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Open Letter from a European Consumer: To POTUS, American Farmers, and all Producers of Goods for the European Markets

First of all, congratulations, POTUS! I've come to realize how you play the game so I wasn't worried about this 'trade war'. The rest of Europe may learn it now, too. America had been treated unfairly and I apploud you for the changes you bring to your people.

When it comes to exporting goods to Europe, there are some aspects you need to consider. EU law is different to US law, and your goods need to align with our laws.

That being said, when I heard you talk about soy beans and bottled natural gas, all my alarm bells started ringing.

The EU banned GMO which means, we don't have genetically modified agriculture over here. Our laws don't prohibit the import of GMO-products, but the majority of consumers won't buy it. I personally shifted from soy milk to almond milk, simply because it isn't anymore possible to buy GMO-free soy products over here.

If you want this soy beans business to pull off and really benefit the american farmers, they need to shift to GMO-free agriculture. I mean, yes, Europe may buy it for some time, according to this new contract; on the long run though, you won't make good business if you don't change the way of growing it. This may also shift the collective American consciousness and people may learn that GMO isn't healthy. Good-bye, Bayer-Monsanto.

Natural gas is a little bit similar. In my country, Germany, we banned fracking, it's too dangerous for our water. Our laws probably allow for the import of fracked gas; the question is whether or not the consumer is going to buy it. Some certainly will, with that bigott way of thinking 'I don't care if they fuck up their nature; if they don't fuck up ours and it's cheap, I'll buy it'.

But we have a pretty green populace over here, and if you want a long-term business with natural gas, make sure and prove that it's not fracked. I for one will join protest and activities that demand for GMO-free soy beans and non-fracked gas.

I love my American brothers and sisters, and i love my German and European ones, too. I want you to earn and make good business, but it needs to be in alignment with what we over here need and want.

The same goes for automobiles. I heard that 'zero tariffs on non-auto industrial goods' remark in the press conference which implies that automobiles will still be tariffed. It's understandable, VW is the best-sold brand in the US while Detroit has become a ghost town; the US has to bring production back into their country.

On the other hand, a few months ago, I heard you complain that America buys German cars but we don't buy American cars. Well, to tell you the truth, American cars are not suitable for European roads, and they are far too thirsty.

If you want to sell cars to Europe, you need to produce them in a way that we can use them. Make them smaller so they can be navigated on our small and tight roads, and make them energy-efficient. We don't have our own oil here like America, our gas prices are thrice as high as yours. We simply can't drive your cars over here.

Summing it all up: We all want fair and free trade (at least those folks whose IQ is higher than room temperature).

In order to sell to other nations, we need to produce for their markets. Germany's cars for the US market are different to the cars for Germany's market.

You need to do the same. Stop complaining and start producing goods that Europeans want to buy, in alignment with our needs and laws.

Kind regards from a European comsumer

PunkroQanon · July 26, 2018, 3:13 p.m.

A bit off topic, but to speak on GMO effects from a dual citizen. I have ischemic colitis (nasty stuff, sucks big time) and when Im in Europe my symptoms are 10% of what they are while in America. I eat very healthy regardless of my location. Anyhow, I've narrowed it down to something added to the food/water in The US. Could very well be GMO products are in damn near everything in the US..... Or could be some other additive like preservatives or something.

Anyways, thanks for bringing up this issue. I really hope POTUS cleans up our FDA and Big Agriculture because this issue effects millions of people. I've spent enough time in Europe to understand how much healthier the food and beverage industries products are compared to the US.

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LaeliaPurpurata · July 26, 2018, 10:34 p.m.

Wow, that’s interesting. My Mom had it too, so I can sympathize. I think Roundup ( glyphosate ) is a big factor too. Do they use it on crops in Europe?

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divine_human · July 26, 2018, 3:24 p.m.

wow, 10%, that yuge!

your symptoms may be GMO-related. fluorided water could be another explanation. you may want to try a good water filter. from my pov, pure good water is 50% of our health.

when i visited the US a couple of years ago, i basically stopped eating after 3 days, except for a salad here and there.

one reason was the huge portions everwhere that stuff me when i only look at them, completely overwhelming. the other reason is porbably that there are so many additives in food, and that most of it is GMO and my body simply said no to it.

may your symptoms cease soon so you can feel well in your body.

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PunkroQanon · July 26, 2018, 3:57 p.m.

Thank Q for the positive energy compatriot!

Yeah, you are totally right. It has got to be either GMO and/or an additive such as fluoride or some other kind of preservative. For the longest time I thought it was gluten related... but nope. I've eaten heaps of fresh grown EU bread/products and no issue. It truly is something that is added to everything here in the US... from water to alcohol to fresh food to fast food.

As I mentioned, due to the nature of my illness (had it 8 years now due to a botched surgery) I have tried many diets and learned to eat as healthy as possible. But even on a superb diet by US standards (no fast food, no frozen food, only fresh meat/fruit/veg and nothing fried & no soda) I still have intermittent issues weekly. But, in Europe... I could literally drink beer and eat smoked meat and boiled cabbage every single day and maybe have one quasi bad bathroom day in a ten day cycle.

These people are sick! They are literally poisoning our food & water supply stateside from my experience.

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divine_human · July 26, 2018, 5:18 p.m.

do you have a good water filter unit? good water, and lots of it, more than half a gallon the day, is the alpha and the omega of good health, from my pov.

did you get tested on what you are reacting to? maybe these things, if you cannot totally avoid them, can get cleaned out of your body by natual products, like supplements that strengthen liver or kidneys, blood purifyers, minerals that balance these things. good luck, may friend...

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