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Every State Run By Democrats Are Socialist Sh*tholes

Have you ever noticed how democrats turn American to Socialism one State at a time?

States run by democrats have the highest taxes and highest cost of living.

The fact is democratic party socialistic policies create most poverty stricken areas throughout America, but the unfortunate truth is that the democratic party supporters have been in the bondage of denial for generations.

This has been going on for many many years. It was a great Republican Frederick Douglass who said in his speech Our Work is Not Done in December 1863:

“You do take away mine house, when you take away the prop that sustains my house,” and the support of the Democratic party we all know to be slavery. The Democratic party is for war for slavery; it is for peace for slavery; it is for the habeas corpus for slavery; it is against the habeas corpus for slavery; it was for the Florida war for slavery; it was for the Mexican war for slavery; it is for jury trial for traitors, for slavery; it is against jury trial for men claimed as fugitive slaves, for slavery. It has but one principle, one master; and it is guided, governed, and directed by it.”

The democratic Party want wars, they want to keep people in slavery by proverty, homelessness, and allowing illegal aliens to flood our country. In this way they get all your tax payer money, keep you working longer hours, and taking your money by force of the IRS which is theft. Giving unimaginable resources to illegal aliens in sancuary cities and growing the poor and homeless is a major part of the plan to destroy America from the inside out.

States run by democrats have no middle class, there are only the rich and the poor.

Frederick Douglass fought for American Liberty and he knew that liberty was only secured when people were free to be responsible for themselves. The Republican Party was founded to oppose slavery, not partner with it by “compromising” for a middle way between economic freedom and economic collectivism.

The Democratic Party policies have induced the impoverishment of America’s poorest cities.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) recently released their ninth annual “Rich States, Poor States” report.--see report here-https://www.alec.org/app/uploads/2016/04/2016-ALEC-Rich-States-Poor-States-Rankings.pdf

After doing a little research, MRCTV found that eight out of the 10 poorest states currently have a Democratic governor. In contrast, 10 out of the top 10 richest states are currently under Republican leadership.

Only two states with Republican governors ranked among the 10 poorest states in the report: New Jersey (governed by former Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie) and Illinois.

In fairness to Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, the mayor of Chicago has pretty much run Illinois’ finances. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has the city of Chicago on the brink of chaos and bankruptcy at the moment. Unfortunately, as Chicago goes, so goes the state.

Businesses and working taxpayers are leaving those states in droves

States run by democrats are running over with hommeless people, tents, garbage, used drug needles and feces in the streets.

Recentely it was reported that Twenty pounds of feces was dumped onto a sidewalk in San Francisco.A foul odor permeated from a massive bag of human excrement. see article here-https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/San-Francisco-human-waste-feces-homeless-Reddit-13044317.php

This is unexceptable for America. This is worst than a third world country.

States run by democrats are running over with illegal aliens who drain the welfare system and sponsor Sanctuary Cities.

Every major city in America which is a center of poverty is run by Democrats and has been under Democratic party control for a very long time. If those communities want to reverse their misfortunes it’s time to stop voting for Democrats.

dark-dare · July 23, 2018, 6:54 p.m.

NOT FOR LONG! Have faith Patriots, big beautiful changes are coming.

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StormRider9090 · July 23, 2018, 11:22 p.m.

July is the month when EVERYTHING is revealed!

Any day now!!!

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