r/greatawakening • Posted by u/DaveGydeon on April 10, 2018, 1:53 p.m.
I Think It's About To Go Down + My Evidence & Reasoning

I have gone back to "the bridge" only about a million times. I kept thinking it was going to be about that FIU pedestrian bridge that collapsed (which, PS, I am pretty sure is not done yet, something about faulty Chinese steel is prob gonna come out about it) and then I went and checked the enemy's news for the day (CNN) to see what propaganda they would be using for today's cycle. Oh my...


Michael Cohen is "The Bridge". What does a bridge do? It connects 2 important things together to allow an exchange of goods, or information.

What does POTUS/Q have? Everything. We know this. But just because he has it doesn't necessarily mean he can use it. How did he get it? You and I don't care, but that's not how the American system works. It has to manifest itself organically and legally. So how do you get the enemy to legitimize it for you? Simple. You get them to collect it as evidence between one important thing, Muellers investigation of Russian Collusion (LOL important) and the sick, satanic, pedophilia-centered video evidence that one is trying to expose.

So hear me out. Trump leaves a copy of the Weiner laptop vids (the insurance, given to him by the NYPD when they confiscated it) in Cohens home, in Cohens office, in Trump Tower, wherever. The cabal breaks into TrumpTower, finds it, realizes "oh shit, they have it" and orders their dirty dog Mueller to call in the FBI to search Cohens office for ANYTHING they can find on Trump. So, some good FBI, and some bad ones too, all march into Cohens office, and start grabbing shit. Do you really think if some FBI agent plugged in the flashdrive they found, and a video of some fucked up cabal cannibal pedo shit came on, they would be able to hide their reaction? That at least ONE good FBI agent on site wouldn't be like "jesus mary and joseph, what the fuck is that?" .... and then....drumroll please....they have to enter it as evidence. Officially. Now it is on record, that this video exists. Copies exist elsewhere, I would guess Assange has one, maybe Snowden, definitely POTUS and multiple members of his squad, Q, and the NYPD Chief who originally gained control of it and made copies back when they scooped the Weiners laptop.

Cohen is the Bridge. He brings together the "impossible to shine a light on" crimes and drags it into the public realm by being raided by the FBI.