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This man, Jeffrey Roth is a surely a link to the Rothschilds. He wrote a letter to the court to ask for leniency in Ghislane's sentencing. He says he is her friend and confident. He says he has known Ghislaine 50 years and his family has known the Maxwells for 90 years. He also says he is a "cousin."


Sorry but I'm stuck and wasn't able to find more, other than he works at the morgue at the NY Times. Can't find anything on Jolana Roth. This guy might just be a plant of some kind, giving a warning to Ghislane from the you know who's


New York Times archivist Jeffrey Roth, who attended much of her trial seated alongside her siblings. His missive solved a mystery plaguing multiple members of the press: Who was this lanky observer in the Maxwell entourage?


“I am on the staff of The New York Times and I am a cousin of Ms. Ghislaine Maxwell,” his letter states. My Mother, Jolana Roth and her late father, grew up together,” wrote Roth. “Our families have been close for ninety years. I attended the trial as a family member and am aware of the charges that she has been found guilty of.


Jeff Roth is the archivist in charge of the New York Times clipping and photo archive, known as "the morgue." After working for a while at an airport, Roth joined the Times archive in 1993; the newspaper slowly reduced the number of its filing staff until he was the only one taking care of the archive. In Obit, Roth described how the Times archive is still used to make obituaries.

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The name Jolana is of Czech and Slovene origin. The meaning of Jolana is "violet flower".


There are plenty of connections between Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Epstein, but that's already been done quite a bit here before. I was looking back at her father, and found several connections there too.


I can post of few things about Lynne Forrester and Epstein if anyone would like to see more.

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Here's a good rundown of Lynn de Rothschild with connections to Epstein and others in the club. Of course, Trump is always around in these things. . . you have to come to terms with that in whatever way you chose.


We've established before that the Rothschilds are the Guardians of the Vatican's wealth. More and more, you see that Francis is just a figurehead for the Vatican (black Pope probably too).


The Rothschilds also manage the money for "the Crown", which I think goes well beyond the British Royals, who are just figureheads. So is it really the Rothschilds on the top? IDK.


I know everyone likes to think "Satan" or "Lucifer" at the top of the pyramid. . . IDK about all that, but whoever or whatever is at the top of the pyramid, it's still very well hidden.