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Come Bake with Us

Qresearch is a 24/7 beehive of activity where anons post their diggs, memes and prayers.

For this to happen requires bakers–which is why they have been called "the core of this board."




















Baking Resources

Quick Pic Bakes & E-bake instructions

>>>/qrb/57491,, >>>/comms/9252

Baker Tools - several versions


Baker's Tools Lite (stripped down, good for baking)'''

Updated Baker's Tools Lite (q.js)

How to format multi-page notables

Tips on Notables for Bakers


Iwo Jima flag on YouTube for TOR posting


Purpose of this Thread

To support the QR kitchen with practical advice for successful baking.


The bakers and noters who produce the breads, especially those who are here regularly.


The guidelines, traditions and rules of thumb developed over time by experienced bakers.


Taking responsibility for the bread (thread) as a whole, but especially for

  • collecting the notable posts (ones of greatest interest)

  • maintaining the integrity of the dough (the resource section at the top)

  • transitioning from one bread to the next (the actual baking process)








Bakers perform several key functions:

''* Set the tone for each bread'' via their choice of bread title and style of interacting with posters.

''* Post notables for each bread. ''

''* Bake breads (transition the board from one thread to the next).''

''* Knead the dough (keeping the resource pages clean, tidy, and up-to-date). ''

''When all goes well, baking is a fun & exciting opportunity to serve. When things get wonky and shills attack–bakers carry on anyway. ''

Shadilay, fellow bakers!

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>>15443568 (You) (OP) Come Bake with Us - Shadilay Bakers!

>>15472209 What is Baking?

>>15472212 My First Bake from start to finish

>>15473043 Quik Pic How to Bake Instructions

>>15492930 E-Bake Instructions

>>15509900 The FULL Baking Process: Step by Step

>>15510921 How to Bake from the Index

>>15511299 Handoff Protocols and Other Bakers Comms

>>15519739, >>15520944 The Dough & How to Format It

>>15525323 8kun BakerTools & BakerTools Lite

>>15510921 Baking from the Index



>>15525626 Notables Overview

>>15525629 Types of Notables & Noting Videos

>>15525635 Ordering Notables & When to Post Them

>>15525644 What Makes a Perfect Notable?

>>15542237 Ten Tips for Notabling

>>15542340 Baker on What is Notable

>>15543218 "How do you keep up with notables?" Four bakers answer

>>15542340 Long Notable Buns: Make Them Readable

>>15543516 Baker-Noter Teams (TBA)

>>15543519 Muh Collector on Notables



>>15544616 Common New Baker Mistakes

>>15549366 Timing Issues I: Factors to Consider

>>15549368 Crunch Tie: @600 & Beyond

>>15549390 Q & A with a Baker on Timing

>>15549400 Dealing with Shills

>>15549409 What to Do When the Dough Doesn't Drop

>>15549414 How to Prevent Dough Steals (TBA)

>>15549478 Reporting a thread or post

>>15549551 What to do if Q posts

>>15559190 Late Bakes - Picking up a Bake After @500 (TBA)



>>15559231 FAQs List


40,000 Foot View & Beyond

>>15560295 Baker: What Baking Has Taught Me

>>15560298 Transformational Baking

>>15560391 Bakers Unions, Real & Fake: Oldfag Bakers' Recollect

>>15560401 Ways Anons Can Help Bakers

>>15566161 "8chan-style" baking vs "WWG1WGA-style" baking

>>15566678 Baker Tips based on Real Baking Examples

>>15566700 Hard & Fast Rules vs Rules of Thumb

>>15566707 Baking Class Archives

>>15566731 How to post notable digs (for anons)

>>15566732 Daily vs Occasional Baking

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BAKING can refer to either

''a. Managing the Bread (what baker does from the time he steps into the kitchen to the time he steps out)'' >>15472212

''b. Actual baking process: step done to close one bread and open another'' >>15472214


Involves two main tasks: collecting notables and making sure there is always a General thread for anons or Q to post on.


Collecting notable posts

Usually done by on-duty baker but may be collected by a note-taker as well.


Bakes can be either regular bakes (when bread is staffed) or e-bakes (e = emergency bakes) when it is not.

>>15472214, >>15487732 regular bakes

>>15492930 e-bakes


Tips for better baking

  1. Use good comms for handoffs and ALWAYS TAG THE DOUGH POST PLUS RECENT NOTABLE LISTS. handoffs: >>15487644

  2. Try to avoid 'ghosting' the bread (leave it wo/a baker). If unavoidable, give advance notice.

  3. Learn how to note well, see next section.

  4. Convo with anons – ask for sauce, feedback, say tx, etc. They appreciate it.

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''Managing the bread broken down for beginners.''

See LINKS for details.


1. Accept the handoff from departing baker. >>15511299


2. Do initial prep work:

	a. Copy the dough into a text editor like or

	b. Get ready to take notes by moving the oldest notable buns into "Previously Collected" Step 3a: >>15509900

c. Make a place on the Notables page for new notes. Step 3b: >>15509900


3. Collect notables, posting several times during the bread. >>15525635


4. If you need to leave at some point, advertise for a replacement ("baker must leave @500")


5. When not busy, prep the new thread BUT DO NOT BAKE IT. Steps 4 & 5a: >>15509900


6. Towards the end, post FINAL CALL notables (second-to-last notes, ~@600 or later).


7. Post FINAL notables: ~ 670 (new baker or fast bread) to 720 (experienced baker or slow bread).


8. Postbakingand proceed to bake.


9. At the top of next bread, if leaving,

  • ask for a replacement:'''baker seeking handoff

  • must leave soon:baker seeking handoff; ghost @100

  • zombie apocalypse:baker must leave, GHOST BREAD

See >>15511299 for more.


10. When going on or off duty,ALWAYS TAG THE DOUGH POST.



  • Every baker does all this a little differently.

  • Mistakes are common, even among experienced bakers. Don't sweat it.

  • Bake is both an art and a science – learn to know the difference.

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updated Jan. 2022


Here are three easy to follow baking instructions created by different bakers, just updated to reflect changes in how we bake.








Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:24 a.m. No.17322505   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2509 >>2525


"E-bake" = "Emergency bake"

No updates to notables or the dough are made, but anons can post in new bread.


Grabbing the Dough


STEP 0 Got the General image?? (Iwo Jima or similar)

''* If not, copypasta from Step 0 example.''


STEP 1: Find the Current Dough


''* Copy pastebin link into a browser window.''


STEPS 2 and 3: Copy the Current Dough

(Dough will appear in

''* Copypasta entire text into text editor like Notepad++.''

(Notice the PAGE BREAKS=== that separate the posts)


Creating the Thread


STEP 4: Find ''Create a New Thread" in the catalog or index

''* Go to catalog or index; Create a Thread is at the top (CAP 3).''


STEP 5: "Create a Thread" What to Do

''* Fill in THREE THINGS:''

Subject: [example] Q Research General #11039: My Bread Name Edition

Comment: [copypasta page 1 of dough–the one with the Q posts]

File: [copypasta image from Step 1]


STEP 5a: E-bake (~ 630 fast, ~670 slow)

''* Click "Create a thread"''. (5% of the time it will say "Posted" and appear right away–but not usually!).

This is called "thread hang" and happens routinely. See MP4.


STEP 6: Finding the New Thread & Finishing the Bake

''* Ignore the fake "posting 100%" message, WAIT WAIT WAIT 30-40 SECONDS for the thread to post.''

''* Open catalog or index in new tab; thread should be close to the top (catalog) or right after current thread (index).''

''* Copypasta the rest of the dough from the text editor into the new thread; if you get a "page too long" message, break the post in two & retry.''


Only one thing more to do: the dough post.


Dough Post


__STEP 7:

''Since you didn't change the dough, just copy the same link from Step 1 to create the dough post.''

''Label it something like "Old dough so it's clear it's a e-bake.


(If everything is copacetic, you can also go back to old bread and post a "fresh bread" link.)




(if things don't go quite as planned, remember: you're the one who stepped up, mistakes can be corrected!)

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:24 a.m. No.17322509   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2613




I. Prepping the DOUGH

II. Prepping the next bread & baking it

III. Posting the DOUGH link & linking old bread to new




STEP 0: Open your text editor

* PC: Notepad or Notepad++

* Mac: TextEdit; or try Atom for multi-tab editing.


STEPS 1 and 2: Find dough post, copy the link into a new browser tab & Hit ENTER

(The dough appears in pastebin app.)


STEP 3: Copy-Pasta the two-page dough into the text editor; then open another tab for collecting notables

a. For ControlC, copy directly; for Fullchan, select RAW.

You will notice the OP page is separated from the Notables page by some kind of horizontal line: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BREAK - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

b. Open a second tab in the text editor. This is where you will collect your notables for the current bread.


3A & 3B can be done at any point during the bake - just don't wait until the very end


STEP 3A: Make room for new notables by CONSOLIDATING the oldest one(s) & moving to the Previously Notabled section.

a. Find the Notables page; go to the oldest bun(s) just above the Previously Notabled section.

b. For the oldest bun, delete everything but the line with the link at the bottom of the bun - see Consolidating Notables CAP.

c. Move the link to the Previously Notabled section as shown in the CAP.

d. Repeat with the next bun at the bottom if needed (usually, there should be a maximum of about 4 buns above the Previously Notabled section). When Previously Notabled gets too long (more than about half a dozen lines), delete the oldest bun links at the bottom.


STEP 3B: Make a space for the notables for current bread

See the VIDEO CAP.

a. Insert the bread number for the notables bun you are about to create at the top of the page (just under "Notables are not endorsements"), LEAVING A SPACE between that line and the start of the newest bun.

b. You now have a place to insert your final notables bun into the dough before baking. When you do, be sure to use the same formatting as you see for the other buns on the page. The last line should start with the LINK NUMBER for the final notables post.

c. While you could copy notables directly into the dough as shown in the video, it's safer to collect them in the text editor & copypasta into the DOUGH right before baking (see Step 3). New bakers: be sure to SAVE notables periodically as a failsafe.

d. You are now ready to collect notables for the current bread.





STEP 4 : Create a New Thread

Go to Catalog; select Create a New Thread.


STEP 5a: Enter new thread info in "Create a New Thread" box:

-Subject: QResearch General #2334: My First Bake! Edition

-Comment: OP post in the dough ("Welcome to Q Research")

-File (images): Iwo Jima image or similar



STEP 5b: Bake!

When READY TO BAKE @640 to 680 select "Create a New Thread."


STEP 6a: Wait for the bred to "drop"

In /comms/, the thread will post right away. Rarely happens in /qresearch/.

Instead, you get the "posting 100%" message followed by an error message.

Solution: Wait 20-30 seconds, then open Catalog; your thread should now be there.

If you get "flood detected," the post has probably gone thru.

SEE VIDEO HERE: >>17322505


STEP 6b: Enter the rest of the dough

(posting additional of the dough)

''CAUTION:'' make sure you copypasta rather than cutting what you paste.


If "body too long" message appears, shorten the page.

* Quick solution: Split the page into two posts.

* Long-term solution: Make sure pages are not too long before baking. HOW?

By __consolidating__the old buns, see below.'


III: Posting the DOUGH link & linking old bread to new


STEP 7a & 7b: Make the Dough Post

a. Go back to text editor; select entire dough text.

b. Open & click 'Submit.' [link appears at top of page]

c. Copy-pasta as next post, example:Dough:


STEP 8: Post the Fresh Bread link

a. In new bread, select either Dough Post link or OP link or both

b. Go to "old" bread & copypasta into post ~ @730-740 to provide link to next bread.


''Congratulations! You have just baked your first bread!''

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:25 a.m. No.17322511   🗄️.is 🔗kun

How to Bake Using CLONE

This is a more streamlined approach.

Here the baker does not download the dough into a text editor.

Instead, he adds notables directly into the dough online.


It's very fast. But if you accidentally CLOSE THE TAB, there go your notables.

So it's best for beginners is use the CLONE method with a text editor backup. That's what's outlined below.


Skip STEP 0.


STEPS 1 & 2 are the same: Find link in dough post from current bread & copy into a browser window. Hit enter, and you will find yourself in a pastebin-type app like or

This example uses ControlC.


To be in CLONE mode, you have to be able to edit the dough in the online paste app.

In Control-C, you do this by scrolling to the VERY BOTTOM of the dough; then selectnew versionfrom the menu.


This generates an editable online copy of the dough.


So you can SKIP the first part of STEP 3 (downloading the paste into your text editor).

But if you're new, it's a good idea to use a text editor for gathering notables (saving after each bun update).

At the end of bread, you will insert these into the online dough.


STEPS 3A & 3B are the same - but done to the online version of the dough.


STEPS 4 - 6b are the same.


STEP 7 is the same except your dough is already online so you can start with selecting Submit to generate a link for the new dough.


STEP 8 is the same.

Fullchan is very similar - but you don't have to scroll to the bottom.

Select CLONE to get an editable copy.

Select SAVE to generate a link for the new dough.

''Note: Do NOT save using a password - only YOU will be able to access.''

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:27 a.m. No.17322525   🗄️.is 🔗kun

>>17322505, >>15472234, >>17322505



mostly from nb


Catalog view shows breads as a matrix (in rows/columns)

Index view shows breads as one long column (starting with pinned threads on Row 1)

see CAPS


Why Bake from the Index?

For General thread baking purposes The Catalog is sometimes unreliable.

It can take from 60 - 180 seconds for a new bread to show up there once baked and possibly a lot longer.

New threads show up however in the Index immediately, so here's a recipe for zero baking delays using the Index.



  • Post the thread as normal (from the Catalog is fine)

  • Immediately open up the Index in another tab -

  • Having it bookmarked and at hand means you can do this super-fast

  • Hit Ctrl F (search for text on page) and copy/paste or type your new thread number into the search box.

(You can also search for key words to find it fast)

  • If your thread isn't found, immediately refresh the Index page and try again. You'll find it.

  • Click on 'reply' to the thread to open up your new thread

  • Post the rest of the dough as normal


This method rocks because -

  • It cuts down on baking stress

  • Threads can be baked super-quickly

  • It beats bread-shitters (you've baked the thread before it appears in the Catalog)

  • It helps prevent double bakes when bakers post another thread thinking their first one didn't post


Baking completely from the Index is exactly the same as above, just 'Create New Thread' from the top of the Index page

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:28 a.m. No.17322528   🗄️.is 🔗kun


of the confusion in any bread is the result of nobody knowing

  • whether there is a baker

  • whether an e-baker is still baking

  • where the notables are

  • whether baker is collecting notes or note-taker

  • when note-taker will hand over notables to baker

  • whether e-bake is needed at the last minute


There problems are easily fixed by good comms using clear baking protocols'''




When baker wants to leave, he posts something like

Baker requests handoff


A baker steps up with

Can bake


followed by a formal handoff:

Handoff confirmed?(from ebaker)

Confirmed, i got the bread(from new baker

Acknowledged(from ebaker)


Then it's EASY for EVERYONE to see who has the bake.

These protocols work when used consistently.


E-bakes & Ghost bakes

When there is an e-bake, e-baker is STILL PRESUMED TO CONTINUE THE BAKE

unless he says something like this:


Baker requires handoff

Ghosting @50


If no takers, when leaving, post something like:

Baker signing out, GHOST BAKE

Anons, please step up; need note-noter


ADVERTISE in advance before leaving when posting notables


Baker requires handoff @400, any bakers in the house?


Baker seeks handoff next bread



= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Always link to DOUGH post and NOTABLES updates

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:28 a.m. No.17322531   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2534




The reference pages at the top of each bread.



To introduce users to QResearch, record Q posts and notable digs, and provide research links to anons.

The dough also provides a thread of continuity, a framework for our work (to dig, meme, and pray).

A key part of a baker's work is to protect and refine ("knead") the dough:

To protect it from shills and to update and refine it to be as functional as possible.



Until recently, the dough had 4 parts: OP, Notables, plus two Resource pages.


Now it has TWO PAGES:

* OP Post:' Welcome, Q info, Q posts, Q Resources

* Notables: Globals, Notable Buns, Previously Collected Notables


The material in the two resource pages is now in the pinned Dough Resource thread.


There are links on the OP page to the posts in that thread, see CAP.

If a new resource needs to be added, a staffer can post in the Dough Resource thread and baker or BV can add to the OP resource links.




The dough has particular formatting conventions used both to make the information easy to read and to support the scraping of the dough by aggregators who get the information on the board out to the public.


Specific formatting conventions - see next post.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:29 a.m. No.17322534   🗄️.is 🔗kun





PAGE 1 - OP: Welcome and Q-Posts


Q-posts on OP page (page 1)

These are formatted with lines that help vertically align the posts. Q has not posted since Dec 8 2020, but we still have old Q posts that can be used as a template:


Thursday 02.20.2020

>>8200814 rt >>8200718 ————————— You have come far, Anons (Patriots). You are ready. Prepare for the storm (Vid: >>8200841, >>8201027)

>>8200590 rt >>8200492 ————————— Primary purpose of referencing 'Twitter' accounts? TOGETHER you are invincible (Cap: >>8258688)

>>8200462 ————————————–——– The puzzle is coming together. (Cap: >>8200480, >>8200552)


  • Q drops are always ordered by DAY, from NEWEST TO OLDEST

  • Do not try to do the lines freehand, especially when Q is posting - they never come out right. Instead, use the template.



PAGE 2 - Globals, Notables, Previously Collected & Aggregators


''See CAP for a model of how to format this page. Key thing is formatting of the Notable Buns.''

The other caps show things that can go wrong. Most are easily fixable. To fix a wrong bread number, do a Report - staff will fix.

double and triple check for correct bread number


How to format the notable buns so they can be recognized by scrapers as buns

  • put a blank line above and below each bun

  • do not put a blank line within a bun

  • first line: put a # before the number of each bun: #19623

  • last line: put the link for the final notables bun like so: >>15516951 #19623

Please follow the same formatting you see in the cap for each line in the bun.


How to avoid BODY TOO LONG message

Page 2 generally has too much text to post on one page.

''Do not split buns across pages, breaks the scraping algos.''

Solution: divide page 2 notables into two or more posts.


For extra long notable buns that go over one page

Each bun has got to have a unique number and cannot go over a page.

Solution: split into two parts and divide like this:



first notable

second notable


>>4837533 #19623-A

                                                    • page break


first notable

second notable


>>4837534 #19623-B


Advise using the above formatting; have been told it works. Do not know about other variations, e.g. #19623/1, #19621/2 (etc).


Checklist after baking

  • Correct bread number at the top?

  • Correct bread numbers on notables buns page?

  • Do they match? (current bread number congruent with bun numbers?)

  • No funny formatting (e.g., extra commas, dead links, etc.)?

  • No duplicate numbers or gaps?


CAPS show some good and bad examples.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:30 a.m. No.17322542   🗄️.is 🔗kun

8kun Bakers Tools

There a some tools that can make baker's jobs easier.

Two concern the bake itself:

  • Baker Tools

  • Baker Tools Lite

Bakers often find the latter easier to use - barebones, more streamlined.



Enables anons to format the thread in a way that distinguishes Q drops, anon's own posts, pb posts, bread speed and many other things.

feb 1 2022

8kun Bakertools v0.7.6a - Useful when images hosts breaks, some assembly required

8kun Bakertools v0.7.5 - Latest "prod"

older -

8kun Bakertools v0.7.1 v0.7.1:

Jan 25 2020



It's stripped down, shows nav buttons, bread speed, Q posts, and yous.

Many bakers prefer it to the full-fledged version.

One version (NEED TO TEST IT THO):

may be a newer version

>remarks from coder -

>WARNING: I'm running linux and this java seems to have a memory leak or something

>it's buggy, use with caution

Bakers Tools LIte, slightly dif versions from Sept 2020

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:33 a.m. No.17322551   🗄️.is 🔗kun








Who Do We Collect Notables For?

  • Anons who have missed some threads.

  • Anons who check aggregators for news.

  • Diggers doing research, especially in

  • Unknown patriots who receive news far beyond this board.


Listing Your Notables

  • List notables in reverse order with the latest at the top, or the other way around

  • Delete the bottom notables as you add a new batch in your dough, adding the notables bun link to the 'Previously Collected Notables' section before you do


On Changing / Removing Notables

  • Be on alert for if an anon requests a notable be removed

  • If not yet baked, ask why – dialog. That will distinguish anons from shills.

  • If baked, seldom done (unless inaccurate or baked by an unauthorized (banned) baker).

  • Offer to add a sourced counter argument in your batch instead, adding a ref to the previous post

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:33 a.m. No.17322557   🗄️.is 🔗kun


  • Notable diggs on Q posts, Q Deltas & Q proofs

  • Digs on Q posts and relevant to Q posts

  • Relevant news

  • Videos and clips

  • Side-by-side graphics

  • Relevant and informative graphics

  • Announcements by BO & 8kun Admin or Updates for Dough Resource thread (for Globals)

These are general guidelines and not set in stone; use your own discretion.


Noting Videos

  • As bakers, some videos can be difficult to decide upon as we've no time to check the content

  • In these cases you could either check the content or leave it out

  • Exceptions to this could be clips from livestreams of protest or events

  • Better when anons include a title, vid length and brief summary of the contents

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:33 a.m. No.17322561   🗄️.is 🔗kun


You can list your notables in ascending or descending order - baker's preference.

(if picking up from another baker, best to use his order).

'''When you click 'reply' on the post you want to note, then copy, you get the >included in your copy.'''

This saves you time.



Possibilities -

  • 200, 400, 600, final

  • 300, 500, semi-final, final

Good idea to let anons LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE GOT and give feedback sometime after 600 (that's the "semi-final" or "last call")

  • Bread speed is also a factor.

  • Timing comes through practice.



  • Posting notables earlyish goes a long way to assuring anons that the kitchen is in good hands

  • Posting regularly lets diggers know their post is noted and saves multiple call outs

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:38 a.m. No.17322574   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2675



The perfect notable has -

- A headline or clear description

- A synopsis / summary of what it's about

- An content excerpt if it's an article

- A link / links to good quality sauce (source)

- A graphic / graphics if relevant


* Keep in mind anons who will search in the future on and the keywords they'll search by

* Try to give anons all relevant info in the post and not have to go off-board get it

* 'We Are The News Now' – give it your best

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:38 a.m. No.17322576   🗄️.is 🔗kun





  1. Make descriptions informative but not too long; trim wordy ones down when you can.

Don't be afraid to shorten paragraph-like article and document titles.


  1. Post about four times during the bread, (early, middle, last call, final).

Don't stick anything iffy in at the last moment, make sure anons can see it first.


  1. Make notables easy to find with RED TEXT and BOLD.

Especially important if you may have to ghost–next baker needs heavy formatting to locate important info like notes.


  1. Link notes to DOUGH POST, especially if you have to ghost (leave before the end).

That's where anons and bakers look to find out if baker is on duty and there are notables posted.




  1. Look for anon noms, they are usually notable.

"Usually" because shills nom too. So do trolls, for fun. If not sure, either ask for a 2nd nom."


  1. Look for special reports: planefags, boatfags, archives, etc..

Anons seldom nom these, but they are still worthy noting.


  1. For noms for post that have NO description, ask for one.

These are usually anon diagrams, analyses & Q proofs. Hard to evaluate much less write a description. It's really the responsibility of the poster or nom-mer to provide one.


  1. If there is too much news & bred is fast…

focus mainly on nommed posts, breaking news (if verified), news re Q concerns.


  1. Check for two things: dates and whether it's been notabled (

Easy during slow breads, hard during fast ones. Dates take priority. But if you forget, anons or shills will always let you know.


  1. Be open to communicating with posters

…by asking for sauce (or better sauce), requesting short descriptions/titles (especially for videos); or expressing appreciation for good work.


  1. During Q breds, notables are low priority. As soon as you know, search on "Q !!" to find posts, get to the bottom of the bread, and bake very early (around 640).

Keep your eye open for baker caps and fully-formatted Q posts w/caps.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:38 a.m. No.17322580   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Hard to completely determine because bakers don't all have the same answers.


Examples of stuff that's usually notable

1 - anything nommed once or twice by anons (assuming it's not obvious shills)

2 - anything newsworthy (aggregator model)

3 - anything relevant to recent Q posts

4 - anything relevant to ongoing Q "themes" (CP, DS, Saud/Rothschild/Soros influence, Clinton Foundation, etc etc - many topics here)

5 - relevant human interest stories nommed by anons

6 - regular reports, dough updates (Resignations, graphics, planefags/boatfags, etc)

7 - ongoing diggs, espec marked as such

(there's more–maybe anons can add?)


Questions arise over stuff like this:

  • whether to include foreign news (or how much to include)

  • whether to include 'for KEKS'

  • when to include anon analyses (what are the stds?)

  • how much sauce is needed and what kind?

  • should we 'skim off the cream' or include both relevant and semi-relevant items?

  • is there a limit to the length of notables list per bread (and should there be?)

  • does bread speed matter? (late breads are much slower, can include more and do it easily)

  • should time of day matter? (graveyard often has a lot of foreign news)

  • include old news relevant to new Q's?

  • include stuff for newfags? (i usually do not)

  • include stuff already in but newly mentioned by Q or in the news (e.g., spirit cooking)?

  • what about marginal sources? (realrawnews, sorcha faal, unknown bloggers, copypasta pubs, etc.) - where do we draw the line?

  • keep obviously biased anti-Q/anti-Trump headlines or make them more generic: (i usually do that latter if the story is good enough to include despite the headline–or say "hit piece on x")



Use your discernment or ask for feedback from anons.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:39 a.m. No.17322581   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2614







"How do you keep up with notables?"


So, I'm sorry but how in the hell do you guys keep up with anons posts and Notables?

I try like hell to keep up but hardly ever am able.


From four baker/note-takers



During a fast bread, i:

  • rely more on noms, let anons do more heavy lifting. you do it long enough and it becomes second nature. Also helps if you have a decent internet speed (I don't which is why I can't do the entire bake and in this role). Suggest pairing up with a baker and doing notes for them first-most would not hesitate. Get proficient at that and the rest is a mechanical function

  • don't always check for dups in

  • pass over current news items unless directly relevant to Q drops, current digs or POTUS' activities.

  • barely look at anything that's hard to read or hard to grok fast. Let anons catch the really good stuff.

  • Ask "anything missing?" or "any noms?" Put the ball in their court more.



Practice and a decent bit of memorization.

Once you have the ever-repeated shill material recognized, spotting big material becomes easier.

Reviewing Notables from a few days prior also helps with knowing when duplicate material crops up. Not a bad thing when it does - some Anons don't read the Notables, but many do and will appreciate a callback to prior breads if you can do so readily.

Once you have those things/materials in mind, "keeping up" is more of an automatic bullshit marker, whereby, once it's marked, you can spot the new and potentially Notable things with ease.



  • You do it long enough and it becomes second nature.

  • It also helps if you have a decent internet speed (I don't which is why I can't do the entire bake and in this role)

  • Suggest pairing up with a baker and doing notes for them first-most would not hesitate.

  • Get proficient at that and the rest is a mechanical function



During Q breads:

  • Focus on Q, first and foremost.

  • Notables that are quick and easy to snag will make the cut; others will receive a "Please post at the top of next bread" request.

  • If it's a Rally Bread or a major Q post spree that brings bread times to sub-30 minutes, Notables for that Bread are either


Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:43 a.m. No.17322593   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Long notable buns: Make Them Readable


Anons have strong opinions about whether notables should be long or short. Interestingly, it's often bakers who have the strongest preferences. It may because they see the bun as a bun where busy anons don't necessarily read the descriptions but simply catch up on news by hovering over the link and reading the headlines.


But there are a few ways to make long buns easier to read:




  • Put the headlines on a diet.

cut out extra verbiage and unnecessary details


  • Avoid 'kitchen sinking' - throwing every single post in on the same topic

skim off the cream and leave the rest


- Make mini-buns to consolidate info if necessary

tip: best mini buns are those with short descriptions following the list of links


- Try to group like items together if there are a lot of them.

Makes the topic easy to follow.


Search QResearch to avoids dups

If the shift is slow, ck to see if already noted in an earlier bread.



Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:43 a.m. No.17322595   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Muh Collector on Notables



I am NOT the authority with this and not in charge and don't want to be. If it helps..great..if not I am not going to be offended.


This is based on experience but also is the result of a lack of latency that others deal with..I don't have near as much as most of you…you can figure that one out on your own..based on location to a certain sub host (DRT). It's in the archive from Summer 2018. This all started because of gaps between bakers, saw a need and did it. Spend multiple hours a day here and watch much moar than I post although I do have high post counts at times but also put a lot of content in.


Notables are not the panacea of this board however if you do not spend many hours a day here you need a way to get quickly up to speed. That is why they are a great tool for everyone.


What you need in your bookmark folder:

Stand alone link to captcha so you don't get caught out when you drop. Having that easily available link is only going to save you frustration and time. Was moar prescient during notables creek for sure. Shout out to the baker who took the notes produced and baked them-that was fun but tiring. 15 hours a day for a week straight takes its's toll. use this:


It's also helpful to have an open link to the catalog/index while your bred is open. This is so the catalog can update your bred-this is not a big issue now but during the next DDOS it will allow the catalog to update your bred and not relying on the open bred to do it. I can't speak to the 100% effectiveness of this but it seemed to help when we came back on and during the many DDOS's of the last 2 plus yrs. The first bit of notables collection when 8kun came back on it helped for sure.


Link to 8Kun Index and catalog:,


This is for an easy return to the bred should you have technical issues, have my share of them still. If you are just starting out and have not baked encourage you to do some notes along with the bakers-just start a notepad collection and then compare with the drops and you'll quickly get an idea of what is good, bad or indifferent. It also helps if you can use the practice baking area along with a general collection of notables. Not everyone knows it all..I certainly do not and no one is going to get it correct all the time. It also is healthy to have a bit of anxiety when doing this…not a lot because that can consume you as well. It helps being "on" and forces you to be alert and always looking for additions to a bun. There are still gaps but they are closing since these classes began (hat tip to gy for that). Remember everyone fucks up now and then so don't be afraid to bake simply because you may screw it up-if you do just learn from it and move on.


Managing expectations of shills and other anons:


Simply put… don't even try. You are always going to have a complainer no matter what you do. Ignore it but always be open to suggestions if they are gracious in presenting them. The "fuck you baker you didn't do (insert whatever issue is here)" is not going to get anything out of me ever. Does that make me correct about it? no but try to be on this side of the receipt of that sperg a thon.


Discerning what to include:


This is easy with basic articles from known sources (bad or good). Open up the link and get the title for the crumb from the open link. You need not read the entire thing just a cursory glance should suffice. If you are not sure of how old it is check the comments section to see how many exist. If it is older than today it is helpful to put the date next to the title. Not everyone spends multiple hours here every day so you will be asked to put in something from a day ago or so-especially when it's nommed. Just indicate that in the crumb link. I've seen the same article posted 4-5 X a day.


This an opinion ONLY- Always include these:


Social Media is still something I do not do (have a twatter acct but do not use) and I consider it marginal because it can be anyone saying whatever they want-there are a few that seem to be ok but there are a few things you should include:


Major Political Figures but not all of them: It depends on what they say and how it relates to the current habbenings. Again anons will let you know.. if unsure ask.


Military Twats-plenty of coded messages in these and anons will jump on these quickly so it's not a big deal to decode it yourself.


International News- It is very important to show what the rest of the world is doing and how they are reacting. I read much of the Japanese press but do not speak it-I know enough to keep me out of trouble. Media tends to be a little less comped but not by much outside the US but they are owned by the same organizations. Example: when doing financial news I usually take out the analysts comments as they are there to re-enforce a certain narrative pushed by the article. Since Reuters and B'Berg are the majority of these they try to obfuscate points with some flowery language and then have some ANALyst back it up. Once you become familiar with fin terms this is easier to separate the wheat from the chaff. With any article done by MSM you will not always agree with it but it is what is reported and anons WW need to see how it is being managed.


The clock: this was and still is a useful tool…mebby less so now but this again is just an opinion. The clock helped me early on and was also helpful to give to spouse. When it "ran out" the day after Thanksgiving 2018 it became less useful. But still has it's merits, especially if used with normies. I still owe you clockfags a case of something for helping to bring my spouse on board and I intend to honor that


Unsauced stuff: politely ask for sauce if it is not provided. Some anons will just find it and attach it as needed.


Anon proofs or written by anons: This is harder and is based on the time you , as a baker, have to properly assess what it is and the validity of said submission. Proofs were easier to do in 2018 as the connections were new to almost everyone and it didn't take much to link the drops to information available. Seen some good ones and the really good ones have a title to them. Anons are only cheapening their own hard work if they do not have a title for any baker/notetaker to evaluate. If you are not sure just ask. Anons will tell you if it's shit or not. A good way to do it is to have that crumb on your notepad and watch the comments that appear. If no comments.. it is probably safe to not include but if you feel it should be in just ask for feedback.


New bakers should not feel that they cannot talk to others…how else will you learn? exactly what I did. Had some great mentors and they know who they are..ty brutha's.


hope this helps

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:45 a.m. No.17322608   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Common New Baker Mistakes

Don't worry about making mistakes - all bakers make 'em. Not just at the start but every day. Goes with the territory.






Easy-to-make baking mistakes


* Incomplete copypasta (''Usually means not grabbing ALL the text when posting the dough)

Solution: Watch very carefully when copying.


* Accidental cut-and-paste instead of copypasta means baker deletes part of the dough.

''Solution: do it once and you'll never do it again. kek.


* Screwing up the bread title: either the spelling or the number

Solution: use Report to have BO/BVs correct.


* Forgetting to tag the dough post in handoffs, when picking up a ghost bake or when posting notes in a ghost bake


* Forgetting to use BOLD andred textfor handoffs, Notables posts, and other important comms


* Confusing "Create a Thread" in the Catalog with "Post a Reply" within a bread.

Solution: put Create a Thread tab far away from tab with current bread.


* Accidentally pressing Create a Thread before end of bread

Solution: report premature thread to BO/BVs, post a link back to real bread, post an alert & apology to anons, then return to original bake).


* Dough errors

Solution: generate new dough & post newpastebin link in the bread OR leave a message for next baker on the problem.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:45 a.m. No.17322611   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2613

Timing Issues I: Factors to Consider

Timing the bake is one of the bigger challenges for a new baker because it can't really be practiced until LIVE bakes. Requires situational awareness, which new bakers acquire only thru experience.





Timing varies is affected by


* bread speed (time of day EST is a reference point)

days vs nights; average = 1 - 4+ hours; Q vs non-Q


* baker experience

newer bakers bake earlier - 650 -700 for non-Q


* baking equipment/connections

slower or harder-to-use equipment/connections require earlier bakes


* whether working w/a noter or alone

with noter-baker teams, need more time to coordinate, for baker to adjust or add to notes


*shill activity at end of bread

end-of-bread shills can delay bakers by asking q's or questioning notables right before the baker


* number of anons on the board

smaller is easier


* whether Q is posting

start baking by 600 - 650 for Q breads - can be as fast as 17-22 minutes




Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:46 a.m. No.17322613   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Crunch Time: @600 and beyond

The first half of the bake is not usually a problem. It's as the bread approaches 600 and beyond that pressures mount. This is because any failure to set things up early in the baker or difficulty with multi-tasking under pressure will show up at that point.


By ~500, new bakers should have


  • previously established – if working with a noter – when the noter will drop (transfer) the final bun - for newbies, no later than 600.


  • downloaded or cloned the old dough from the dough post (steps 1-3, >>17322509)


  • transferred the oldest 1-2 buns to Previously Baked section (step 3A, >>17322509)


  • made room for new notables in the dough (step 3B, >>17322509)


  • posted at least one Notables bun tagged to the Dough Post (maybe two, if posting at ~ 200 and 400).


- done pre-prep for the New Thread (filled out the Subject, Comment and Files fields in the New Thread box in Catalog or Index). (step 5, >>15472214)


  • assessed the bread speed, projecting when to bake:

  • very fast breads/new baker: 600 - 640

  • moderately fast/new: 630 - 670

  • medium: 660 - 710

  • slow: 690 – 720


__By ~600, new bakers should have most housekeeping done

Main focus -

a. collecting last minute notes or adjusting note-taker notes dropped @600.

b. transferring notes to dough.

c. dropping a LAST CALL bread before FINAL posting of notes.


Try to avoid getting drawn into discussions about the merit of notables, other stuff that's distracting, unless it's important.

''Tip: if there's no time, just promise to look again at notables the next bread or give next baker editing privileges if that makes sense.''

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:46 a.m. No.17322614   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Q & A with a Baker on Timing


What do I do after accepting the handoff?

Most bakers start by finding/copying the dough post (check Dough post first)*; prepping Create a Thread; and doing a quick dough check to make sure everything is ok. Then start collecting notables. Later, bakers will need to check bread title (update?), check notables page (more room needed?), and transfer notables from text editor to dough.


When to post a final notables list?

Depends on bread speed but usually around 680 - 710.


How to keep up with notables during fast breads?

Depends how fast. When Q posts, priority is on grabbing Q drops, not notes. During fast non-Q breads, focus on skimming off the 'cream' and leaving the rest. Always try to include noms but only if they're high quality (from anons not shills). Practice makes perfect.


How long does a New Thread take to show up after I select Create a Thread?

30 - 60 seconds unless there's a severe lag. If lag is bad, let anons know and ask them to wait for new thread.


* Sometimes there is an UPDATED dough posted somewhere AFTER the dough post.

Dough updates, handoffs, and ghost posts should ALWAYS be linked to the dough post.

But it's a good idea if picking up a ghosted bread to do a search on "dough" to check for updates.


See also:

>>17322581 "How do you keep up with notables?"

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:46 a.m. No.17322615   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Dealing with Shills




On QR, shills are a fact of life.

Like weather, taxes, or mother in laws.

Trick is to stay loose, be patient, and think outta the box a little.

Also helps to be prepared - don't get behind or lax, so you have time to deal properly with shills.


FIRST, ignore shills if possible.

Bakers are busy - they've no time for shills. Let admin or other anons deal with shills who have nothing to do with the baking process. Including shills crying "comp'd baker" etc.


SECOND, make sure they are shills.

Angry posters sometimes sounds like shills. Could be frustrated anons.

How to tell the dif?

Try testing their response to reasonable questions"

"Why do you think it's notable (or not notable)?"


If you ask an anon a reasonable question (like "What is notable about it?"), they will at least be pleased baker replied. Will try to explain or back off. Even grouchy anons will usually come around a little. Shills - nope.


THIRD, bakers can counter shills by creating a positive atmosphere in the bread

How? By posting notes regularly, using clear handoff protocols, linking notes & dough changes to the dough post, and responding at least briefly to anon queries. Also by asking anons to check for bun accuracy or if there's anything missing when posting notes.


Recommend asking not telling.

Ditto for requiring NOMS for all notables.

Creates an adversarial relationship where parent-like bakers are telling child-like anons what they must do, imo.

Anons may respond with a few more noms - because they want a good bread - but there is a tradeoff.

(like when you "ask" your kid to clean up his room)

The best bakers get anons involved in a way that is win-win.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:47 a.m. No.17322617   🗄️.is 🔗kun


What to Do When the Dough Doesn't Drop & Other Baking Glitches


On 8kun, once a board gets big, it tends to "hang" during the bake.

Two things happen instead:

a. the dough doesn't post right away

b. you get "100%…." then an error message.



This is true about 95% of the time.

Every once and a while, the dough DOES drop right away - surprising the startled baker.



The video also shows what to do.

a. Wait 30-60 seconds.

b. Open catalog a new tab in browser.

c. Most of the time, your new thread will be there.



a. Wait longer, especially if bread is "wonky" (wobbly posting in general, under attack, etc.). Every so often, will take a REALLY long time - like 5-10 minutes. Rare but it happens.

b. Try to post it again - if you get a "Flood detected" message, probably went thru the first time.

c. Start Create a Thread from scratch. Worst that will happen is a duplicate bake.

(if you get a duplicate, post a Reply to BO/BVs asking for dup to be locked; go to dup bread and provide a link to good bread; on good bread, warn anons there's a dup but it's reported.)


Whatever happens, DON'T PANIC.


In that case, POST A MESSAGE:

"Baker emergency, cannot bake" (like when the kids set fire to the microwave)

"Baker having problems, someone plz take over"

"Bake will be late, anons plz wait."



Don't worry.

Within 10 minutes, an oldfag, baker or staffer will come to the rescue with an e-bake.

No biggie, in a bread or two, everything should be ok, anons will work together to clean things up.

there is no problem that cannot be corrected

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:47 a.m. No.17322619   🗄️.is 🔗kun

What do Do About Dough Steals


DOUGH STEALS occur under one of two conditions:


1 - baker does such a terrible job or is so unresponsive that some other baker decides to bake another bread (take the dough away from bad baker)

Prevented by doing your job responsibly - or if you get muddled, by asking for help. There are often other bakers lurking. Better to ask than mess things up.


2 - shill baker steals the dough to disrupt the board

When you become aware there's another (illegitimate) bake, copy your DOUGH LINK, then go to the bad bread and announce something like "Shill Bake''' and PASTA the links to your bread.

ALSO ASK ADMINS to lock the bread.

Unless the signed in baker is doing a really bad job, they will usually lock the bread of the baker who steals the bake.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:48 a.m. No.17322620   🗄️.is 🔗kun





As baker you'll sometimes have to report something to the BO/BV team.


You could have made a mistake with the thread title and number

That's ok. Just report it and request that the BO/BV's rename it.

On your first post of the thread, beside the thread title, click on the triangle and 'report'. Type 'Requesting a rename to #2444. TY, baker'. A BV will rename soon and let you know in the thread.

Make a clear post on the board about it as soon as you can in the thread

-Incorrect Thread Number. This should be #2832

I have requested that the BV change it. Sorry folks, baker.


Somone could self dox

IF someone types in their email address, report the post for deletion as above.

Use the triangle on the actual post you're reporting.

It's good to tell anon not to do that any more, that it's not safe to share their info on here.


CP or spam is posted

Report and click 'GLOBAL REPORT'.

Put a red text message out the the board to report as well.

A Global Volunteer (one who watches and admins all 8kun boards), will then be alerted and will delete/ ban the poster/posters


Double Bakes or Split Bakes

If 2 or more threads are made, report the extra one/s as above, requesting the BO/BV's lock it / them.

Post a post on them directing anons to the working bread.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:48 a.m. No.17322621   🗄️.is 🔗kun



  • Keep it together and go up into 5th gear.

  • Log it in the dough. Use a formatting line from a post below.

  • Look out for anons posting caps, videos or docs for the Q posts. They will.


  • Ready bake your new bake immediately.

  • Line up your pastebin (Fullchan or ControlC) ready, immediately.

  • Put a call out for anons to call out notables if that'll help you.


  • Try to stay on the bottom edge of the thread and monitor for new Q posts.

The main thing is to get the Q posts logged as priority.

Anons will forgive you anything if you just get this part right.




Starting at 630 - 650 posts should give you plenty of time




Tuesday 02.02.2020

>>7506196 rt >>7506083 ————————— Dates [start] will become important (Cap: >>7506246)

>>7506100 ———————––––––––––––––– Public opinion is important, Information warfare

>>7505968 rt >>7505194 ————————— Durham start

>>>/projectdcomms/107 ————————––– Adam Schiff's son with a MOS shirt ( Cap: >>7449152)

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:49 a.m. No.17322624   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Baker: What Baking Has Taught Me


- Patience:

Patience with myself for getting things wrong at times and working to improve those skills.

Patience with the plan.

Patience with shills. They're sent to try us.

Patience with anons. Although an eclectic mix, we're all in this together, one hand.


- Resilience

Handling hundreds of new scenarios and situations has built skills and extreme resilience.

Handling hundreds (thousands?) of people in a situation has built skills and resilience.

When I've felt tired and down I've taken a few days or week off and come back fresh and full of resilience.


- Rhino skin

Being called every name under the sun and hassled continuously has developed an extremely THICK SKIN!

I can take anything now irl and on the board. That feels good.


- Reactions

My reaction meter sits mostly at a 2 now and that's when stressed. kek.

Before this experience I reacted much more and had a higher meter reading most of the time.

Anger has subsided because we're doing something to help this situation, and also now I CHOOSE to react, rather than simply reacting as previously. Baking has taught me this.


These have all played out really positively irl, in business and in personal relationships.

I'm much more zen and easy going now as a result, and confident in having developed and honed new skillz.


There's much more, but already I've written 'so much text'. kek

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:50 a.m. No.17322629   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Ten common "tells" that out new bakers

(but that are easy to fix)


1 - using curly quotes from word processing programs to make bold

use text editors not word processors like Word


2 - copying the page breaks into the dough

know what they are and do not copy-pasta when baking! //'//'//'//'////page 1\\\\\\


3 - for Create a Thread, using wrong bread number

check and double check bread numbers before baking


4 - not tagging the dough post when picking up ghost bake, making dough changes, etc. (see >>19341, >>19374)

always tag the dough if there's more than one baker!


5 - trying to type in the formating lines for each Q post

don't do it, uses special characters so just copypasta


6 - omitting the colon in the title after the bred number: Q Research General #12695 My First Bread Edition

easy to do but easy to forget - important for aggregators


7 - replying to own posts when generating the dough

just copy in order, no RT necessary; see >>19339)


8 - trying to replicate lines in Q posts from scratch instead of using copy-pasta

Here's a template: >>19379


9 - making page 2 notables post way too short (to avoid "body too long" message)

use two pages instead of one for posting notes


10 - trying to contact BO by posting a message in /qr/ (instead of using Report or Global Report)

use Report/Global Report; in menu to upper left of each post

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:52 a.m. No.17322638   🗄️.is 🔗kun




  1. There is no baking mistake that can't be fixed. 2. Never panic, never tap.



What hardware/software is needed in order to bake?

Laptop or desktop (phonefagging hard for newbies & tablets lack power). The bigger the screen, the better. Text editor like Notepad++ (for PCs) or Atom (for Macs).

What other skills are good for a baker?

Patience, persistence, high tolerance for criticism, ability to say no to shills. Good enough typing to more or less keep up the pace.

What shift is good for a new baker?

A slow shift like late night to early morning (also, Q seldom posts then). If you take a faster shift, just tell anons you're new and you'll get support.

Bakers Tools

This is an independent tool that anyone can use, but you don't need it to bake.

Baking in TOR

TOR doesn't allow images but does allow embedded YT vids; use for General (Iwo Jima) image. There's usually a TOR vid in "Baking" section of the /qresearch/ dough. (TOR is currently disabled in QR to prevent shills from posting; may be temporarily reactivated if anons can post only thru TOR.)

Don't change previous baker's notables

Possible exceptions: bad links, spelling errors, when they give specific permission.

Baking everyday vs every so often

Whether you can bake a little or a lot, help is always welcome in the kitchen.

How to reduce baking stress

Practice first, develop routines, be prepared, stay calm, don't fixate on mistakes.


The Dough

The dough = first 1-4 posts in each bread (varies over time). Each post in one document separated by some kind of BREAK markers.

Organization @Feb 2022

post 1 - Q posts/resource links, post 2 - Notables Notables page can be broken into two pages on the fly if notable buns are long (even tho there's no BREAK marker).


Practice Baking

Practice bake in /comms/, established in 2018 by BO Rusty. After getting down the basic steps, try shadow baking (following a real bake to get the timing down).

Green text

In /comms/ practice bakes using Q Research doughs, links don't work and text is green.


Pastebins: &

What is a pastebin?

An app/site that stores the dough so bakers can transfer it to next baker.

Do I need an account

No, anyone can use either as a GUEST. See



How to tell what is notable?

A few ideas: look for anon noms, Q decodes, POTUS tweets/retweets, planefag/boatfag reports, relevant news items (for breaking news, check to avoid dups). Usually, memes are not notabled. Unsauced tweets & articles must be sauced first (quality matters).

How to format notables list?

Formats vary, but best to use bold orred text. Examples: 'Early notables', 'Notables @200', 'Notables #11956 @300'. ''Always link to dough post''if ghosting after posting.

How often do you post notables?

Some ideas:

* 200, 400, 600 (plus a FINAL) or * 250, 500, Last Call around 640 (plus a FINAL).

If you take the bake late: Post notes as soon as you catch up, then enough to let anons know you're still there.


Timing Issues

What's the first thing to do after accepting the handoff?

Most bakers start by finding/copying pastebin (check Dough post first); prepping Create a Thread; and doing a quick dough check to make sure everything is ok. Then start collecting notables.

When to post a final list?

Depends on bread speed but usually around 680 - 710.

How to keep up with notables during fast breads?

Depends how fast. When Q posts, priority is on grabbing Q drops, not notes. During fast non-Q breads, focus on skimming off the 'cream' and leaving the rest, may not be possible to check Always try to include noms but only if they're high quality (from anons not shills). Practice makes perfect.

How long does a New Thread take to show up after I select Create a Thread?

30 - 60 seconds unless there's a severe lag. If lag is bad, let anons know and ask them to wait for new thread.


Prepping the bake

Prepping includes grabbing the dough, filling in Create a Thread, checking the dough (at least the bread number), making room for new Q posts or notables, transferring notables from text editor to dough. See step-by-step instructions for more.

Max number of breads in Previously Collected Notables?

4 - 5 lines. To make room, just delete the bottom line(s).


Handoffs and Baker Comms

Good /comms/ are critical for well-baked breads, so need to be clear & easy to find.

Showing baker or note-taker changes

Easy to forget but useful to showing who's responsible for which notables. Insert "baker change" or "note-taker" at the point when the change occurs when recording notables.

Handoffs: call-and-response protocol

Baker announces he seeks handoff; available baker(s) announce they can bake; baker usually takes the first in line.

Example: B1:baker seeks handoff', B2:can bake, B1:handoff confirmed?, B2:confirmed, bread is mine

When shill activity is high, baker may be asked to produce a recent pastebin or other proof that he's legit.

Ghost bake protocols - ALWAYS TAG THE DOUGH POST!

When baker can't get a replacement, he may have to ghost the bread (leave it bakerless).

Example: B1:baker seeks handoff; will ghost @100, [no response], B1:baker leaving the kitchenghost bake

When another baker picks up the ghost:baker assuming responsibility. Don't forget to TAG THE DOUGH POST so bakers arriving after @600 will know there's a baker (avoids dup bakes).

When there is more than one baker per bread

Two things to note:

  1. Ordering of notables (can be more or less "top to bottom" or "bottom to top"): Either use the same order as first baker or change his to match yours; try not to mix them.

  2. Use "baker change" to separate your work from first baker's. Don't treat first baker's notables like suggestions, respect them as if they are PB notables.


Making Reports and Global Reports

To report to BO/BVs, find little triangle on upper left of each post, select it, then use menu.

Use Report to ask BO to make bread changes that bakers can't make, e.g. changing a wrong bread number. You may need to do it more than once (or twice).

Use Global Reports for child porn (CP) or other illegal material. Someone is on-duty 24 hours.

Duplicate bakes

Use Report to ask for moldy bread to be locked and provide a link to 'good' bread.



See step-by-step instructions on page 1 of class dough. E-BAKE steps are there too.

To bake each page….

Divide bread into 4 posts by looking for BREAK markers. (For two-page notables, do it on-the-fly for page 2).

How to bake when the Catalog is down?

Use the Index ( You can Create a Thread there. Afterwards, __locate your new thread this way: go past the pinned threads and the old thread; new one is usually right after it. To "enter" that thread, click on the OP post number. (Allow at least 30 secs for new thread to appear.)


Baking Error Messages

Body too long

Happens when there are too many characters per post (maybe 5000) or too many lines (maybe 200). This seems to vary but gives you an idea).

Flood detected

Happens if you already posted same exact text (most common–if so, add a space somewhere). Can also happen during DDOS or when too many anons post at once.

Server took too long

Usual server response for /qresearch/ bakes (95% of bakes). Solution: WAIT AT LEAST 30-60 secs because it will eventually post in Catalog despite the message. Can be confusing for first-time bakers because it seldom if ever happens in /comms/.


Common Mistakes

Don't be afraid to make mistakes - all bakers make 'em (get used to it newbies!). Easy-to-make mistakes:

* Incomplete copypasta (not grabbing ALL the dough when baking for each post, so that top or bottom isn't there)

* Screwing up content or formatting for bread title (use Report to have BO/BVs correct).

* Not tagging the dough post in comms like handoffs, picking up a ghost bake or posting notes in a ghost bake

'''* Forgetting to use BOLD andred textfor handoffs, Notables posts, and other important comms

* Confusing "Create a Thread" in the Catalog with "Post a Reply" within a bread. (Avoid this by putting Create a Thread tab far away from tab with current bread.)

* Accidentally pressing Create a Thread before end of bread (Solution: report premature thread to BO/BVs, post a link back to real bread, post an alert & apology to anons, then forget it & return to bake).

* Dough errors (Solution: generate new dough & post pastebin link in the bread. First-time bakers: just leave a message for next baker on the problem.)


Q Bakes

Generally: When Q posts, drop everything and get to bottom of bread to pick up Q drops and put them in the dough. Pick up notes from there if you can. Bake EARLY - @630 is not uncommon.

Formatting Q drop LINES

Use existing Q drops to see formatting; __copy-pasta the LINES, don't try to do them yourself.

Cap for baker

Anons will usually post them for you. Search with F3 on the link or 'cap for baker'.


Dealing with Shills

Shills want a bread full of squabbling anons so that anons withdraw and good digs are overlooked. Just the presence of a baker deters them. The regular posting of notables shows anons that the work goes on despite distractions. See also "How To Quickly Spot A Clown" (last line of page 1 in /qr/ dough).

Telling anons from shills

Baker: "you can tell when a reasonable accommodation does not mollify." Posters who kvetch no matter what are shills, not anons.

Responding to shill tactics

Shills always test bakers, pressuring them on notables, dough changes, etc.

If being reasonable does not work (see above), make a decision and stand firm with it.

Common shill tactics for screwing with baker

Purposely leaving out dates on moldy notables; nomming a list of notables at end of bred; nomming hard-to-evaluate Q decodes w/no main point or title; including no sauce or crap sauce; burying bad stuff in the middle of a post (muh joos, etc), moaning about pb notables/asking for changes. Anons do some of these things too but shills are more obvious about it.

Ways to respond when you're sure it's a shill:

* Generic shilling/spam: Generally ignore.

* When shills demand something: Respond calmly, with humor and facts, try funny memes to diffuse an attack (Left still can't meme). Memes also tend to end the conversation. See Baker Tips for examples of how to outlaugh a shill.

* For a personal attack targeting you: If it's major, don't take that shit, fight back, it's war. Make the shill POS sorry he ever took you on with a vicious but meticulously documented, fact-based counterattack. Caps can help. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:55 a.m. No.17322648   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Baker: What Baking Has Taught Me


- Patience:

Patience with myself for getting things wrong at times and working to improve those skills.

Patience with the plan.

Patience with shills. They're sent to try us.

Patience with anons. Although an eclectic mix, we're all in this together, one hand.


- Resilience

Handling hundreds of new scenarios and situations has built skills and extreme resilience.

Handling hundreds (thousands?) of people in a situation has built skills and resilience.

When I've felt tired and down I've taken a few days or week off and come back fresh and full of resilience.


- Rhino skin

Being called every name under the sun and hassled continuously has developed an extremely THICK SKIN!

I can take anything now irl and on the board. That feels good.


- Reactions

My reaction meter sits mostly at a 2 now and that's when stressed. kek.

Before this experience I reacted much more and had a higher meter reading most of the time.

Anger has subsided because we're doing something to help this situation, and also now I CHOOSE to react, rather than simply reacting as previously. Baking has taught me this.


These have all played out really positively irl, in business and in personal relationships.

I'm much more zen and easy going now as a result, and confident in having developed and honed new skillz.


There's much more, but already I've written 'so much text'. kek

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:55 a.m. No.17322650   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Transformational Baking



Baking live is an absolutely huge learning curve, as us bakers all know. No-one sees our inner transformations as we learn quickly how to deal with situations through trial and error.


I think of when I started baking. My hands were shaking, I was deep in concentration, I was scared to death but trying to look cool on the chan and… my hands were so wet my fingers were slipping off the keys.


The GREAT THING was, that no-one knew I was new, or so I thought. The main thing is I could get off with winging it as there was no spotlight shining.


I think it's good that bakers to go into the arena showing bravado. They know what they're walking into and it's not a baby shower. They'll find their way.


Important to always admit your errors right away.

I cannot state strongly enough

WHEN you screw up, fess up quick and fix it

Do NOT be ashamed of making mistakes, the only one's who never make a mistake never do anything worthwhile


Fessing up is so important. It can mean the difference between you as a baker getting a tonne of hassle throughout the thread, or getting positive and motivational messages instead.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:56 a.m. No.17322652   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Bakers Union: Oldfag Baker's Recollection

>>>/comms/10145 Baking Class #9


In Spring of 2019, shill posts claiming the existence of a bakers union suddently got pushed. AFAIK, there was no such thing at that time. But that claim almost destroyed the kitchen. The Q is: Was there ever a bakers' union?

YES. Three bakers discuss it below.



There was plenty of evidence of this in /cbts/


AFLB was part of that club. That's why when AFLB got banned from the mod team, and then subsequently from baking, the reference from BO at that time was couched in terms of being given a second chance and failing at it.


They actually got 3 chances.

Because the suspicion was already there from the cbts days.

As far as the whole bakers union thing, it did not last long, but then again neither did CBTS…. nor did the storm. So the bakers union was correctly declined and shit upon by anons. But is was remembered, maybe even gained legend status, now.

iirc. someone will apply the rod of correction if this anon is mistaken.


(Later: As a matter of fact, in the beginning it was assumed that no board would last longer than a couple months. By everyone, including Q.This anon is impressed that /qresearch/ has held it together. Impressed in a good way :D)



your recollection matches mine.



There was one baker who started a Bakers Union on halfchan, cbts. They hooked in another new baker and then said the bakers were all going on strike (for some reason).


The anons name was Gnupol. Maybe some of you remember.


Madness ensued, and anons eventually got the dough back (from Gnupol and mate). Gnupol called it 'The Bakers Union', and hence it all began. AFLB was part of the group who were taking it back from the Bakers Union. Leaf was based back then, if you can believe it.


Later, there was another posse of 2 bakers who kept the dough to themselves at 8chan cbts. The two of them you will know. One is Breadbox, who is now FJ, the other PamphletAnon. Anon went on holiday for 2 weeks and they'd effectively taken over the bakery. More madness ensued :)


ore on Leaf: was based back on halfchan. He baked from the start and was one of the regular bakers on there. When he got to BV here he/she went awry afair.



Leafy: ya, I remember his additions to the dough format. never forget how he got the moniker -

always calling other bakers sloppy work "moldy"

since he was canadian… a leaf

and he hated "mold".

[When Leafy "went to the dark side," he/she once banned RS for 3 days when he was actually baking. RS used the time to build a new board - /comms/ - designed to promote better baking and provide a practice board for newbies.]

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:56 a.m. No.17322654   🗄️.is 🔗kun

How Anons Can Help Bakers



Us bakers on a fast bread rely on anons help on all fronts such as checking notes, posting good descriptions, formatting, thread numbers checks, notables batches numbers checks, asking anons to repost nb, posting Q posts, Q caps, videos, posting corrections, spelling, dead notable links, incorrect notable links, anons help us immensely.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:56 a.m. No.17322656   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Trying to enforce ethics codes or anything else for that matter would absolutely be a wedge issue for shills, as it would be pivoted into: a group of folks (this one posting in this thread, actually) is trying to enforce "standards". And Bob's your uncle and there's muh proof of a baker's union.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:56 a.m. No.17322657   🗄️.is 🔗kun

"8chan-style" baking vs "WWG1WGA-style" baking


Just saw this in action, two 'old style' bakers who were either uncommunicative or negative in their comments (also reflected in notables). First, a muh joos baker (not compd but definitely anti-Jew & pretty cutting) and second, a baker who posted exactly twice during the bread - notables @500 and FINAL only. Breds did get baked but not the best situation.


This kind of baking is typical of terse "chan" style. Gives the impression of arrogance or being comp'd. Discouraging to anons, espec. diggers. It's doubtful that this take-it-or-leave-it kind of baker will ever completely change because it's deeply embedded in chan culture. But the values embodied in Q drops are a little different - there is more emphasis on unity, patriotism and working together to free our country of authoritarian leaders. This idea could be summarized as an WWG1WGA ethos.


WWG1WGA baking

Anons want to help bakers. But bakers need to show them why they are requesting certain things and also why they make certain decisions. Can be a challenge, but something to address in baking school.


Another challenge is to be as impartial as possible - so that anon claims of unfairness are not true. Good to be aware of the "board norms" when it comes to notables (meaning what anons like to see in notables and what they do not). We all have preferences but they should not override what anons as a group prefer in terms of content.


Bakers who can't do that will get anon complaints–which is healthy. Bakers need to be able to listen to legit complaints and make changes when necessary.


Dealing with shill complaints

Bakers need to be able to distinguish complaining anons from shills–angry anons can should like shills sometimes but there is a difference. When you respond to an anon, he will usually appreciate it, even if he disagrees. Obviously, shills don't have the same attitude.


Another very good topic would be how to deal with skillful shill complaints/attacks and "team" shillery (e.g., where one shill does a weird "analysis" or reportoften a fake q proofand one or more shills noms it. Sometimes anons get caught up in it, too).


There ARE ways of dealing with stuff like that, and we can share our experience with newbies here. Baker turned down a shill nom last night after a thoughtful anon had already named 4 reasons post was not notable. Then followed by stating he wouldn't notable this post but that anon could try a different baker or bred if he wished. And got ZERO pushback.


Baker role in creating a good atmosphere

Bakers set the tone for each bread with the Title, the Dough post, and their remarks/notables. When baker is tense, the anons are tense – and shills take advantage of that. When baker is funny, positive, encouraging, anons can work and shills can't get a foothold.

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:57 a.m. No.17322658   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Baker tips: Real Life Baking Case Studies

  • Links Require UPDATING *


>>8829 Baker's Tips - Read me first

New bakers often have questions about how to respond in different kinds of baking situations. This series uses a "case study" approach to show some strategies actually used in real life. The idea is to give new bakers options not to prescribe a "one size fits all" approach. It's also to get questions out on the table so they can be discussed.


>>6331 #01 - Ghosting a bred

>>6331 #02 - Baker changes

>>6378 #03 - TOR baking

>>6651 #04 - Defeating shills with facts & humor

>>7339 #05 - Announce you're baking (#11 too)

>>6892 #06 - Baking/note-taking protocols

>>7181 #07 - Use RED TEXT and BOLD in handoffs

>>7363 #08 - Try to notice when a cat is baking

>>13038 #09 - Respecting other bakers' notables

>>8174 #10 - Make sure to copypasta the whole page

>>8803 #11 - Announce you're taking responsibility

>>8822 #12 - Embed baker changes to provide more info

>>8824 #13 - Watch out for unknown bakers bearing gifts

>>8825 #14 - Use named pastebins to defeat shill complaints

>>8826 #15 - Responding to shills trying to suck up baker's time

>>8827 #16 - Be aware of muh joos bakers

>>8828 #17 - All bakers screw up

>>10445 #18 - Just do it–bake!

>>9590 #19 - Don't be afraid to bake

>>10789 #20 - Post notes early so changes can be made

>>10791 #21 - No /comms/ creates misunderstandings

>>10792 #22 - Defeat shills with humor

>>14835 #23 - Keep notables [from different bakers] separate

>>14836 #24 - Make sure to ask for Handoff Confirmed

>>14801 #25 - Don't fuck with the wrong baker [take a look - funny]

>>15894 #26 - Ignore end-of-bread antics

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:57 a.m. No.17322661   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Hard & Fast Rules vs Rules of Thumb


''Bakering on the chans - and in particular for qresearch boards - has many traditions that give rise to rules of thumb based on the culture of particular groups or boards.''


__Examples of Q bread traditions:___

  • Each bread announces the keys idea that guide our work, such as the that we work only in the sphere of ideas or Dig - meme - pray

  • OP page showing recent Q drops

  • Notables pages containing notable posts from each thread (bread)

the language of baking (breads, buns, baking, etc.)


Hard & fast rules

  • '''Format for the bread titles:once established, it must remain consistent for aggregators and databases to pick up what's in the buns

*Formatting for notable buns: ditto.

  • Authority of signed-in baker to make the final determination for what goes in notables

  • No changes to baker's notables unless permission is given or in cases of gross inaccuracies

  • Use of clear handoff protocols to ensure good comms

  • Custody of the dough goes with signed in baker

  • No intentional dough splits or stealing bakes except under emergency conditions (shill bakers taking control).



There are also areas that are not clear or that there remains disagreement about. Sometimes what was customary at one time because frowned up later (or vice-versa).

  • How big should notable buns be?

  • How long should the dough (resource section) be?

  • How responsible should anons be for "calling out notables"?

  • How valid is a particular source? (Anons agree on most sources but there are always ones that some like and some don't)

  • Can "anyone" bake? Should bakers or anons be able to know who's caring for the bread in advance (or at least that they have a good past track record)? Or should the kitchen be as open as possible?


These are just examples. One good thing to be aware of is that SHILLS WILL TRY TO ADVANTAGE OF ANY DIFFERENCE OF OPINION.

This is why it's important for anons to keep discussions reasonable (not to get triggered by shills or even short-tempered anons).

Anonymous ID: ff2ccb Aug. 9, 2022, 10:57 a.m. No.17322665   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Archives of Baking Classes:


Archives: Baking seminar archives:

#01, #02 , #03, #04 , #05 , #06 ,

#07, #08, #09, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29, #30, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35, #36, #37, #38, #39