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>>17511032 Former Puerto Rico Legislator Sentenced for Bribery and Kickback Scheme

>>17511047 Gov Hochul calls on credit card co's to combat 'gun violence'

>>17511102 The Birth Certificate Review

>>17511105 Cancer on the Rise Globally Among Adults Under 50

>>17511107, >>17511163 Oregon Prepares Its American Indian Students For Failure With Freebies

>>17511116 Former military leaders, defense secretaries warn of hyper-politicized civilian-military environment

>>17511118 Hussein tweet on his portrait

>>17511121 updated dough

>>17511147 Fat Leonard escapes house arrest

Baker Change

>>17511185 Switzerland is considering jailing anyone who heats their rooms above 19C for up to three years

>>17511206 German automotive supplier Dr. Schneider is insolvent

>>17511213, >>17511245 ‘One freak after another’ – ex-Russian president on UK leaders

>>17511240 Donald Trump: Subsection 1324(a)(1)(i)-(v) prohibits alien smuggling: This is an invasion of our Country!

>>17511248 "Ben Santer"with University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit Scientific Fraud Fabrication Unit

>>17511270, >>17511308, >>17511295 Flaming WH monkeypox coordinator Demetre Daskalakis

>>17511275 Israeli Scientists Identified Two COVID-Neutralizing Antibodies that Could Eliminate the Need for Vaccine Booster for all Variants

>>17511137, >>17511278 911, 9.2 seconds - total free fall

>>17511285 To Restore Americans’ Faith In Elections, Fix Sloppy Record-Keeping

>>17511352, >>17511326, >>17511423, >>17511517 IT WAS CHRIS WRAY! FBI Whistleblowers Reveal Wray Personally Removed Concerns Raised by Agents

>>17511356 Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising Interview (Part 1 of 3)

>>17511415 The New Pm For The U.K Liz Truss Is Part Of The Wef

>>17511435 ‘Shadow President’: Former Trilateral Commission Member Susan Rice

>>17511457, >>17511438 Use timetravel instead of wayback machine?

>>17511439, >>17511445, >>17511452 Special Master Order Reveals Biden’s Direct Involvement In Trump Raid And Six Other Bombshells

>>17511475, >>17511507, >>17511558 Project Veritas: U.S. Senate candidate Krystle Matthews (D-S.C.), explaining why she “treats [white people] like shit.”

>>17511510 Jill Biden: "Joe, honestly. Everybody stood but Joe" (Cap 0:22) No COVFEFE for you

>>17511512 Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan’s Plan to Ban Gas Cars

>>17511514 UK govt to scrap fracking ban tomorrow

>>17511518 FAKE NEWS Barr says DOJ ‘getting very close’ to having enough evidence to indict Trump

>>17511562 ‘My Son Hunter’ Review: ‘Extremely Well-Directed, Written and Acted’ with ‘Crazy, Funny Moments and High Drama’

>>17511567 Pentagon Admits Helping Ukraine Forces Sink Russian Warships

>>17511576 CERN to 'idle' Large Hadron Collider in response to energy crisis

>>17511579 Michelle Obama takes potshot at Trump: 'Once our time is up, we move on' (real name Michael LaVaughn Robinson)

>>17511585 Mueller's lead prosecutor blasts judge for appointing 'special master' to Trump case

>>17511675 181 times the word trust was posted by Q

>>17511680 Vice-president of Indonesia flees protesters angry at the rise in fuel prices (Cap 0:17)

>>17511692, >>17511715 Has The Trump Raid Made Bill Barr Forget All About Deep-State Deceit?

>>17511730, >>17511733 Hillary Clinton roasted for ‘The View’ spot, Trump comments: ‘Out-of-touch’ (Cap 1:04)

>>17511755 #21466

Anonymous ID: 8284a7 Sept. 7, 2022, 3:50 p.m. No.17511760   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17510310, >>17510684, >>17510596, >>17510614, >>17510687, >>17510760, >>17510937, >>17510950, >>17510978 Portrait unveiling bun

>>17510329 HRC "No one is above the law."

>>17510281 The Left's latest Trump-manufactured psychodrama

>>17510297 Canadian stabbing spree victims identified

>>17510361 DoD Water work + Dog

>>17510372 Brooklyn DA Moves To Vacate Nearly 400 Convictions Tied To Crooked Cops

>>17510405 Patriot Businessman Erik Prince Creates ‘Unplugged’ Cellphone Off The Big Tech Grid

>>17510425 Energy crisis could cause CERN accelerators to shut down

>>17510426 NATO head warns of Russian threat

>>17510440 UK Bans COVID Vax for Kids – Investigation Finds Vaccine Affects Sexual Development in Little Boys

>>17510464 HRC Nonprofit Gave $75,000 to Far-Left Extremist Group Trying to Dismantle Minneapolis Police Department

>>17510469 Steve Bannon Statement as SDNY Threatens Phony Charges Against Him

>>17510504 Comey previously debunked HRC false claim that she had no classified docs on her private email server

>>17510539 Estée Lauder heir settles lawsuit against NY socialite ex-mistress

>>17510549 Hillary Clinton Confirms She Won’t Run for President Ever Again

>>17510582 California Teachers Union Accused of Spying on Parents Who Wanted Schools to Reopen

>>17510635 Energy Bills Could See Up to Six in Ten UK Factories Forced to Close

>>17510651 Police Shoot and Kill Deranged Pedophile After Judge Lets Him Loose on Bail

>>17510685 Ukraine warns 'limited nuclear conflict' cannot be ruled out,

>>17510712 'Kid friendly' Wisconsin Pride festival hands out free medical referral letters for 'gender affirming' drugs, surgeries

>>17510729 (You) Pentagon stops accepting new F-35 jets parts made with unauthorized material from China -

>>17510762 Judge: Facebook Repeatedly Violated Campaign Finance Law

>>17510795 Grassley, Ernst, Miller-Meeks Sound Alarm with DoD on Sourcing of Critical Defense Minerals

>>17510905 Israeli comptroller to push climate issues at global UAE conference

>>17510877 Police Search Democrat County Official’s Home in Connection with Las Vegas-Review Journal Reporter’s Murder

>>17510883 Il Donaldo - We The People Are Coming Home

>>17510967 Former Defense Attorney Sentenced To Six Months In Federal Prison For Conspiring To Bribe The Elected State Attorney

>>17511003 #21465

Anonymous ID: 8284a7 Sept. 7, 2022, 3:50 p.m. No.17511763   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17509916 Artemis 6 week delay

>>17509925 Report to Congress on Navy Shipboard Lasers

>>17509944 Hillary Clinton's nonprofit funneled $75,000 to far-left defund the police group

>>17509951 Qlock rig for red

>>17509957, >>17510017 The Bee: Scrap Artemis and just fake another moonlanding For the Keks!

>>17510006 France to send nuclear fuel to Japan

>>17510028 Dem VA Rep Bobby Scott tests positive for COVID

>>17510032 Huawei beats Apple to new tech feature; satellite texting

>>17510039 Research by an international team from 17 countries the Hunga explosion was comparable in size to that of the 1883 Krakatoa eruption

>>17510041 URANIUM ONE → [PANIC

>>17510089 Mike Flynn was Flipped not Freed?

>>17510107 Ex-Pentagon chiefs warns of civil interference in military operations

>>17510135 Biden willing to meet Xi if he attends G20 meeting in Bali

>>17510136 Russian economy back on track – Putin

>>17510175 Congratulations to USNIC's Bailey DeYoung, who promoted to Lieutenant Commander!

>>17510204 Refresher: Bill Clinton gave 2 Nuclear Reactors to North Korea in the 90s

>>17510208 Moar poll keks

>>17510215 @JudicalWatch exposed much of what we know about Benghazi

>>17510237 #21464-B

Anonymous ID: 8284a7 Sept. 7, 2022, 3:50 p.m. No.17511765   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17509518 Dims pushin civil war with polls

>>17509544, >>17509564 Poll: Democrat Patty Murray’s Lead Dips Below 3 Points in Washington Senate Race

>>17509566, >>17509581 Lightfoot: ‘Immoral, Unpatriotic’ to Bus Migrants to Chicago

>>17509610 @CENTCOM Jordan hosts U.S. forces and partner nations for premiere Exercise Eager Lion

>>17509631 Navy History 1797, USS Constellation launched at Baltimore harbor

>>17509641 1931, the Bessie Coleman Aero Club sponsored the first all-Black air show held in the United States.

>>17509653 #ConstitutionDay webinar programs

>>17509658, >>17509661, >>17509665 The FBI (Gestapo) Secretly Pressured Americans To Waive Away Their Gun Rights

>>17509666 #NORTHCOMHistory strategic concept for ballistic missile defense in 2003

>>17509689 Settlement for Fired Football Coach who Objected to CRT in Daughter’s Class

>>17509699 Potatus:“Cancer Moonshot”to halve the cancer death rate in the next 25 years.

>>17509700, >>17509712 @USArmy "How many rounds to send? All of them? Roger, sergeant!"

>>17509713 Did Trump refuse the Presidential salary because the "foreign power" in charge of the US?

>>17509714, >>17510018 WaPo Jumps Back onto the Foreign Nation Nuclear Secrets Angle to Mar-a-Lago Documents

>>17509720 Speeding woman on cocaine kills drunk driver high on meth

>>17509725 Tucker Carlson Outlines the Totalitarian Outlook of Joe Biden

>>17509739 A video game about inciting violence against covid truthers

>>17509748 #MarineCorps F-35B Lighting II aircraft launch from the @USNavy's USS Tripoli

>>17509757 O'Keefe gives NewsNation LIVE update on #TheSecretCurriculum

>>17509764 Wisdom for your Wednesday from retired Admiral Mullen!!

>>17509779 Apollo Affair?? (IAEA) get involved in food processing?

>>17509793, >>17509800, >>17509903 45/Kash/Q

>>17509797 Judge orders Biden admin to hand over any censorship records, rejects executive privilege claim

>>17509809, >>17509822, >>17509984, >>17509991, >>17509999, >>17510013, >>17510030, >>17510040, >>17510046, >>17510059 Michael Flynn: From DC insider to holy warrior

>>17509826 Biden Administration Has Admitted One Million Migrants to Await Hearings

>>17509848 US bars 'advanced tech' firms from building China factories for 10 years.

>>17509858 PCAST: Discussion and Consideration for Approval of a Report on the U.S. Semiconductor Ecosystem

>>17509862 Blackrock's, $BLK, Investment Themes have come out:

>>17509875 Chief of Staff to Chief Justice John Roberts to Resign Sept. 30

>>17509913, >>17509928 cloud seeding/Chemtrails

>>17510203 #21464-A


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