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At Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral, a Surprise Spider Steals the Spotlight


Royals from around the world attended Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral on Monday, as did actress Sandra Oh and TV host Bear Grylls. But one surprise attendee was neither invited nor famous: A small spider was spotted crawling across the queen's coffin, and naturally, social media took it to heart.


The spider picked a prominent spot to show up. It was seen crawling across a note from the queen's eldest son, King Charles III, that reads "in loving and devoted memory. Charles R." ("R" is Latin for Rex, meaning "king.") The Imperial State Crown is just inches from the spider's path. And since the arachnid quickly scurried away, who knows where it is now? It could have taken up residence in the crown itself.


One person dubbed it, "the most famous spider in the world right now."


Another theorized how confused the little spider must have been, writing, "Imagine you're a spider in the garden and you fall asleep in a pink rose. When you wake up, you stretch all your little legs and realize that you're suddenly naked in Westminster Abbey, on top of the queen's coffin in front of world leaders and billions of people."


Though the funeral was, of course, a serious, solemn event, the spider inspired some to spin jokes. Said one person, "it's all part of the endless web coverage."


Others used the spider to make a point about the lengthy funeral coverage versus the time spent on major news events.


One person wrote, "Puerto Rico: has no power or potable water Every cable news network: 'Was that?….yes, I believe a spider just crawled across the queen's coffin.'"


Naturally, the spider now has at least one Twitter account, with more than 160 followers as of this writing. 


"For anyone wondering, I am just a little garden spider / an orb weaver of sorts," the person behind TheRoyalSpider account wrote. "Hope this helps! Having a bit of an identity crisis with all the fame…"


Queen Elizabeth II died on Sept. 8 at age 96 after reigning for 70 years. She will be buried in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, next to her late husband, Prince Philip, who died last year at age 99.

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>I see they’re both wearing triangles, of sorts


Jill Biden criticized for wearing fascinator instead of hat to Queen Elizabeth's funeral


First Lady Jill Biden is stoking ire from some social media users after wearing a fascinator instead of a hat to Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.


Accompanying her husband President Joe Biden, the first lady, 71, arrived to Westminster Abbey in London Monday donning a black Schiaparelli bespoke suit and fascinator — a piece of headwear requiring a clip, comb or headband to stay in place.


Fascinators are "often worn by women attending formal occasions such as weddings and events," according to Fascinators Direct, an online collection of hats and fascinators.


You often see fascinators at joyous events, such as weddings. While they can be worn to somber events like funerals, the more accepted etiquette would be to wear a hat as a sign of respect.


USA TODAY has reached out to a representative for Biden for comment.


Twitter users were quick to call out Biden on the apparent fashion faux pas.


Twitter user @woobs98765 wrote that a "big black bow in your hair" isn't appropriate for a funeral.


"Why did she do that?" asked @JoBaillie4.


"That tacky headband bow in her hair at a state funeral," wrote @TruthsOverLiars. "This isn’t high tea."


"The head piece really made my designer friends gulp," wrote @jijiipetti. "It's wrong all the way around, frivolous bow for a somber funeral"


"why is jill biden wearing a party bow on her head?" asked @Airstrip_0ne.


Other users came to Biden's defense, including columnist Doug Sanders who said on Twitter that "Black fascinators are perfect appropriate funeral garb, by the way."


"I see on the screen that Jill Biden has just entered wearing one," Sanders continued.


Twitter user @_oftherisingsun wrote that Biden "looks so cute with that bow hairband."


The world watched as thousands gathered to attend the queen's funeral, marking the official end of a historic 70-year reign. The queen was later laid to rest in a private family service beneath St George's Chapel with her husband of 73 years; her sister, Margaret; and her parents.



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J&J tried to block lawsuits from 40,000 cancer patients. A court wants answers


An attorney for Johnson and Johnson faced probing questions Monday over the corporation's use of a controversial bankruptcy maneuver that has frozen tens of thousands of lawsuits linked to Johnson's baby powder.


During the hearing, members of a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia asked whether J&J had used the legal strategy to gain "a litigation advantage" over roughly 40,000 cancer patients who have sued the company.


The cases were filed mostly by women. They claim Johnson's iconic talc baby powder was contaminated with asbestos, which caused their mesothelioma or ovarian cancers.


J&J, which announced last month it would suspend all talc baby powder sales worldwide, has denied any wrongdoing.


Attorney Neal Katyal, representing the company, responded by arguing that the bankruptcy maneuver — known as the "Texas two-step" — would benefit victims by producing a faster settlement, possibly worth as much as $61 billion.


Katyal acknowledged criticism that a "big company that has all these profits is somehow trying to evade liability."