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Libs of TikTok


In order to get approved for “gender affirming” surgery, you need a letter stating you’re ready for surgery.


Trans activists on tiktok are promoting a site which just hands out letters to anyone who wants one.


This is the content that kids are consuming on tiktok.

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Borzou Daragahi 🖊🗒


In the northern Iranian city of Rasht, cops and plainclothes enforcers run for their lives as enraged protesters chase them…


Going to have to call back the Basji from the US border….

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So, GOOGL can alter filters for a fee? Imagine that!


Timothy Aeppel


Ok, why??


Axios @axios

EXCLUSIVE: Google is launching a pilot program this week to keep emails from political campaigns from going to users' spam folders.


Idjits keep self-pantsing.

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Look up the word and this little precedent pops up everywhere. But you be you.

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Prolly why @jack fled to the dark continent. I still believe that Elon's gonna pick up TWTR in BK court for pennies when he's done with them. He's got them firmly by the short hairs, unless there are "mgmt" comms with the judge and some Pay To Play.

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TeamDJT steppin up for weak Oz, which is turning out to be any kind of improvement over Tater II::


Kimberly Guilfoyle


John Fetterman Voted To Free Murderer Who Hacked Innocent Man to Death With Garden Shears.


Pennsylvania, John Fetterman is DANGEROUS. Vote for @DrOz!