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>>17543944, >>17543993, dough baker change

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>>17544489 Military Commissions Media Invitation Announced for United States v. Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri Pre-Trial Hearing -

>>17544340 Defense Department reviews 'woke' equity chief over derogatory posts about white people -

>>17544146, >>17544183, >>17544202, >>17544487, >>17544507, >>17544535, >>17544557, >>17544613, Donbass republic eyes vote on joining Russia - (irs and klauss non profit asset)

>>17544334 Russia's Gazprom plans to launch Kovykta gas field in December -

>>17544022 Bitcoin drops 5% to its lowest level in 3 months as risk assets continue to get crushed - (lowest 18.7k)

>>17544025, >>17544166, >>17544323, >>17544329, biden and Jill sit 14 rows BACK at the Queen's funeral behind polish president - daily mail (queen funeral topic)

>>17544548 RIP Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - melania trump twat

>>17544351 Michelle and I were lucky enough to know Her Majesty The Queen - obama twat

>>17544047, >>17544064, >>17544068, Government-fueled inflation is killing retirements - foxbusiness (markets and inflation topic)


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>>17544107 Martha’s Vineyard Newspaper Lists 50 Job Ads Despite Claims of No Work on Island - epoch times (martha vineyard topic)

>>17544268 Stacey Abrams' Embarrassing Weekend -

>>17544286 CBS Claims Congress Found ‘No Wrongdoing’ by Joe Biden in Hunter Biden Investigation - breitbart

>>17544315 Clintons are at it again.- clinton global initiative retweet pr

>>17544361 Rep senators demand AG Garland give special counsel authority to Hunter Biden prosecutor -

>>17544373 Jill and I are keeping the people of Puerto Rico in our prayers as Hurricane Fiona - biden twat

>>17544381 Oregon department of education doles out millions in under-enrolled preschool program, up to $229K per student -

>>17544414 Winter Outlook with Dr. Anthony Fauci - youtube

>>17544427 'Charles & Camilla's son' Simon Dorante-Day drops DNA bombshell -pb youtube link (sounds like fake news, uk baker) discernment needed

>>17544552 Biden: The pandemic is over -

>>17544655 #21508

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>>17543261 - Updated Dough

>>17543154 - OLD DOUGH

>>17543199 Plane Fag reporting

>>17543201, >>17543208, >>17543210 SWAMP SCHEDULE Sept 19, 2022

>>17543205, >>17543207 Big Tech Whistleblower Exposes Twitter's Ties With Communists

>>17543213 Hemingway: America Can’t Survive A Two-Tiered Justice System

>>17543231 The personal touches in Her Majesty's colourful wreath

>>17543283 Crypto still dropping

>>17543338, >>17543339 Nonpartisan’ Get-Out-The-Vote Efforts Benefit Democrats

>>17543351 Watkins talk show

>>17543367 Ned Ryun calls out Mitch McConnel on despising the base

>>17543369 If the pandemic is over, what happens with studen loan forgiveness?

>>17543391, >>17543506 QEII Funeral livestream

>>17543399 Air Canada just bought a fleet of 30 electric planes

>>17543428 FAKE NEWS ALERT: Trump’s favorability rating drops to new low: poll

>>17543451 New FAA data suggests Biden flew 425K illegals out of the Rio Grande airports in 2021

>>17543464 Musk: Starlink is now active on ALL continents

>>17543547 Grenell calls out Martha's Vineyard / Rolling Stone hypocrisy

>>17543550 Joe Biden: ‘Inflation Rate Month-to-Month Was Up Just an Inch, Hardly at All’

>>17543600 Pentagon opens up investigation into Psychological Operations (i.e. Q?)

>>17543603 Mayor Eric Adams is seriously considering housing migrants on cruise ships.

>>17543636, >>17543771 911 call centers are down across California

>>17543678 Lawyers for the Martha Gate Migrants call for criminal probe

>>17543685 Japan Storm: 9M people told to evacuate due to Typhoon Nanmadol

>>17543703 McDonald’s CEO says Windy City is ‘in crisis’ due to crime

>>17543733, >>17543749 Coronation of QEII was, "A week to remember"

>>17543751, >>17543860, >>17543799 Mlitary Twats

>>17543758 Business owner sells family BBQ restaurant after multiple migrant break ins

>>17543760 King Charles declared 17 days of mourning over Queen

>>17543777 Q fever of sheep and cattle possibly jumping to humans

>>17543854, >>17543847 Trump’s ‘Massive Crowd’ Was ‘Uncharacteristically Thin’

>>17543853 On this day in 1783 balloon flight was proven safe for humans

>>17543277 Games R FUN!

>>17543361, >>17543277, >>17543468, >>17543506, >>17543513, >>17543576, >>17543679, >>17543699, >>17543708, >>17543726, >>17543396, >>17543463 Thin Turn out to the Queens funeral

>>17543733, >>17543749 A WEEK TO REMEMBER

>>17543768, >>17543775 Paul Sperry: NEWS FLASH: The Queen is still dead

>>17543905 #21507



Anonymous ID: 54f006 Sept. 19, 2022, 10:30 a.m. No.17544695   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17542474 PDJT Truths: Crowds in Ohio, FBI breaking into MAL and I will never forget the great people of this Country. MAGA!!!

>>17542475 Details of QE's funeral service - begins 10:44 am London time, 5:44 Eastern

>>17542502 Ukrainian authorities have searched the ski resort of billionaire Ihor Kolomojskyj - corruption investigation

>>17542537, >>17542540 Another Attack? DNS, Tor issues?

>>17542550, >>17542578, >>17542632 Biden's Beast gets stuck in traffic en route to EQ funeral

>>17542562 The MSM portrayal: Donald Trump is back at Mar-a-Lago and raging about FBI agents

>>17542618, >>17542626, >>17542688 WatchLive: Funeral

>>17542627 Ring of steel forms around London for Queen's funeral: 10,000 police officers and 1,500 soldiers

>>17542686 Monday Sept. 19 and Qdrops #2214, #2215

>>17542691, >>17542697, >>17542761 The moment Prince Andrew comforts tearful Princess Eugenie and moar (vids)

>>17542701, >>17542741, >>17542826, >>17542885 Screenshots with the royals in procession

>>17542800, >>17542802 Ranked Choice Voting Is a Rotten System

>>17542710 Planefag report

>>17542856 100 of the 102 state's attorneys in Illinois are opposed to the state's new cashless bail provisions

>>17542863, >>17542865 It’s All About the Midterms (Patriot Post)

>>17542873 BLUE check marks lose it over gesture at Trump Rally

>>17542892 LEFTY atty's looking for criminal investigation into DeSantis over Martha Gate

>>17542909 Why Is Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft Moving to Block an Investigation Into Election Fraud?

>>17543037 Russian Air Force Tupolev Tu-134AK RA-65690 en route to #Armenia.

>>17543100 Crypto crash: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether prices plunge as digital currency in freefall

>>17543106, >>17543088 Possible Zelensky sighting at 2006 NYC Gay Pride Parade

>>17543234 #21506 = Posted in #21507



>>17541659, >>17541795, >>17541818 Dan Scavino Truth - Datefagging / Q Drops 995, 2173

>>17541666 Are You Ready For Societal Winter?

>>17541780, >17542203 The Science of Magic

>>17542035 Bill Binney Explains DNC Server source

>>17542040 A Ritual to Baal? The Occult Symbolism in the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games

>>17542069 Queen's coffin being taken to Westminster Abbey at 10.44am

>>17542070, >>17542073 Why is crypto crashing?

>>17542076 Donald Trump sits down with Jon Voight | Newsmax Exclusive

>>17542198, >>17542216 ENTIRE Grid Goes Off-Line Leaving MILLIONS Without Power!

>>17542208 Why are the "elite" travelling to Queen's Funeral by Buses?

>>17542316 LIVE: View of Buckingham Palace ahead of Queen Elizabeth's funeral

>>17542356 #21505


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Q Research General #21509: Shall We Play A Nice Game of Chess, Queen Down King Exposed Edition

Baker is looking to hand off, new baker please step up and claim bread, having issues with site, tech and posting. note will be tapping in after first hundred post, will drop notables collected.

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Anonymous ID: dce74e Sept. 19, 2022, 10:43 a.m. No.17544752   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Blue Check Marks stating Ron DeSantis gave fake brochures, but info checks out


''!!! a fake brochure promising eight months cash assistance, food, job training/placement, help with housing + more was given to migrants who were lured by @GovRonDeSantis into boarding a flight to martha’s vineyard. ''


She claims it was a fake brochure, but the info seem legit and accurate. 2nd image from pdf link (above) citing 8 months of CASH assistance.


Found it on this website:


Which i got from the brochure she's showing as fake.