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>Updated Apr. 13, 2017 3:55PM ET / Published May. 08, 2016 12:00AM ET

what a faggot move, do you still believed what you did in 2017.

seriously, you must go back to twatter or reddit you do not belong on the kun with anons.

faggot behaviour

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>>17546425, Sadiq Khan Calls Moderate Muslims "Uncle Toms" / The Secret Life of Sadiq Khan, London’s First Muslim Mayor


baker, a heads up, sadiq khan stole the election last time and is a deep state muslim brotherhood asset and w.e.f member, maajid nawaz may have stated this back in 2017 but this is not relevant anymoar. plus he is not a wef member

clear case of defamation of front line fighter

uk baker

lets make sure bakers are upto date and not doing the shills work for them.

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>Maajid Nawaz is faggot.

>Downplays khan's extremists ties

anon has watched maajid interiveiw and he clearly states he was young and dumb back in the day, your comments above do not state

What you should have stated was see article for early history of these two muslim assets and the different paths the took.

baker is not baking, trouble is, anon pointed it out incase it was missed, most anons here are very savvy but maybe not lurkers.

front line fighters are few and constantly attacked and division caused by misinterpretations. no drama or division

no arguments, state your intentions clearly

See how narratives work, you may not be a shill, maybe you are newish

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good at least you did some work to correct it and give your narrative.

but you are still a faggot for spending so much time for a useless cause,

khan is a little minion and everyone knows it, anon lives in london and no one likes him, we all know he is corrupt and fucking up this great city, he should be hung for treason

still not notable


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failed again, actually anon was a bit bored but not anymoar, tell anon where anon hurt your feelz.

how does it solve the issue, khan is wef asset enough said.

there will be no election for the london mayor now until 2024

so again what point are you trying to make?

do you think by green texting everything you are correct or is it just butthurt reaction?

khan is muslim - wow what a revelation kek