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>>16487498, >>16487508, >>16487522, >>16487510 Devolution - Part 23 Truth is a Force of Nature

>>16487542, >>16487544 Sri Lanka's PM says its debt-laden economy has 'collapsed'

>>16487561 Microsoft Edge new kiddi pr0n ad. They don't even hide it anymoar

>>16487568, >>16487570 Man who carried Vladimir Putin's nuclear controls briefcase found shot at his home

>>16487577 Laundry update: Barack and Michelle Obamas' Amazon Audible deal is worth $20MILLION

>>16487638 They gave the f**king FBI $100,000,000 in the gun control bill

>>16487734 Swastika: Victoria bans display of Nazi symbol in Australian first

>>16487818, >>16487820 File under wtf? Scientists Studying Temperature at Which Humans Spontaneously Die With Increasing Urgency

>>16487829, >>16487831 California Plotting to Punish Medical Dissent

>>16487843 Food fuggery? Nearly 350,000 Rainbow Trout To Be Euthanized After Bacteria Outbreak

>>16487851 Schiff Show: Jan. 6 Committee Hearing Ep. 4 Recap

>>16487852 White House says it's 'appalling' Russia won't rule out executing detained Americans who volunteered to fight for Ukraine

>>16487866 DJT TS - The U.S. Supreme Court MUST find, reveal, and punish the “Leaker.” Very easy to do - Go to the reporter who received the leak.

>>16487906 Bye Francis…you luciferian POS…

>>16487918 BREAKING: President Xi warns about 'expanding military alliances' at BRICS summit

>>16487920 DJT TS - Big victory for Religious Liberty & School Choice…

>>16487926 Disney employee among 12 accused child sex predators arrested, Polk sheriff says. Suspects face total of 49 felonies

>>16487933 Update: @DrOz has dropped President Trump from his campaign home page

>>16487985, >>16488028, >>16488046, >>16488064 the 'Leaker'

>>16487995 Health officials ‘urgently’ investigating after poliovirus detected in London sewage

>>16488044, >>16488047, >>16488053, >>16488057, >>16488062 Today's Swamp schedule

>>16488081 Former Purdue Men's Basketball star Caleb Swanigan died Monday night at 25, according to the team.

>>16488090 John Cornyn Pledges to Sell Out America on Amnesty After Caving on Gun Control

>>16488093 Hey guys, it's time for the Ship Show!

>>16488107 KABUL - The death toll from an earthquake in Afghanistan on Wednesday hit 1,000, disaster management officials said…

>>16488108 Senate Gun Control Deal Applies Domestic Violence Statutes, Gun Bans, to ‘Dating Relationships’

>>16488158 Russia claims 500 Ukrainian casualties during strikes on Nikolaev in single day. The troops belonged to the Ukrainian Army’s 59th Mechanized Brigade

>>16488160 WH Press Sec almost accidentally said the truth

>>16488167, >>16488191 FED Chair Jerome Powell says the "American economy is very strong."

>>16488213 Florida Guard re-established by DeSantis draws 1,200 applicants, including one from New York

>>16488228 #20859



>>16486752 Martha Karua could create history as Kenya's first ever female deputy president in the upcoming polls, but she says she is more focused on issues like rampant corruption

>>16486762 Priests join in mocking Megyn Kelly over her ‘scoop’ that the pope may resign

>>16486809 US airman arrested for alleged insider attack on military base in Syria

>>16486815 Clockfag: June 21, 2022 Be Mighty!

>>16486833 For the keks: A man in Portland, Ore. removed his clothes & began yelling on the street (mp4)

>>16486837 Don't let them forget about Ray… Revolver deep dive into Ray Epps

>>16487143 Mexican President will ask Biden to pardon/free Assange

>>16487194, >>16487275, >>16487314 Afghanistan earthquake kills at least 255 people

>>16487254 Supreme Court OKs use of public money for religious education

>>16487282 Anon on 2A - Train all citizens in the use of weaponry

>>16487283 Uvalde's Robb Elementary School will be demolished

>>16487288 Schumannlive

>>16487351 (needs sauce) California to euthanize 350,000 farm raised trout

>>16487354 Two P-8A poseidons up at the same time using the same tactical hex code

>>16487606 #20858 (posted in #20859)

Anonymous ID: 031bc9 June 22, 2022, 6:56 a.m. No.16488247   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>16485913 Jim here for a brief AMA!

>>16485922 Alabama Senate candidate Katie Britt has defeated Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) in the state’s GOP primary run-off election

>>16485947 Polish ruling party chief leaves government post

>>16485960 Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia dead at 27 after routine tonsil surgery

>>16485969, >>16486178 Texas Mayor and teacher Matt Mcilravy arrested for solicitating child online

>>16486048 Sheriff Judd: Disney is run by pedophiles, ‘arrests are being made’

>>16486080 Finland experiencing 14% higher deathrate in 2022 compared to 2021

>>16486088 Two Canadians Found Dead with Throats Slashed in Mexico Resort of Playa Del Carmen

>>16486148 Twelve suspects arrested during "Operation Child Protector II" investigation focusing on online solicitation of minors

>>16486165 According to Forbes, Ukrainian forces are set to receive an uncrewed ground vehicle (UGV) called "GNOM" that is no bigger than a standard microwave and weighs around 110lbs

>>16486253 Precedent has just been set by SCOTUS that public money can be used for religious schools

>>16486264 PEDO BUN 21 June 22

>>16486276 Former Australian of the Year Grace Tame is calling on the federal government to close a legal loophole that allows paedophiles to quarantine their superannuation from sexual abuse survivors

>>16486305 Clockfag: Suicide Weekend :44

>>16486363 Former Olympic swim coach Dick Caine charged over historical sexual abuse allegations

>>16486489 Sputnik: USAirForce Member Arrested in Connection With April Attack on #Syria Base

>>16486519 Red Air plane MD-80 catches fire as its landing gear collapsed after landing at Miami International Airport (mp4)

>>16486534 RT: Mexico will ask Biden to free Assange – president

>>16486548 John Soloman: Britt defeats Brooks in Alabama Senate runoff election

>>16486664 Kari Lake: When I’m Governor, Arizona will not recognizeunconstitutional Gun Lawsin our state. We just won’t do it

>>16486749 #20857



>>16485150 BIDEN: “We need more money. - biden twats, bonehead moves and admin screw ups

>>16485153, >>16485503, Barack and Michelle Obama Team Up with Amazon’s Audible Following Exit from Spotify - breitbart

>>16485166, >>16485307, >>16485462, Russia captured NATO weapons, they captured NATO trained instructors - russia v ukraine topic

>>16485176, >>16485229, page 56 of the "gun control bill" - murphy senate gov (gun grab topic)

>>16485250, >>16485397, >>16485487, Senate GOP and Democrats have signed off on a bill to provide funding to states for nationwide Red Flag Laws - twat

>>16485216, >>16485765, ruby freeman election fraud at j6 dig - anon bun with sources

>>16485371, >>16485422, >>16485428, >>16485490, >>16485492, >>16485601, >>16485655, >>16485685, >>16485691, >>16485705, >>16485747, >>16485796, >>16485806, Jane’s Revenge: The rise of abortion terrorism in America -

>>16485231, >>16485629, pfizer ceo mp4 vid - covid topic

>>16485441, >>16485455, Bombshell Oxford Study: Less than 6% of “Approved” Medical Drugs Are Backed by “High-Quality Evidence” to Support Their Benefits -2ndsmartestguyintheworld.substack and medical study twat

>>16485240 Fitness App Strikes Again as Platform is Used to Track Israeli Soldiers, Secret Military Bases - sputnik and israeli news topic

>>16485393 Three Hospitalized After Plane's Landing Gear Collapses on #Florida #Runway, Catches #Fire - sputnik twat

>>16485494 AI is more dangerous the nukes, elon - rumble vid and elon topic

>>16485500 Project Veritas Releases Undercover Footage From Inside Utah GOP Congressman’s Re-Election Campaign Revealing Rep. Hides His Views on Abortion From Voters - gwp and election fraud topic

>>16485507, >>16485652, >>16485767, Texas top cop: Uvalde police could've ended rampage early on -

>>16485549 South Dakota attorney general's impeachment trial begins following fatal 2020 crash -

>>16485566 they want to vote by mail - richard grenell

>>16485636 National Conference of Bar Examiners - george soros 75 D.A prosecutors destroying the us justice system (call to dig)

>>16485645 Why does the IRS need ammo? - emerald robinson twat (need source)

>>16485658 note taker notes bun

>>16485665 Corn is 17 inches 2 weeks growth - grassley twat

>>16485706 libsoftictock twat - groomers, pedo and commie topics

>>16485715 Open Records Request for Emails Between Brad Raffensperger and Taiwan Immigrant Finally Received But Were 90% Redacted – gwp

>>16485848 #20856


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