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I don't think there is a square inch on my shins that isn't scar tissue. The worst pedals were the Huffy pedals that looked like dull saw blades. I stripped an easy 4 inches about an inch wide off my right leg with one of those. Wrecked off a jump. My mom fainted when I got home. Nothing the Doctor could do. Massive scar that is now, at 52, purple and so thin I can see my shinbone

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I can't remember where I set down my coffee cup right now but I do remember a lot from my early childhood. Memories start about 20 months. Second Christmas then a move. I was pissed to be leaving my Grandparents.

I blow away my mom every now and then. "I was hoping you wouldn't remember that..". A lot of the memories are of traumatic experiences. The vivid ones all are.