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>>17559443 POTUS Donald J. Trump truth video - 17 sec vid, 55 min of the hour.

>>17559489, >>17559704 President Trump Discusses the Mar-a-Lago Raid with Sean Hannity

>>17559495 Donald Trump reacts to New York attorney general's civil lawsuit

>>17559585 The Gov of MT is still wearing a mask

>>17559611, >>17559613 Huma Abedin allegedly seen at Sona restaurant in Gramercy on September 21, 2022 in New York City.

>>17559622 Report: Former Los Alamos scientists later helped Chinese military - kob news

>>17559815 Moscow Protest Against Putin, Staged?

>>17559853 @nypost Armie Hammer's wife breaks silence after abuse, 'cannibal' claims: 'It's been hell'

>>17559857 EQ 6.8 - Michoacan, Mexico Not far from the 7+ on the 19th

>>17559948 From Matt Walsh: "Vanderbilt drugs, chemically c**trates, and performs double mastectomies on minors. But it gets worse.

>>17560007 Vanderbilt BUN Pediatric Transgender Clinic

>>17559949 "For the 6th consecutive night since Iran’s "morality police murdered 22 year-old Mahsa Amini for "not following hijab rules" the people [have revolted]."

>>17559956 "Iran's president is calling for @realDonaldTrump to "face justice" for ordering the assassinating of the terrorist, Soleminani.

>>17560017, >>17560098 President Trump talks to Sean Hannity about the raid after he finally saw Mar-a-Lago. (19:33)

>>17559998 A new law goes into effect this week that bans books with sexually explicit material from schools (video)

>>17560012 Planefag: We got a 7700 Military Becch King Air callsign RAIL26 South of Seoul, SK

>>17560014 Protests and arrests in India (video)

>>17560040 House Judiciary Committee Democrats voted to support NON-CITIZENS voting in our elections

>>17560043 MTG: 21 Republican Senators just voted with the woke climate agenda to give power to the UN over Freon and force Americans to pay more money to companies to replace your Freon with a coolant that will NOT cool as well

>>17560071 Former U.S. Sec. of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson on border numbers (mp4)

>>17559525 Sarbane Oxley was a mechanism to transfer blame to a new agency they need to blame

>>17560128 Robert Telles arrested for the murder of Jeff German. Press conference with more details

>>17560138 Current lead WH Lawyer, who green lit the Mar-a-lago raid (Jonathan Su) sending a note to Rod Rosenstein during the Russia investigation?

>>17560154 #21528

Anonymous ID: e14203 Sept. 22, 2022, 1:35 a.m. No.17560163   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17558672, >>17558675, >>17558680, >>17558688, >>17558691 Federal Court Deals Major Blow To Big Tech And Sets Up SCOTUS To Restore Free Speech

>>17558679 Jailed NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere is left unconscious after being punched in the head by inmate

>>17558695 Democrats Vote Against Hiring More Border Agents

>>17558727 Ex-Mayor Susan Menard remembered as 'strong leader' after her remains identified

>>17558741, >>17558746, >>17558772 Anderson Cooper Goes all "QANON" and Lizard People

>>17558743 Ted Cruz Caves to Democrat Amy Klobuchar on Media Cartel Bill

>>17558745 Satanists calendar, fall equinox today

>>17558755 Calif. Gov. Newsom Renews $300M Deal With Chinese Company Known For Making Defective Masks

>>17558763 NATO deploys reserves amid Balkan tension

>>17558771 QEII - strings cut [++]

>>17558775 Pentagon opens sweeping review of clandestine psychological operations

>>17558781 Federal Judge Eliminates Federal School Mask, Vaccine Mandates

>>17558795 FBI Suspends Whistleblower Who Claimed Bureau Is Mishandling Jan. 6 Investigations: GOP

>>17558861, >>17558917, >>17558930, >>17558940, >>17559083, >>17559103 @billgates has the juice. #corn #Goalkeepers2030

>>17558865 John Kerry said Tuesday that he wants to restart climate talks with China

>>17558911, >>17559058 President Trump said the FBI took his Last Will and Testament during its August raid of Mar-a-Lago

>>17558922, >>17559286 Jennifer Norris “No longer employed with Trinity School” Following Project Veritas Undercover Vid

>>17558924 SO MANY CONNECTIONS. Just from today. - Trump and Hannity DELTAS

>>17558948, >>17558962 Denmark's Queen Margrethe II tests positive to COVID-19

>>17558950 BP Refinery In Ohio That Provides Gasoline For Midwest "Shut Down" After Fire

>>17558965 House Judiciary Votes for Allowing NON-CITIZENS to Vote in Federal Elections

>>17558967, >>17559002 Latitia James lawsuit against Donald Trump and family

>>17559004 Whistleblower Identified: FBI Special Agent Steve Friend Goes Public – Exposed Disgusting FBI Lies and Unprecedented Attacks on Conservative Americans

>>17559019 At Least 7 Dead In Iran As Anti-Hijab Protests Grow

>>17559025 Hacking group focused on Central America dumps 10 terabytes of military emails, files

>>17559107 Side by Side - Little Mermaid in China v. West

>>17559113 blind item - the document, 600 year old, church hides real heir to throne

>>17559119 Arizona State Senator Accuses Dept. of Child Safety Is Facilitating Global Sex Trafficking Ring After 550 Children Go Missing

>>17559132 CNN - "This is where meme wars are most potent"

>>17559199 Key Putin ally and leader of banned pro-Russian party Viktor Medvedchuk is FREED as part of prisoner swap deal

>>17559237 'The Five': Biden White House 'irritated' by Fox exposing border crisis

>>17559389 #21527

Anonymous ID: e14203 Sept. 22, 2022, 1:35 a.m. No.17560164   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17557963, >>17558086, >>17558140, >>17557973, >>17557988 Was Letitia James involved with Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (also known as PCAOB, or not so affectionately as Peekaboo)

>>17558047 Continuing Peekaboo dig

>>17558149 A Huawei Recovery Plan, Step 1: Playing “Peekaboo” (PCAOB Compliance), New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ is subject to PCAOB oversight of its audits

>>17558383 Sabanes-Oxley is quite the read even on wickedpedia, Peekaboo

>>17558538 Erica Y. Williams: Chair of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board by the Securities and Exchange Commission sworn in on January 10, 2022 Peekaboo

>>17557950, >>17558338, >>17558442 Bill Barr: NY State AG Trump Lawsuit ‘Political Hit Job’ — Dragging Children in ‘Gross Overreach’ (Cap 0:51)

>>17557915 QAnon videos are getting millions of views

>>17557987 Radical Anti-American Groups that Sued Ron DeSantis Received $1.4 Million from Soros’ Open Society Network

>>17557989 Judiciary Democrats just voted to support NON-CITIZENS voting in our elections.

>>17558012, >>17558131 #OTD in 1997, a computer glitch caused USS Yorktown (CG-48) to be dead in the water for almost three hours

>>17558050 Gen Flynn: Google Rigged The 2020 Election

>>17558077 Volodymyr Zelenskyy Spreads moar Lies United Nations General Debate, 77th Session (English)

>>17558109 Severely Decomposing Body Found in Rhode Island Home Identified as Former Woonsocket Mayor Susan Menard

>>17558143 Kamala Harris: Black women don't work, even while at work

>>17558178 "Just like how we found $17 trillion for COVID, the money must be there somewhere…"

>>17558202, >>17558261 OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT

>>17558242 House Passes Legislation Changing Electoral Vote Counting Process For Presidential Elections – Here Are the 9 Republicans Who Voted with Democrats

>>17558264 Schumer states he wants to federalize the elections, taking away the rights of individual states to give the results of their own elections

>>17558245 Cell phone and telephone outage reported in McKinley County

>>17558266, >>17558288 Appeals court lifts hold barring Justice Dept. from using classified records taken from Trump home in its criminal probe - AP

>>17558308, >>17558312 House Passes Legislation Changing Electoral Vote Counting Process For Presidential Elections – 9 Republicans Who Voted with Democrats

>>17558328 Fulton County, Pennsylvania Attorneys Sue Dominion Voting

>>17558330 McCarthy accidentally posts, then quickly unpublishes GOP electoral agenda

>>17558260 Patriots respond to Apple Music banning "Bitler" by going #1 on Amazon Music

>>17558336 House Passes Election Bill That Makes It Harder to Decertify Presidential Results

>>17558340 11 States Back Trump in Battle With Biden Administration Over Mar-a-Lago Raid

>>17558356, >>17558380 HIT PIECE: The Gambino 'ghost': FBI files reveal how Mafia capo Frank Cali dodged arrest before being shot dead by a Qanon madman

>>17558378 Precipice Day so far

>>17558355, >>17558185 NY new slave Quaters

>>17558416 That Instagram selfie you posted is an open invitation to surveillance

>>17558422 Flynn: Uh…can u say, Losers?

>>17558430, >>17558474 DOJ can continue criminal investigation using classified Mar-a-Lago docs, appeals court rules

>>17558387, >>17558432 Biden's archivist nominee Colleen Shogan PH.D exposes her fascist mindset and hate for all Americans, Sen Hawley calls her out (Cap 5:44)

>>17558487, >>17558495, >>17558517 THE DONALD hannity @ 9:00 pm

>>17558503 Racist Dude talking about killing Joe , Ron Desantis (Cap 0:59)

>>17558505 NewsGuard Adviser Michael Hayden Is "Perfectly Fine" With Sharing Disinformation To Protect Biden

>>17558526 The Cancellation of Dilbert: The corpocracy has finally turned against its longtime jester

>>17558562, >>17558566 Google Rigged The 2020 Election

>>17558593 #21526


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