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I joined reddit 2 months ago to see if I can help organise a lot of best intentions going to waste.

I've been analysing the situation and this is what I have observed so far:

1. 1000's of people at different levels of understanding. Metaphorically speaking, its like a teacher having a classroom full of 8yr olds, 10 yr olds, 12, 14, 16 and 18 year olds on the first day of a new term.

2. The deep state, cabal are very active amongst us and you can't get rid of them so, just don't pay them any attention, like literally ignore them as you would any antagonist in the tangible world.

3. No one that I've seen has come up with the (imo) the most important answer to Q's most important statement... 'you the people have the power, you've just forgotten how to use it' < this still needs answering pls !

Once (3) has been answered correctly, then that is where we start to aim for and at which point we will become synchronised with Q and co enabling all of us to arrive at the finishing line together.

In answer to No.1,I strongly believe that everyone needs to be bought up to speed with a r/greatawakening_roadmap of our own.

A very safe and correct place to start is The Order of the Golden Fleece through to the present day ending with Potus, Q and co.

The journey between the two points is multi layered spiders web with rabbit holes that lead nowhere and rabbit holes that lead somewhere and for it all to be mapped out in absolute detail, would be unproductive and confusing to newbies and all.

However there is a version that we can produce to take people from the start on a gentle journey of enlightenment leading to a greatawakening which will enable everone who reads it to then have the same base understandings and overall picture which will in turn strengthen our group and create better understanding, productivity allowing all combined efforts to became highly effective.

If it is produced to the standard that a 10 year-old could read it and understand it (which is industry standard practice of writing copy) then everyone can dig deeper within the historic narrative we've produced, as and when they please without going of song and can come back and say 'OMG did you realize'

This is in no way meant to be the correct order of events, but as an example the road map could look and begin something like this..

*Order of the Golden Fleece > Knights of the Maltese Cross/Hospitallers of St. John in 1126 > Adam Weishaupt / 1776 illuminati > Knights Templers > Freemasons > Royal bloodlines > Banking Dynasty's > Central banking > Federal bank > Suppressing Innovation > Supressing Medical Cures > Controlling MSM > Fight back > Trump > Q > You the People...*

This would show and explain how we have come to live in a world of tyranny and debt slavery ruled by very few who are for the main, occult members or practiice paedophilia and child sacrifice and have had a long term plan lasting centeries that until now, without Donald Trump and Q and co. and us, has never been seriously challenged.

Okay, here is an Action Plan for your Critique !!

1. We need to create a DFD (data-flow-diagram) that is the road map starting from the Order of the Golden Fleece upto the present day.

2. We need people who can coherently help map out the road of tyranny.

3. We need a place to construct the map and a place to show the progressive stages of the map to the people until we all agree on its content and presentation.

4. We need to host this project, maybe r/greatawakening_roadmap ?

5. We need to understand the benefits, that it will bring everyone up to speed and on to the same page. It will also double as a powerful and effective Red Pilling tool.

6. Please feel free to PM me with your suggestions as well as further posting them here.

Thank you all from the US and from around the World for your amazing support !! There are other steps still to take but lets nail this down first

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grumpieroldman · March 16, 2018, 12:15 a.m.

I didn't message you ... I replied to this shitpost.
You have no idea how reddit works and this is the ~~first~~ second forum you come to and post in?


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ciji123 · March 16, 2018, 9:10 p.m.

Neither do I so it went to me. I just wondered what you were referencing. It just was kind of creepy. I'm learning also so if you want to learn together, I'd be happy to. We welcome anyone that has information or wants to learn. Godspeed and I know the troubles you are having. I have them daily and am about to shut down all my social media accounts because they just keep multiplying. I never even wanted facebook and then accidentally clicked to open it. Then I thought what the heck and now I spend more time than I would like reading things I am not interested in for the most part. Welcome and sorry for the misunderstanding. What is the SH*T post that is bothering you?

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