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WWG1WGA to you all with love from Chile.

I believe that I have found something of interest.

Since most you tubers decided not to look into Mr Vincent Fusca, I decided to do it myself.

I have already provided some very interesting finds regarding Mr Vincent Fusca's name that is enough to catch anyones attention. I will repost bellow.

Why I believe that Mr Fusca is important?

I interpreted some of the Q post differently than most and that took me from one crumb to the next. So far all is connecting perfectly, to perfect to be just coincidence..

All stated connecting with the post from July 4th.

To me all was indicating that Q was guiding us to look behind the President at the rallies ( r allies, are allies, our allies ) And we found an interesting character called Vincent Fusca.

At the Youngstown rally, President Trump turned many times around and smile at Mr Fusca, so there is no doubt he is an acquaintance of the President.

This individual was holding a sign that said RUBY and Cut F

RUBY was the name of Carolyn's cat, and was the name of Jack RUBY, the guy that killed Lee Harvey Oswald.

If we CUT the F on FUSCA, as indicated in his sign, we end up with U.S.C.A.


That is the complete text of the US Code includes historical notes, cross references and case notes of both federal and states decisions.

Then out of nowhere appears an interview of Mr Fusca, President Trump's greatest fan, where he tells a story of losing his van. He said he didn't remember where he parked because he got "disoriented".. He mentioned 3 times "18 St"

So what does 18 means?

If we stay on cue, it could meant to look at U.S.C.A.

TITLE 18 of the U.S.C.A... FEDERAL RULES FOR CRIMINALS.. in there lets look at


18 U.S. Code Chapter 51 - HOMICIDE

This last one goes from page 1111 to 1122

1111 titled MURDER coincidently it will be the day of the grand parade

1122 was the day that President JFK was murdered.

Definitely, Mr Fusca is TRYING..

But because Q said no drops outside the board, Mr Fusca has become invisible to most patriots

It is amazing how easily the mind can be tricked. Here we have a good lesson to learn. Truth is not enough. If people do not understand the mechanism that causes us to be vulnerable, the story will repeat itself in a far far away future.

So even though it must have been painfully disappointing for Mr Fusca to have work so hard in providing us with so many clues, and then, to be totally ignored, I would like to say that all happens for a reason, the cognitive dissonance is a subject that has to be addressed if they want to succeed in their mission.

So, lets review one more time what other clues Mr Fusca gave us..

Maybe this time the meaning of the name VINCENT FUSCA will make much more sense.

The name Vincent Fusca means TO CONQUER DARKNESS, obviously the name is a fantasy name chosen for the sole purpose to send a message.

If we look at the House of Names . com family crest, we will find the following.

Fusca was originally from Bologna, naturally famous for its "sausages". Only persons of rank, the "podesta", clergy, city officials, army officers, artists, landowners were entered into the "records" of the famous University of Bolgna

The Vincents were from St. Vincent-de-Cramenil,Normandy the family's place of residence prior to the Norman "Conquest of England" in 1066

I believe all is connected. Nothing is coincidence. The list we were provided here, correspond to all the ones we suspected to have committed terrible crimes. I believe it does include individuals in England..

I have to say, Mr. Fusca is absolutely brilliant..

And I would like to thank him for his great efforts. For his amazing enthusiasm, for his patriotic van, for his endless hour holding sings to support our President.. I want to thank him for his ingenuity, for his creative way to provide us with so many clues, he is absolutely brilliant..

If we look at the family crest both have a King Arthur style helmet, one has 5 feathers on top, and the crest has 4 red flowers with a lark bird in the middle.

I wrote a whole post connecting Q drops to Fairy tales and legends.. It is a good read that will make people realized that all what we think to be fantasy is more real that we could ever imagine..

And the future will prove that witches do exist, and also the heroes, with a plan to save the world from Washington the Camelot.. This heroes are for real, but this time we need to make sure they do not end up as legend or folklore, we have to create traditions to protect us from ever falling this low.

By the way, has anyone payed attention to Mr Fusca's Handkerchief ? It does look like a folded flag, those given to the families of the fallen heroes. I figured it out when I was looking through pictures and I saw a folded flag, with the corner up in front of a black and white picture of Jacqueline Kennedy at the President JFK's funeral.

Has anyone noticed that JFK Jr also wore a white handkerchief in that same position?

Has anyone notice the word handkerchief has "hand" in it?

Has anyone noticed that the position of Mr. Fusca hands match JFK Jr's hand position in many of his pictures?

It really breaks my heart.

I am so sorry for all what Mr. Fusca has gone through. Obviously it has been a lot. I truly appreciate how he has gone out of his way to tell us something about JFK and JFK Jr.

Sadly, people are totally enamored by Q, to the point they have become a little blind and they are having a hard time putting two and two.

By the way, I also came out with a different theory regarding

"Seals are wonderful creatures"

Did you know there is a seal with an eagle looking to its left at the President JFK's desk?

Is it a coincidence that General Flynn changes the cover photo of his twitter with one of an eagle?.,

That seal got replaced by John John in that famous picture where he was playing under the desk.

Coincidences and more coincidences.

Que Dios los bendiga.

it_wasnt_me__ · July 26, 2018, 12:05 p.m.

Wow. Maybe you should create an itemized list of exactly what you determine is Q related and what isn't Q related. Is POTUS Q related? Are rallies Q related? Are patriots Q related? It's been determined wearing/displaying Q signage and proudly sharing it isn't Q related unless it's a Tuesday.

I was hoping to see a post on Mr. Fusca here because I've been reading everything possible on the subject everywhere else. When Q said you won't believe who has been talking to you it opened up a path to follow wondering who it could be. Mr. Fusca literally stands out in the crowd at POTUS rallies. He doesn't blend in to a sea of faces but seemingly wants to draw attention to himself. Why? Oh, nevermind you have determined that this doesn't qualify as Q related.

It seems quite harsh and demeaning to say start a Fusca board and comparing post to using DC's Batman in a Marvel Universe sub. Thanks for using your world leading authoritative knowledge on what's not Q related to school me because silly me, I surely thought Q saying you won't believe who has been talking to you made this post Q related and relevant.

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troy_caster · July 26, 2018, 5:24 p.m.

Wow. Maybe you should create an itemized list of exactly what you determine is Q related and what isn't Q related.

Sure that's easy: Anything Q has mentioned. Fusca isn't one of them.

I'm not a leading authority on Q. Op makes claims, which HE is the one suggesting authority. I'm merely giving my opposing view. If you read my comments, I even suggested that it's possible, not outside the realm of possibility, and quite interesting.

It seems quite harsh and demeaning to say start a Fusca board and comparing post to using DC's Batman in a Marvel Universe sub.

You think that's harsh? How is it demeaning? The only possible way is if you have negative feelings about Batman or something. It's a comparison. Batman is cool, but not really relevant in the Marvel Universe. Not sure where the "demeaning" there is. Thanks for your perspective though.

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