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UK military sexual scandal: Paratroopers banned from NATO deployment


Paratroopers were banned, in the hundreds, from the annual NATO deployment to the Balkans following videos showing an orgy within the military barracks. The possibility of replacing the battalion with another for the drill is being examined, according to reports.


The new head of the army, General Patrick Sanders, wrote a letter to the general and commanding officers stating that he is not willing to “risk the mission or the reputation of the British army” by sending them overseas.


Eight paratroopers from the 16 Air Assault Brigade have been placed under police investigation after a film emerged with them having a consensual orgy with a civilian woman at the Merville barracks in Colchester, Essex. Dozens of other paratroopers watched.


Sanders believed that the act itself contradicts military values and morals as it could have been construed to “denigrate women”.


This is not the first incident of its kind. The report stated that the civilian is believed to have been smuggled into the barracks as many as 31 times within a time period of five months. There are also a series of incidents that had taken place in Macedonia in May during an exercise where three paratroopers were accused of “unprofessional behavior” during the exercise; soldiers from other battalions were also involved.


“My message to the army is clear – our license to operate is founded on trust and confidence and we must hold ourselves to the highest standards,” Sanders wrote. He added that “such behavior is unacceptable, corrosive and detrimental to the army’s reputation”.


The yearly deployment to the Balkans is for a 10-day drill with NATO partners, but troops usually stay for longer. More than 400 paratroopers will deploy to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, but they will be denied the medal and bonus compensation that they are accustomed to receiving for overseas deployment.


Instead of deployment, they have been asked to use the month to “reflect on where they have fallen short of what we all expect of our army.” Personnel that has been directly involved in the sex tape will be further removed from the upcoming Air Manoeuvre Battlegroup which is typically held for readiness to deploy in response to global crises.

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Should Hezbollah use force to prevent "Israel" from operating in Karish gas field?


The confrontation between Lebanon and the Israeli occupation entity over a maritime border in the Mediterranean Sea intensified after a ship operated by gas exploration company Energean arrived on June 5 to begin drilling in the disputed Karish gas field, pushing Hezbollah to warn the Israeli entity of using force.


The Secretary-General of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned the Israeli entity on 9 June that the Karish gas field is a "red line", demanding the entity to halt its activities in the field.


"Everything is on the table for the resistance […] we do not want a war, but we do not fear one. Israel must halt its activities in the Karish field and swiftly and immediately withdraw its ship from there," Sayyed Nasrallah warned in a televised speech.


"The company that owns the drilling ship should swiftly withdraw it, and it should be fully responsible for any losses, be they material or human", Nasrallah added. "We have the right to do everything needed to collect the required information to execute any option that we might find adequate."


"The Resistance surely has the financial, military, and security capabilities to prevent the enemy from extracting oil and gas from the Karish gas field," he added.


Hezbollah’s Deputy Secretary-General Naim Qassem told Reuters that Hezbollah is ready to take action "including force" against Israeli gas operations in disputed waters once the Lebanese government adopts a clearer policy on the issue.


"Main course is to defend our wealth"


Laure Abi-Khalil, a professor of political science at the Lebanese University, said that Hezbollah has been "representing the Lebanese Resistance" and will use force against any threat.


"When the resistance finds that there is a danger to the gas wealth, it has every right to respond and to defend our rights and the right of future generations," Abi-Khalil told Al Mayadeen English.


"Let's not forget that the Resistance is offering its capabilities to support the Lebanese government so that it can improve its negotiating ability."


Should Hezbollah use force to stop "Israel" from developing the Karish gas field if talks to resolve the maritime dispute stalled, Abi-Khalil said, "The Resistance does not seek war for war, but whenever the need arises, the Resistance has its defense strategy."


"After Lebanon's economic crisis, the main course is to defend our wealth, to ensure our sustainability," Abi-Khalil noted.


The US, and Israeli lobby's pressures


Following Hezbollah leader's threats of using force to stop developing the Karish gas field, the US expressed concern on the second day, June 10, about the escalating tone and rhetoric being used around the issue.


Part 1

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The State Department also announced on June 10 that Senior Advisor Amos Hochstein "will travel to Lebanon on June 13-14 to discuss sustainable solutions to Lebanon’s energy crisis."


In late 2017, Lebanon signed a gas exploration and production agreement with a consortium comprising the French company Total, the Italian Eni, and the Russian Novatek for gas blocks 4 and 9.


However, though committed to its exploration deal with Lebanon, Total stressed that it would not start operations on Block 9 until the Israeli-Lebanese maritime dispute was resolved, according to MEE.


Asked why Total refused to explore gas for Lebanon in Block 9 although "Israel' has been able to convince Energean Power's vessel to develop the disputed Karish gas field for "Israel", Abi-Khalil accused the US of pressuring international companies to operate Karish oil gas in disputed maritime borders.


"The US seeks to hand over influence to the Israeli enemy in the Arab Mashreq, i.e. to become a leading reference for all countries in the region," Abi-Khalil told Al Mayadeen English.


After the US recognized "Jerusalem" as the capital of the entity, "the Knesset passed the Jewish National Law, which proves the enemy’s implementation of the policy of making everything an Israeli and Judaization inside occupied Palestine," Abi-Khalil added.


Abi-Khalil stressed that the Israeli enemy has moved to consolidate its influence abroad through the implementation of regional foreign policy, proving once again the "political-diplomatic capabilities of the enemy and its ability to persuade Western companies, including the Energean Power vessel, to explore Karish."


"This is due to the pressures exerted by the United States and the Zionist lobby on international companies that share with their economic interests and material capabilities," she told Al Mayadeen English.


Relaunching negotiations


Hochstein landed in Beirut on Monday and met on Tuesday with President Michel Aoun and other senior government officials and parliamentarians as part of the indirect negotiations to demarcate the maritime border.


President Aoun received Hochstein in the presence of the US Ambassador to Beirut Dorothy Shea, and Aoun informed Hochstein of Lebanon's official position regarding the demarcation of the maritime borders and stressed Lebanon's sovereign rights to water and natural resources.


Al Mayadeen Arabic correspondent, citing information obtained, pointed out that Lebanon will demand the preservation of the entire Qana field, and thus adherence to all oil wealth, even beyond the line 23, rejecting the line previously drawn up by Hochstein in February, whereby he cut off parts of Block no. 8.


The correspondent stated that Aoun "responded orally to Hochstein's previous offer and presented a new proposal," adding that Aoun "requested prompt answers through Hochstein from the other side, i.e. Tel Aviv."


Indirect talks between Lebanon and "Israel" fizzled out in 2021 after Lebanon pushed its claim in the disputed zone from a boundary known as "Line 23" further south to "Line 29", adding around 1,400 square km (540 square miles) to its maritime borders, including part of Karish.


To overcome the impasse, according to media reports, Hochstein proposed a field swap that would create an S-shaped boundary instead of a straight line, but Lebanon did not officially agree to the proposal.


Two unnamed official sources told Reuters on June 14 that President Aoun would demand from the US energy envoy that indirect talks resume as soon as possible and that "Israel" stop all works at Karish until negotiations are concluded, the two officials said.


Asked if Hochstein's visit to Beirut can relaunch indirect maritime border negotiations, Abi-Khalil said it is up to Hoshstein's proposals.


"Re-launching the negotiations is related to the proposals that will be presented by the American envoy, which must take into account the Lebanese interest," said Abi-Khalil.


"Views united on the decision taken by His Excellency the President of the Republic, which strengthens the Lebanese position," she added.


Previous talks stalled after Lebanon said that the map used by the United Nations in the talks required modification. It is not clear yet if Lebanon can resume talks now without the map being modified.


"We can say that the visit of the American envoy to Beirut today means the resumption of negotiations, especially if the United States does not want an escalation in the region," Abi-Khalil told Al Mayadeen English. "[Indirect] Negotiations are a necessity at this stage."


Part 2 - End

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Lavrov: Russia does not care about "the eyes of the West”


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told BBC in an interview, on Thursday, on the sidelines of the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), that the fate of the British mercenaries captured in Ukraine and sentenced to death is a matter pertaining to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), an independent state as recognized by Russia. Ultimately, the DPR, under international law, has the right to make the decision on their fate and Russia does not care how that looks “in the eyes of the West.”


Steve Rosenberg, the BBC reporter, attempted to hold Russia accountable for the fate of the captured Brits beginning with “In the eyes of the West, Russia is responsible for the fate of these people,” but Lavrov cut him off.


The Russian FM said that he is not interested in the West’s perception of Russia, rather he is only interested in international law. According to international law, said Lavrov, mercenaries are not combatants and in that regard, the opinion of the West is of no interest to Russia.


Rosenberg once again attempted to protest Russia and the DPR’s conviction of British fighters as mercenaries, arguing that they were fighting with the Ukrainian Army. However, Lavrov interrupted him once again and told him this is a matter for the DPR courts, ones as legitimate as the British courts.


When asked about whether the British government enquired about its captured citizens, Lavrov said he is unaware of such communications and insists this is a matter for the DPR and Russia will not interfere in it.


The FM added that relations between Moscow and London were dreary and described Britain as “a country that once again tries to sacrifice the interests of its people for the ambitions of politicians, who only think about the next election and nothing else.”


DPR captures two UK mercenaries


Three mercenaries, two from the UK and one from Morocco, were sentenced to death on Thursday in the DPR for fighting alongside Ukrainian militias and armed forces.


The president of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin, has accused the three of "monstrous crimes".


British mercenaries Aiden Aslin, 28, and Shaun Pinner, 48, in addition to Moroccan Saadun Brahim, were convicted by a Donetsk court on charges of terrorism.


The three defendants plead guilty to the charges. Russian media outlet RIA Novosti reported that the three are set to face a firing squad.


>> Is Lavrov hinting to the 5 Eyes?

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Internet Explorer gravestone goes viral in South Korea


Jung Ki-young, a South Korean software engineer, believes that Microsoft Corp's decision to retire the Internet Explorer web browser marked the end of a quarter-century of a love-hate relationship with technology. This is when he decided to commemorate the browser's demise by spending a month and 430,000 won ($330) to design and order a headstone with the browser's "e" logo above the epitaph: "He was a good tool to download other browsers."


The tombstone's photo went viral after a memorial that took place at a cafe run by his brother in the southern city of Gyeongju.


On Wednesday, Microsoft cut back support for Internet Explorer after a 27-year run, to focus on Microsoft Edge, its faster browser.


Jung commented on the memorial by saying it expressed his mixed feelings for the older software, mainly since it played such a big part in his career.


"It was a pain in the ass, but I would call it a love-hate relationship because Explorer itself once dominated an era," he told Reuters.


He said it took him longer to make sure his sites and online apps worked with Explorer than with other browsers.


His clients, he added, kept asking him to make sure their websites looked good in Explorer, which remained for years the default browser in South Korea's government offices and many banks.


World's leading browser for more than decade


Explorer became the world's main browser for more than a decade after it was launched in 1995; it was bundled with the operating system of Microsoft's Windows and was pre-installed in billions of computers.


In the late 2000s, it started losing out to Google Chrome and became the topic of countless internet memes, with some developers suggesting it was sluggish compared with its rivals.


Jung's purpose for the gravestone was to give people a laugh, as he said, but was not expecting the joke would go that far.


"That's another reason for me to thank the Explorer, it has now allowed me to make a world-class joke," he said.


"I regret that it's gone, but won't miss it. So its retirement, to me, is a good death."


>> A bit of S. Korean humor.

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Light therapy to become major cancer treatment


Photoimmunotherapy is destined to become the world’s fifth major cancer treatment after surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy. The breakthrough could enable surgeons to be more effective in surgery by lighting up cancer cells.


A European team of UK, Polish, and Swiss engineers, physicists, neurosurgeons, biologists, and immunologists joined forces to design the new form of photoimmunotherapy.


The light-activated therapy forces cancer cells to glow in the dark, helping surgeons extract more tumors relative to existing techniques. The technique was tried on mice that are suffering from one of the most common and difficult brain tumors to deal with, glioblastoma. The scans revealed that the new treatment exposed the tiniest cancer cells as it lit them up to assist surgeons in the extraction of the cancer cells and then wiped out whatever tiny leftovers.


Moreover, the Institute of Cancer Research in London led trials of the new form of photoimmunotherapy and results showed that the treatment could prime the immune system, preventing glioblastoma from reemerging after the surgery. With this in mind, scientists are now also looking into studying the new treatment in the context of a new treatment for children’s cancer, neuroblastoma.


“Brain cancers like glioblastoma can be hard to treat and, sadly, there are too few treatment options for patients,” the study leader, Dr. Gabriela Kramer-Marek, told the Guardian. “Surgery is challenging due to the location of the tumors, and so new ways to see tumor cells to be removed during surgery, and to treat residual cancer cells that remain afterward, could be of great benefit.”


Scientists from the ICR, Imperial College London, the Medical University of Silesia in Poland, and the Swedish company AffibodyAB believe the new treatment might make extracting difficult tumors like those in the head and neck easier and more successful.


The Cancer Research UK Convergence Science Centre at the ICR and Imperial College London — a collaboration that brings together worldwide experts from engineering, physical, and biological sciences specialties to identify creative methods to combat cancer - sponsored the combined effort in major part.

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Israeli Maj. Gen. discusses fronts in Iran, Hezbollah confrontation


Amos Yadlin, the head of the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies, spoke out on Saturday regarding a number of concerning fronts in the confrontation against Iran and Hezbollah.


In an interview with Channel 12, Yadlin said there was some confusion in "Israel" vis-à-vis the Iranian nuclear program, saying that the confrontation that should worry us is on a number of fronts.


The first front, according to Yadlin, concerns Iran's ability to enrich uranium up to 60%, pointing out that "Israel" is currently in a situation wherein it doesn't know which way Tehran will go.


Yadlin wondered whether "Israel" should support a return to the deal that will bring Iran back on the nuclear level but will give them a lot of money, or support a break from the deal, which is "Israel's" formal policy. But then "what would we do if Iran enriches up to 90% or withdraws from the NPT?"


Al Monitor had published an article by Israeli commentator Ben Caspit, discussing the division in the Israeli leadership regarding the Iranian nuclear deal, clarifying that the Israeli leadership cannot reach a consensus on whether or not the JCPOA's revival is beneficial for them.


Yadlin also added that the second disconcerting front, which was not given enough attention in "Israel" is Hezbollah's precision missiles, while the third front is Syria.


Yadlin added that he has seen Israeli domestic politics and where things are headed, pointing out that the occupation has great challenges ahead of it before the end of the year.