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>It was a show trial, because the top of the Nazis were controlled and in the club.


>The ones that did vaccination experiments didn't get into trouble.


>The ones making a fortune on slave labor didn't get into trouble etc.


>(exceptions to that may have happened, I don't give a shit)


>The German CDC was not closed down after all this shit, and in fact it's doing the same vaccination experiments right now w/ the whole population. Nothing changed.

so those who point back to Nuremberg in court for their argument against mandates is going to fall on deaf ears

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the way I work, works against me

I don't shut down my computer

I don't close my browser

I hate the censorship on YT, but I live on it all day (no news!)

I merged my ID with my mom's ID - long story.

I'm a dude. When I log on now, it calls me Donna. kek

it's broken and needs to be deleted, and I have no idea how

but I will still watch YT until rumble / bitchute host the content I want