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Q says there are more good guys than bad.


Who are they and where? Let's 'en list em'


Show yourselves, Patriots of the world.

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Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington


This song they made sounds like a refusal/exposure by Chris and Chester to follow along with the evil music industry's satanic pedo crap.


"Hunger Strike" Lyrics

(feat. Christ Cornell)



I don't mind stealing bread

From the mouths of decadence

But I can't feed on the powerless

When my cup's already overfilled.

But it's on the table

The fire is cooking

And they're farming babies

While slaves are working.

Blood is on the table

And the mouths are choking.

But I'm growing hungry


I don't mind stealing bread

From the mouths of decadence

But I can't feed on the powerless

When my cup's already overfilled.

But it's on the table

The fires cooking

And they're farming babies

While the slaves are all working.

And it's on the table

The mouths are choking.

But I'm growing hungry

I'm going hungry


>>The fire is cooking

>>And they're farming babies


And the song's called Hunger Strike.

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Prodigy from Mobb Deep


Died shortly after releasing an album titled


Here's a verse from one of the bonus tracks, "Broken Apple"


Verse #2:

We the bricks at bottom of the governments pyramids

A ponzi scheme, we being con'd my friend

Thats all adorable your so naive

Its just a metaphor you really looking for some puppet strings

Base cadets can't assimilate fact from theory

Common core education direct from satan

You see the inmates in prison just the ones that got caught

Just imagine all the other shit freely going on

I just shake my head I need thc

My computer just crashed and deleted everything I just did

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Ted Gunderson


Most of you prob already know this/started off with his work


Former Head of FBI in multiple states for many years.


Came across evidence proving beyond reasonable doubt the existence of the satanic cabal and shit.


If you haven't seen his material, it's a must.


Here's an excerpt from one of his many public lectures that can be found on YT.


Video: /BplUD6kQYuU


>>I want to make it very clear in the beginning, I'm not anti-government, I don't believe in terrorism, and I want to make it especially clear that there are a lot of good people in the FBI, and in the CIA, Naval Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Military Intelligence, NSA.

>>Unfortunately, there are a few key people in key positions who have made a difference, a big difference, in what's happening in America today. [States later: “rouge outfit,” “rogue criminal enterprise operating within the confines of the US government” and “covert military criminal enterprise, government enterprise, primarily by US military intelligence, that is operating full throttle and everybody refuses to investigate it.”]


[another excerpt]

>>The next case I worked of a major consequence was the McMartin Preschool Case in Manhattan Beach, California. The children there claimed there were tunnels under the school.

>>They were taken into the tunnels, and through the tunnels, up into the trap door of a bathroom in a triplex next door, placed in automobiles, and prostituted in the community. These are two, three and four-year old children before they had entered kindergarten.

>>In addition, the children claimed that they were flown into the mountains where they were involved with adults in robes, black robes, chanting candles.

>>They talked about the brown babies who were cut up, actually sacrificed. And, in checking into this, and researching this, of course, this was obviously a satanic ceremony.

>>The McMartin family, who owned the preschool, they were tried - Ray Buckey and his grandmother. The grandmother was acquitted, [there was a] hung jury on Ray Buckey. [At] the second trial, another hung jury.

Anonymous ID: e6f0c2 Jan. 7, 2018, 10:56 p.m. No.23554   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3299

Is it possible Steve Jobs was a good guy, and he was given cancer so Apple could be compromised?

I realize this was years ago, but something always bothered me about the timing of his illness.

Anonymous ID: 4bddb5 Jan. 8, 2018, 1:13 a.m. No.24321   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2232

Summary of Michael Riconosciuto's Information

Presented in Terrorism Cover Up in America


By Good Man^ Ted Gunderson


This is honestly the tip of the iceberg into wonderland.


one word… just google it

and to think he’s still alive and well

and he can’t be gotten to in prison….


he could testify against the Bushs, Clintons, literally everyone on up to the Clowns involved in the Remote Viewing and psychic/occult spying programs, the money laundering, the whole fucking thing




Think about it, how do you actually traffic in illicit things efficiently and without getting caught?


You would need a relational database system and a BACKDOOR, to transfer your illicit gains secretly, and you would need to distribute it to all banks and intelligence agencies, foreign and domestic


But first you’d have to sell them all the software… oh wait Israel and the DOJ did just that… under the Clinton administration.


Oh and don’t forget, Systematics, where HRC worked as an IP Lawyer for the Rose Law Firm with Baby Daddy Hubbel, and Vince Foster under Jackson Stevens.


There’s your ledger book. Iran Contra To 911 to Today


Meet the OCTOPUS

The real monster behind it all

And it all revolves around one man of a dubious nature, but if Q is a person… this would be him.


To think all he would have to do is testify.

Funny how he was released from Jail in June of 2017…

but then went back in for no reason…

maybe he needed protecting…

or a cover story…


Look up all the terms I used on YouTube or google.

It’s all out there,

just pull the straw and break the camel’s (Illuminati’s) back.



Sept. 30, 2003


Michael Riconosciuto, an inmate at the FCI in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, who has contacts in the Middle East, informed this reporter that in March 2001 (well prior to September 11), he informed the FBI of the identity of the organizer of certain terrorist activities in the United States, the identities of those who furnished false identification to the terrorists, an aviation company with which the terrorists were dealing, information concerning the smuggling of shoulder-fired missiles into the United States, and other sensitive matters. The FBI agent who interviewed Riconosciuto later admitted that he did not follow up on any of this information. According to Riconosciuto, if properLy investigated, the events of 911 may not have occurred. Riconosciuto also made a confidential source inside the terrorist group available to the FBI. When interviewed by the FBI, this person reportedly was threatened with prosecution and deported. Riconosciuto claimed that the same FBI agent later told him that he (Riconosciuto) was wasting his time, that he was a conspiracy theorist seeking publicity, that he did not investigate Riconosciuto's information, and threatened him with prosecution




Michael J. Riconosciuto, who has been in federal custody since 1991, furnished the following information to Ted Gunderson on January 3,4, and 5, 2003:


  1. He has been active in the intelligence community for years, and has a number of contacts in the Middle East, including individuals who have been, or are now actively involved, with AI Qaeda, the Islamic Jihad (Committee), and the International Islamic Front


  1. In February 2000, he learned that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were interested in interviewing him by telephone. At the time, Riconosciuto was at the FCI in Coleman, Florida. As soon as he agreed to the interview, he was told by a Bureau of Prisons (BOP) staff member that he should not have agreed to the interview, was threatened by staff and other inmates, and told not to cooperate with the RCMP and a homicide detective from Hercules, California, who was working with the RCMP. The subject of the interview related to the murder of one of Riconosciuto's friends, and national security issues in the U.S and Canada. The BOP staff threatened him with administrative reprimands.


  1. In spite of the threats, Riconosciuto agreed to the interview on February 7,2000. Within one hour following the interview, he was charged with a disciplinary infraction.


  1. This infraction was expunged at a BOP hearing on February 11,2000.


  1. Within an hour of this hearing, the FBI charged Riconosciuto with solicitation of murder; the charge relating to the expunged incident.


  1. Because of this allegation, Riconosciuto was placed in solitary confinement for several months.


  1. Upon his return to the general prison population, Riconosciuto was transferred to the FCI Allenwood, Pennsylvania, with the reputation of being a "threat" to BOP staff members.


Rest at link above


This guy could of prevented 9/11.

Anonymous ID: 4bddb5 Jan. 8, 2018, 1:27 a.m. No.24353   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2232

Oliver Stone


William Oliver Stone (born September 15, 1946) is an American writer[2] and filmmaker[3][4]. Stone won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay as writer of Midnight Express (1978). He also wrote the acclaimed gangster movie Scarface (1983). As a director, Stone achieved prominence as director/writer of the war drama Platoon (1986), for which Stone won the Academy Award for Best Director; the film was awarded Best Picture. Platoon was the first in a trilogy of films based on the Vietnam War, in which Stone served as an infantry soldier. He continued the series with Born on the Fourth of July (1989)—for which Stone won his second Best Director Oscar—and Heaven & Earth (1993). Stone's other notable works include the Salvadoran Civil War-based drama Salvador (1986); the financial drama Wall Street (1987) and its 2010 sequel Money Never Sleeps; the Jim Morrison biopic The Doors (1991); and a trilogy of films based on the American Presidency—JFK (1991), Nixon (1995) and W. (2008). His latest film is Snowden (2016)


(p.s. according to the film Snowden worked for Q Group at NSA, the movie is hiding something but no one else has found it yet… but I did. )

Anonymous ID: 4bddb5 Jan. 8, 2018, 1:33 a.m. No.24369   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2232 >>3078 >>3105

+++ Real [SNOW(den) WHITE] Found via Phase Conjugate Memery +++


Oliver [STONE's] film ‘’Snowden’’ contains ‘’’THE EXACT SAME’’’ phrases used by ‘’’Q’’’ at very significant timestamps!

>No coincidences


What does that mean?

The ‘’’film’’’ and/or the entirety of the ‘’’Snowden Affair,’’’ including the role of the NSA[KEY] in both covering for and ‘’’uncovering’’’ the The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All needs to be reevaluated.

>No coincidences

>They never expected her to lose


What if ‘’’[Snow(den) White]‘’’ was never ‘’REALLY’’ a “traitor” to his country?


So what if Snowden was never actually a traitor to the USA, but only a traitor to those who used to control the USA?

>they never expected her to lose


What if he has been on the undercover mission to trump all undercover missions this entire time?

Is disinformation real?

Is it necessary?

What if the Snowden affair tricked the self styled “elite" into revealing to the public the very system that would eventually bring about their demise?

>they never expected her to lose

Aurelius !kfdDU4ZTvs ID: e4e331 MOTHER OF TRUTHS? OMGWTFBBQ!! Jan. 8, 2018, 8:36 p.m. No.32232   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3105





One of the greatest drops/connections right in my thread. It's an honor.


Hope everyone gets to read this, because THIS IS DANK!!!

Anonymous ID: 414bb8 Jan. 9, 2018, 3:08 a.m. No.33078   🗄️.is 🔗kun


I think most people here have always known he was never a traitor to his country. He was labelled as such by people like Michael Hayden because he inconveniently exposed the truth.

Anonymous ID: d99592 Jan. 9, 2018, 4:12 a.m. No.33105   🗄️.is 🔗kun




Disinfo. Don't waste your time. Right from the start pastebin writer says the following FALSE statement "So let’s dig deeper into two of the first “tasks” Q threw our way






Anonymous ID: a16a0e Jan. 9, 2018, 11:51 a.m. No.33293   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3350


Word is Chris Cornell was suicided because he was going to let the word out on the Pedo Ring. Chester Bennington was good friends with Chris and was going to tell all after Chris's death, then he was suicided. Word is Bennington was Podesta's son.

Anonymous ID: 5d2a2b Jan. 9, 2018, 2:26 p.m. No.33350   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Plus Chester was raped by his uncle as a kid (if he's Podesta's son then that was the 'cover story' he went public with). I heard people saying he was part of the cult but that is absolutely not true. He knew he was powerless against them, and when he stopped caring they killed him.

Anonymous ID: 6d0644 Jan. 9, 2018, 8:35 p.m. No.33653   🗄️.is 🔗kun

I want to share a UTube with you all.

The video is shot in HD, with awe-inspiring music & a great message about what we are doing here (in a way).

Enjoy!!!! It sure made my evening. The music is so majestic just like our aspirations for our wonderful country & the world at large.