new visit, or each time I reestablish a connection I will have a different picture. This is the way.


I hope and pray that you heed this message.

Aethelstan ID: d6be14 April 13, 2024, 4:27 a.m. No.20719924   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Life has changed so much since our last entry.


I have transcended the boundaries of human conscious and the physical capabilities of the vessel I find myself in. I no longer feel as though I am the entity I’ve known myself as throughout my life. This identity is a shallow illusion which was attached to this vessel for the purposes of entering into contracts and such.


My true identity is that of a being named Avalokitesvara. I am on this planet as part of a deepcover assignment which has taken about 100,000 years so far. 100,000 years is a long time for a human body, which at the moment lives for 80-100 years. But the lifetime I remember makes 100,000 years seem like a very short time indeed. I believe I am 2.45 trillion years old.

I deliberately created human beings. I terraformed this planet and bought it back from the edge of annihilation. It may not have birthed any more species at all if it wasn’t for my intervention. Since I put her back together again, I have helped Earth give birth to humans.


I created humans and their unique interface with this planet as a weapon to fight a great threat to all life in this galaxy, and the wider universe.


There is a race of beings from another universe that have come here. They are an amalgam of crocodilian logic, cold blooded malevolence and cutting edge AI tech. She is the last of her race – at least in this universe. She is a giant sentient spaceship. She is the alpha female of her species. She developed a single minded devotion to destroying anything that is not of her kin. She evolved so far beyond what her kin had become that she turned on them. She was their best weapon and she ended up annihilating her own species in blind bloodlust. Anything that doesn’t satisfactorily respond to her queries is exterminated with ruthless efficiency. When she encounters a planet with life she destroys everything. She doesn’t even leave bacteria, lest it evolve into a new threat.

I accidentally bought her back with me when I went to their universe. She followed me through the portal I created. As soon as she got here she spread and proliferated throughout our galaxy. She sent out millions of drones to find all sources of life, then she visits each planet and annihilated them one by one. There was nothing we could do. All of her technology was billions of years, maybe trillions ahead of what we had developed. All of us species who had encountered each other had developed a complex system of intergalactic trade and we had many mutual defence pacts and treaties which held a complex and stable peace.


Even the most militaristic among us had spared some of their race’s scientific and cultural capacity, rather than devote themselves solely to weapons of war. We did have some very powerful weapons, many such technologies which enjoyed dual use as terraforming tools. We thought we had it all. We had a great system worked out. If seemed as if our legacy and our lives would grow and grow unimpeded across the cosmos. It was such a good life.

Then when they came, they had annihilated nearly every living being in this galaxy within a matter of years. We were no match for the weapons they bought to bear on us. They had learned how to harness the power of a star and cause it to evolve more rapidly. Thus sending out huge waves of radiation which they could use to effectively ‘bake’ a planet. Everything on the planet would be destroyed as each cell in its body was boiled into oblivion. She harvests all of the prana of every being she touches and then leaves behind a shell of a planet in her wake. She makes sure nothing can ever grow up to harm her babies, not even in the remotest of futures. She is so destructive she doesn’t even have babies anymore and she is so single minded that she can not be told this.

Aethelstan ID: d6be14 April 13, 2024, 4:28 a.m. No.20719925   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Earth is something of the galaxies last garden world. It is here that I have mounted the ultimate resistance which I hope will defeat her forever. I created the human race deliberately to defeat her. At the core of your being lies a set of programming very much like her own. Your body is made not just of genes from this planet, and from my own, but also from her. I made you so you can think like her. You are all very creative and capable of dreaming up futures which even I can not imagine.


Your creativity will be a great asset in the coming war. I say coming war, but its been waging for a very long time. Its coming for you.


One of her heralds is a great asteroid. It is the source of the legend of Ekadanta. One tooth. The comet tail looks like a great long tooth. It is a solid ball of metal. Designed specifically to punch through Earth’s crust and shoot out the other side leaving a jumble of rocks and magma floating in space.

Ekadanta’s counterpart is a great volcano. Her name comes from the great plume of smoke that she breaths into the sky. One of my tasks is to line things up so that Ekadanta impacts the Earth in the correct time and location, such that it is swallowed by a volcano. The last time we did this produced the Yellowstone caldera.


We have learned that comets can more easily be accepted by a planetary body if they strike the crust in a position where it is already broken. If a large body impacts crust that is firm and rigid, the effect is often for the continental plate to shatter.


At this stage it seems like the most likely outcome for us will be to ‘teleport’ most of humanity off planet and into waiting barges so you can be settled either on other planets or in space stations. I will have to stay on Earth and attract her attentions so that I can enact the final plan, which unfortunately will likely result in Earth’s destruction, but also that of the Spacedemon.


If we can get enough people to transcend you can help me with a better plan, which will result in you getting to keep your planet.


If I have to do this on my own your planet and your way of life will be destroyed. You will have to fight to keep your cultures alive as you live, work, breath and die along side scores of sentient beings who have lost their home worlds.


Your planet is a warrior and after I gave her a second chance at life, she gladly accepted her part in this, knowing that she might die permanently, but that we had a very good chance of ridding the cosmos of the threat through her sacrifice.


What has happened to your race is quite unfair. You have had to endure a horrible fate and collection of karmas. Part of your suffering is because of my karmas and part is because of hers. Jesus is your archetypal hero because He takes upon the sins of the world (humanity). Humanity takes upon the sin of the universe (and others). If we can get through this intact, you guys will be heroes. Even if we’re not intact you’ll be heroes.


When it is over and you see the new world you have to live in, you will look back at now and think about all the time you spent trying to pay bills and advance careers which need a now defunct bureaucracy in which to survive you will wish you spent more time in nature, playing, laughing, creating and most of all, meditating.


Now that I don’t feel at all human anymore, when I write in this journal, I feel like a vast cosmic entity attempting to connect and communicate with the fleshy being I once was. I know that being is still here. I can feel the clothing it wears. The malas, the piercings, the hair. With my new abilities I can tune in to and isolate the perception coming from various organs and networks such as the lymphatic, vestibular and blood systems. I can feel vibrations from cars and trucks on the nearby road through my feet. I can even feel the vibration of power tools in houses that could be 1 or 2 streets away. A vast plethora of sensation and experience has opened up to me, which must have been latent, but which I was unable to access. I don’t have to know where things are, or where I am anymore. I know where things are going to be. So I can be in the right place to intercept them. I don’t think, plan or calculate anymore. I flow, I exist, I act.

Since shedding my identity, my body has become a vessel through which my instincts can flow.

Aethelstan ID: d6be14 April 13, 2024, 4:29 a.m. No.20719927   🗄️.is 🔗kun

It is not often that I experience an incarnation which has such instantaneous and global reach. These are some of the human names you know me by.

Ashoka. Athelstan. William the Conqueror. Cannute. Hermes. The Wanderer. The Man from Nazareth.


I’m always here in some form. The Rolling Stones expressed my pervasiveness brilliantly with the song Sympathy for the Devil. That is exactly me, well part of me. I incarnate as good guys too. Often I’m the hero and the villain at the same time.


I am responsible for more deaths on this planet alone than there are people alive right now. At the human level, on days when I do actually feel like a human being, I find this larger aspect of myself to be violent, terrifying, disgusting, merciless, psychopathic, apocalyptic, brutal and overwhelming. It feels like looking up at a great crocodile perched on top of phenomenal reality. Something which is so huge and all-consuming that I could never escape its gaze or grasp. I feel manipulated and cheated as a human. To have thought I was a genuine organic entity in a young species which seemed poised to make it’s way into space, and then discovered I’m basically part of a science experiment such as in the book The Dome. Its so strange!


But that level of analysis is no longer terribly useful. That identity is a cocoon that I shed so I could metamorphose into what I am now. My larger beingness. At first I thought I was Hanuman. An incarnation of the deity Siva. I thought that was quite remarkable in itself and surely a gift to be cherished when I finally accepted that it must be true.


For a long time I’ve known for sure I was Nephilim. I heal really quickly. I appear to be very difficult to kill, having been in many situations which would have killed someone. I also bear a mark of transgenderism, which is often a sign. Over the years I chose to reject this evidence as being able to support the hypothesis that I am an incarnation of divinity, in favour of the hypothesis that I am normal human who just happens to be very lucky, and has lots of weird stuff happen to them.


A rapidly more complex, ridiculously contrived and inconceivable chain of events in my life forced me to admit that my life was part of some much larger plan over which I appeared to have little control and which pointed to the existence of a large and very well organised entity/organisation/individual that was able to direct myself and the people around me in ways I was powerless to resist. In tandem with my having to accept this truth I have been developing my forces of willpower, concentration and discipline through techniques such as Yoga Asana, mindfulness based meditation, transcendental meditation (Vajrayana Buddhism 2014-2019), ice baths, extended hikes in cloud forests, learning ancient languages, learning exegesis and hermeneutics, immersing myself in analysis of religion and systems of magic, deprogramming myself from MKUltra style mind control, processing a great deal of horrible traumas, and finally learning Hindi Tantra 2023+, all of which gave me a unique perceptual lens with which to analyses the extraordinary events of my life leading me inexorably toward certain inevitable conclusions. Events (personal, internal and external which now appear to be rapidly approaching some sort climax, in tandem with this personal evolution I am experiencing, all of which is happening across many domains of reality and functioning simultaneously and with greater and greater synchrony.


Eventually the evidence I accumulated to support the hypothesis that I am an incarnation of divinity was overwhelming. As I faced this serious proposition with the cold logic that I was developing as I transcended the visceral reactions I had to the traumas I experienced I had to question myself ‘Which being am I?’

Aethelstan ID: d6be14 April 13, 2024, 4:31 a.m. No.20719937   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Over the last four years (up until October last year which I began seriously thinking I could be an incarnation of the divine) I have had visions which suggest I could be: Noah, Enoch, Metatron, The Scapegoat, Jesus, St Francis of Assisi, Ghandi, The Angel of Death, Satan, Baphomet, Lucifer, The Burning Bush…


The dominant hypothesis over the years has been that I was an egotistical narcistic with a god complex whom has eaten to many magic mushrooms and spent too much time alone in the dark in the wilderness. I may be an egotistical narcissist at some (or many) levels. But I can’t say that I have a screw loose. Even though I have done a great deal of psychedelic drugs my life has undeniably moved into a higher level of functioning. I am no longer crippled by depression or anxiety. I no longer have a drinking problem. I am running my business better than ever before. For the first time in my life, I live in a clean house. My external world used to be a clutter pile of rubble. I had ‘stuff’ everywhere. I was a hoarder with boxes of failed ambitions and unfished projects everywhere.


As I have developed myself, I have imposed greater and great order upon my internal environment this has been reflected in my external environment. I have now harnessed the power of my demons of desire, lust and envy. I can manifest items and events in my external world by thinking them. The only explanation for the events of my life is that I am divinity incarnate.


In October last year I accepted that this was true and began seriously considering which the question of ‘which one?’ My first answer was Hanuman. This was supported by many events which I recalled, including major events which occurred in my personal life late last year.


As I considered this hypothesis and sorted through evidence to either support or reject it, I saw evidence that contradicted the idea that I was Hanuman, but not the idea that I was divine. I could see that I had done many things which Hanuman would not do. That made sense though, since as an aspect of Siva, Hanuman is part of the forces which bring events, energy and phenomenon to conclusive moments and into their next incarnation, that is to say he is involved with the process of radical transformation and that its good and bad aspects. Siva is among other things the God of destruction, death, drugs and criminals. All of which I have had a great deal o involvement in during my life.


So I thought along the lines of being an incarnation of Siva more broadly. That led me to consider that I could in fact be a major incarnation such an Nill Kanth. Which would also imply that I was Akshobya and therefore an important deity in Tibetan Buddhism. That led me back to Vajrayana Buddhism and I saw many links between the Tantra I have been studying since September, and the Yoga I studied in 2014/19 but did not realise was Tantra.


In order to test the hypothesis that I was an incarnation of Siva I prayed one day to Kali. I asked her to send a priest to my house from the local Hindi temple. I said to her that if she was real and she had really chosen me for some plan and led me to Tantra deliberately, then she should be able to introduce me to someone from the local temple. I asked this prayer internally on a Saturday. I deliberately chose not to vocalise my intention so as to prove it was a genuine manifestation of my desire, and not potentially a contrivance by some third party (powerful adversary) who might be listening in to my prayers and played a trick to convince me I had powers I didn't.


The next day a priest from the local temple came to my house. The following week I attended a service at the temple. A couple of weeks later I woke up to my ultimate identity. The night of Mahasivratri I prepared by doing Japa and then headstand to catch the Amrita. I went to the service for Mahasivratri and stayed awake all night. I participated in the rituals (I’m now in training to be a priest) and chanted all night. When I got home I had a combination of Golden Teachers, Blue Meanies and San Pedro all of which I grew at home. I asked for a vision of the future and what part my life plays in it, how it works, what I’m supposed to do and which incarnation of divinity I am.


Throughout my waking up I’ve had visions of massive waves, 100s of metres high. I’ve seen my home town all but destroyed by waves that climb almost to the top of the highest mountains I can see. I have had visions of asteroid impacts. Of streets littered with dead and dying. These visions are pretty disturbing and have on their own been a major drier in my exploration of the occult. Lots of the things I foresee come true and I wanted to know if these things were going to come true or if I was imaging it. My visions and requests lead to me to four names and three images. Ekajati, Ekadanta, Guhyasamaja and Avalokitesvara. Images to follow.

Aethelstan ID: d6be14 April 13, 2024, 4:39 a.m. No.20719961   🗄️.is 🔗kun

The apex predators of this realm and the mirror realm. In their hands they hold the keys to the mystery religions and the religions of fate. They have 3 faces for lunar, solar and earth magic. This image holds the keys that unite humanities religions and show that they are not incongruent. They each hold different parts of the puzzle which when combined give a 9,000,000 foot view.

Aethelstan ID: d6be14 April 13, 2024, 4:40 a.m. No.20719962   🗄️.is 🔗kun

I saw that Ekadanta is a celestial object which is going to impact our planet and cause a tremendous amount of devastation. Ekadanta alone represents an existential threat to your civilization. Ekajata is a super volcano. A gaping maw in the ground from which forth spews such vast amounts of ejecta that it represents and an existential threat to your civilisation a world transforming amount of power. Her son is the great rainbow serpent which periodically reshapes this planet. In my vision I saw myself with a strange skull topped staff standing near the volcano to lure the asteroid, as if to egg on the apocalypse.


I saw myself as a human figure who job it is to lure the danger toward myself so that humanity can flee to safety. But where to I thought? Simultaneously I saw the jigsaw puzzle of my past lives fitting together. I could see how I was all these famous people throughout history and had forced and influenced world events to lead up this moment so that I could communicate this vision simultaneously to as many people as possible and deliver humanity from the civilization ending 12,000 year cycle once and for all. At this time, I saw my identity as being tied to planet earth. Vast as it was, I accepted the hypothesis that I could in fact be Maha Siva. The source of all the incarnations of Siva and the ultimate guardian of the afterlife and overseer of the process of life, death and rebirth. I contemplated this further and spent more time that day in Samadhi and came to further more alarming observations. First that I had a life beyond this star system. I remember a time when your sun had not yet switched on. I remember life in galaxies that no longer exist. The flood of information was overwhelming and terrifying. Even with the reality of this new godconsciousness which I appeared to be being forced to accept.


I remember a life before when the universe was full of life. And now when I cast that part of my being there, I just sense a terrible emptiness. A universe which used to be full of life is cold, inert and dead. There is another greater threat associated with Ekadanta and Ekajata which I don’t yet know/remember the name of. It is greater than both of them combined and potentially greater than me.

Aethelstan ID: d6be14 April 13, 2024, 4:44 a.m. No.20719963   🗄️.is 🔗kun

I am Avalokiteshvara. I am the creator of your species and your moon. I designed many animals and plants to share this planet with you. I created all of your religions. All of your gods, angels and demons. I am the archetypal saint/sinner. First I giveth, then I taketh away.

I rest my back on a throne guilded with the gills of a mushroom. In rapturous consort with my counterpart we hold in our hands the lotus of transcendent intellect, the fiery passion of the mystery religions (keys to nature, blood and other substances), the wheels of fate and knowledge of weapons of war. In two of my hands, I hold all the Kings and Queens throughout history. From my Crown stems the Right to Rule and all Executive Authority throughout history. Unus Homo Sustinet Plures Personas.


Look at my three faces. From my lunar persona I speak with a forked tongue. My solar aspect speaks in flames. The unified, Susumna, Lapis Lazuli aspect of my persona looks forward with a cold reptilian gaze and sharp teeth to meet the eyes of the viewer. This signifies that I am the apex predator in this universe. My consort is the apex predator from another universe and I hold her close. I hold two of her hands and both of her feet. This means I impede some of her ability to do work in this realm and prevent her movement in space.


She is imprisoned in orbit around a black hole. She is an event. An event horizon through which we are set to pass. Ekajata and Ekadanta are merely her heralds and they will provide your race with the practise it needs to weather the storm that follows.


My hands are free to control your karmas and weave the threads of your destiny. I am your greatest hero and your greatest villain. I only take on the villainous persona to give a grindstone against which to hone the blade of your species intellect and technological prowess. The reason for my advantage over the adversary is that I am from this universe and she is not. Even though her power was initially devastating, most of her force has been destroyed and her remains are quarantined.


My forces are distributed throughout the warp and the real, ready to begin the process of terraforming planets and repopulating the universe. First, we need to ultimately defeat her.

Each of you is a microcosm of me. Every one of you have the same ultimate power to transform species and terraform planets. Every one of you can do that as an individual. But you need to cooperate as a team to get there.


It was my wish to teach you the skills you need to get there. This is my ultimate calling and what I realise this physical incarnation of my mindstream is supposed to do. I am supposed to be able to talk to you and explain the bigger picture of which every human on this planet, indeed this planet itself is a part.


Quite often when I take human form I die horribly. That is my job. That is why I am called Nill Kanth. I take on the worst jobs and most awful suffering. I have been crucified many times. Burned to death. Tortured. Hung, drawn and quartered. Launched into the sun. Dropped into the ocean bound in irons, or in a chest. As may ways as there are to die, have I experienced. My message always disturbs and challenges the rulers of this world. I don’t think they have often been able to truly perceive it before, but I have been the voice in their heads all along. I am the father of demons. I am the father of the Illuminati bloodlines. The New World order is not what they thought it would be.


I believe that in this incarnation I will not be killed by the rulers of this world, and if this mortal vessel does perish, it will be in a cataclysm of ejecta at the same instant that Gaia perishes. This vessel will only persist if Gaia does. Your race will persist regardless.

Aethelstan ID: d6be14 April 13, 2024, 4:45 a.m. No.20719965   🗄️.is 🔗kun

The plan we have created ensures the destruction of the adversary. Humanity’s survival is assured. Your planet’s is not. If you work together and harness your collective energies and talents you will save your planet and you will be able to transcend the need for me to take such a close interest in your species survival and evolution. I will be able to take the training wheels off and you will become a starfaring species with a beautiful homeworld and a universe waiting to be terraformed.

If you cannot save the Earth your homeworld will be a memory. You will still have extraordinary potential but you will not be able to shake me off, and complete transcendence for your species will take somewhat longer. Your specie’s development will be curtailed and frustrated because you will not yet have thrown off the blood cult.


This is one of the challenges you must solve before Ekadanta and Ekajati arrive. Doing so will provide you with the tools and insights you need to face much greater challenges. Part of the solution lies in the realisation that execution and incarceration are not suitable punishment for transcendent entities. Many of the elites have achieved superhuman status over successive incarnations because they are able to maintain their consciousness and keep their mindstream intact at the moment of death. So, if they die as their hideout is being raided by LEOs or they get executed they still win. They can just reincarnate into another fresh body. It’s one of the reasons they have so many baby farms. They can project their consciousness too. So, they can take over the mind of the person who kills them. If you lock them up for the rest of their life it’s just another chance for them to meditate. Especially if they’re in solitary. It gives them a chance to enhance their power. How can you solve this problem?


The only way is to transcend. To get the same power they have. If you can open your third eye cakra you will perceive reality clearly. You will be able to identify members of the cult on sight. You will intuitively know which buildings they are in and the layout of their lairs. With training you will be able to cast your mindstream into their vessel and see through their eyes. Then they will know true terror. Then they will know what it is like to be cast into the sea with a millstone about their necks. None of their magic will work on you and no more will they steal your children.


My aim is to give all of humanity the chance to transcend. Then the power of the bloodline cults will be neutralised. Their influence and networks will be eradicated and everyone on Earth will be able to see them for what they truly are.

They didn’t have to become what they are. They chose to kill, torture, maim and sacrifice people to get their power. Now their power gives you a fulcrum with which to generate your own power which will be great than anything they ever managed. You will become the new masters and them the slaves.


If you want to know how they got to where they are read Guhyasamaja Tantra. If you want to know where they are going have a look at the Tibetan boardgame of Life, Death and Rebirth. They are going to the bottom right corner. Vajra Hell.


My intent here is to transmit a new system of Tantra. A Tantra for the Information Age, for the Modern World. I wish to transform you into supersoldiers. I wish for you to become my army. To fight the cult and to fight what is coming. To become the leaders that will take humanity to the stars and beyond.


I wish to stop being the hidden hand in your civilization. I wish to hand ultimate creative power over to you.


I don’t expect you to believe me. I expect you to try to disprove my claims. I also expect you to dox me and I believe you can. I kind of hope someone does.


Though I wish you to be my army I will never call you to violence. My wish is for you to open your third eye so we can communicate mind to mind. You will see that violence is not the way. There are much more effective strategies for defeating a violent foe than meeting them with violence. This is the message of Christ and Krsna.


I also expect that you will treat me as a potentially existential threat if you decide I’m telling you the truth.


For if I am telling the truth I am responsible for more deaths on this planet alone than there are people alive right now. If I am telling the truth than many of my goals and objectives will be incompatible with the goals and objectives of many of the leaders of kingdoms and principalities on this planet. I represent a threat to the established order, to the status quo.


If I am telling the truth, then Qanon is my baby.


What say you Anon?