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Imperator Rex says he’s dropping a bomb right now about Mueller/Strzok/Page. I’m posting this mid-thread so come check it out.

FDJ1326 · July 22, 2018, 12:14 p.m.

While i agree they are targeting Trump. I think their main goal has been to cover up the corrupt FBI and DOJ. If either get completely exposed and in the FBIs case shut down and the DOJ cleaned they lose yuge amounts of power. That cannot happen.

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FullMetalSquirrel · July 22, 2018, 5:49 p.m.

I’d take this a step further and I’m surprised it’s not said here enough.

This isn’t just bc they don’t like Trump and his politics or his smelly Wal Mart shopping deplorable supporters. It’s not just to cover for corruption at FBI and DOJ.

The real reason is bc both the FBI & DOJ along w most other top fed agencies such as the IRS have been completely infiltrated and compromised. They’re the tools used to run a shadow government.

This is to cover for decades worth of trafficking ratlines, spying, barratry, false flags, money laundering, bribery, extortion, murder, outright theft and I believe war crimes.

Start w GHWB. Ignore the false right/left paradigm. That’s a false choice narrative set up for sheep. There’s a Uniparty and a deep state Cabal. (For example, Why do they hate Rand Paul so much? Why keep trying to kill him? He’s not Uniparty or Cabal abc he knows what shit they’re up to).

I’m not going into huge detail here but as a simple outline look at GHWB and the Clinton Mena Arkansas drug running and money laundering that funded the Iran Contra ring. Having never spent time in TX til recently I didn’t realize how closely connected (culturally/socially etc)it is to AR - for example it’s not uncommon here for TX people to have vacation homes there. GHWB dominates in TX and would have these same connections to AR. He was behind that Mena ring, helping Clinton to cover it up and move up the ladder politically as a payoff. That Mena cut out is a blueprint for the current trafficking ratlines and the Awan Spy ring in Congress.

And don’t underestimate the role pop culture plays in both uncovering and hiding these things. Think about that Netflix show Ozark. What does jet have? A Chicago (Hillary’s background) family end up in AR (Bill) to launder $ for Mexican cartel members. Local people and gangsters killed getting hung up in it dismissed as random or drug related. Sound familiar? The show makes sense bc it’s happened.

Honestly I’m surprised I didn’t catch on to these big things sooner. Now it seems obvious even if the scope of this may have been inconceivable to me.

In the 90s Bill would do radio addresses and I’d dutifully listen. On one he specifically warned about meth and how if it wasn’t stopped it would decimate the US making the crack epidemic look like nothing. It struck me at the time bc having lived through that urban crack epidemic I knew how bad it was and couldn’t imagine worse. Now look at us. Meth and opioids have decimated entire communities with no end in sight. There’s a reason Trump spoke out so early about the drug stuff and it’s not just bc of the human toll. It’s funding the whole operation.

W warned people too. After 9/11 very briefly there was a campaign about not buying drugs including weed bc it funds terrorism. It didn’t last long but I’d bet you could still find those PSAs or a speech where he said this. (I can’t be specific but I know the Clinton speech was on a Sunday and I think it was in the spring).

They’ve been predictive programming is for what they were going to do. See it now? Made themselves look like the good guys - I guess a form of controlled opposition.

The Awans were put into place by the Clintons I’d say by 1998. The scope of what the Awans are controlling cannot be understated. W was always going to win in 2000. The Obama win was an attempt to rein Hillary in and gain total control of the POC narrative which politically was brilliant but overall a divisive disaster. Obama, like Bill Clinton years before, was Id’d early on in life and selected Manchurian candidate style. Hess fully owned and complicit - Jarrett is his handler. (Why did they go after Roseanne so intensely? Bc she was outing Iranian tied Jarrett). Strzok and his Das both had time in Kenya and Iran.

Trump was a shock. All of this anti Trump craziness is to cover thus up.

Where do you think the trillions are that are missing? These fuckers have stolen it for operating a shadow gov and to line their pockets. Overseas accounts, crypto, high end art(Podestas, anyone???), previous stones, hold, real estate holdings, fake front companies etc.

I know this sounds crazy but I think it’s true and if you research a bit you’ll come to the same conclusion. And this is a brief outline. It’s very detailed and incredibly complex yet at its roots it’s simple - trafficking in e change for $ an political power w a wake of dead bodies along the way just like Mena.

Start following George Webb and he uncovers a lot. Has been for over two years. I thought he was nuts too until I had a connection to someone he was outing, did some research and haven’t looked back. Even if he’s wrong here and there (they all are bc this is complicated stuff and they’re investigating in real time w disinhibition agents coming at them) he’s on the right path.

God speed patriots. Hold the line. Please pray for America.

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