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>>17728737, >>17728738 SAM487 G5 west from JBA prolly to Petersron SFB or Denver Int'l (gotta chek doze servers one moar time-if that where they go)

>>17728739, >>17728741 Moment Joe Biden trips on stage during a speech in New York

>>17728740 Federal Board of Governors November 2022 Financial Stability Report

>>17728742, >>17728744, >>17728745, >>17728748 U.S. Department of Justice seizes $3.36 billion #Bitcoin in connection with Silk Road dark web fraud — the largest crypto seizure ever.

>>17728743 If your local media isn’t taking your tips seriously, you can send them to Project Veritas at

>>17728749 PF Yerp-Med Activity: SPAR82 NATO G5 departed Chievers AB, Belgium after stop-inbound from Ramstein depart, heading ober here

>>17728755 PF CONUS Update: SAM400 departed from Los Angeles Int'l after arriving yesterday as AF2

>>17728760 'Joe was centered on the returns in the family coffers.

>>17728762 Kari Lake staffer under medical supervision after opening envelope with white powdery substance

>>17728764 WH Spox Bottoms: Black Men Are Being Targeted with Misinformation

>>17728765 Politico Suggests Election Fraud Could Cost Democrats the Election

>>17728766 Carlson: What Happened During COVID Was Crazy – We Need Something New

>>17728768 Oracle Kicks Off Four-Part Bond Sale to Help Fund Cerner Buy

>>17728769 Japan shelves carbon tax as energy prices soar

>>17728771 SAM446 G5 went to Rzeszow Airport, Poland from Tirana, Albania depart while CZECH AF CEF03 went to Warsaw

>>17728773 SHADY13US Army MC-12W Huron departed Nellis AFB west (13Intelligence Agencies)

>>17728810 SAM446 west to Krakow after a quick ground stop

>>17728811 Told ya she was there….SPAR11 departed SFO on 1027 after getting in the night before from San Francisco

>>17728813 Silk Road Case: The Corruption

>>17728814, >>17728815 boatfag updates

>>17728816 Multiple neighborhoods are evacuated as explosions rip through chemical plant on Georgia’s coast

>>17728818 EJM473 G650 arrived at Palm Beach Int'l yesterday from Teterboro Airport departure dropped off at Palm Beach and moved to Stuart, FL

>>17728821 #21726

Anonymous ID: 7f8b53 Nov. 7, 2022, 1:42 p.m. No.17728824   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17728682 Protesters chanting, “armed forces, SAVE BRAZIL

>>17728683 Record 7% Surge In Small Business Rent Delinquency In October

>>17728684 How can you seek an amnesty when you're still doing that which you are presumably seeking an amnesty for

>>17728686 Leftist Drug Policies Led By NY Gov Kathy Hochel Destroy New York

>>17728687 Vietnam Gas Stations Start To Close Due To Widespread Shortages

>>17728688 CBP Agents Seize Over $18.6 Million In Meth Stashed Inside Tractor Trailer

>>17728696 Economic discontent fuels GOP hopes as midterms draw to a close

>>17728697 Unemployment Rate Rises to 3.7% in October

>>17728698 The Unforgivable Request for Shamnesty

>>17728699 Twit M, F, Other: selects “other” — a “seek mental help” pop-up box appears

>>17728700 TikTok hires former Biden campaign press secretary

>>17728701 Facebook Parent to Lay off

Thousands, Stock Down 70% for the Year

>>17728702, >>17728703 Subtropical Storm Nicole forms east of the Bahamas and is projected to approach the east coast of Florida later this week

>>17728704 US diesel crunch means it's time to stock up on food

>>17728705 New Data Wipes Out Democrat Narratives on Crime

>>17728706 U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been drained for the 60th consecutive week to its lowest level in nearly 40 years.

>>17728707 Ukraine: Money-Laundering Hub of the New World Order

>>17728708 Hunter Biden-Linked Consulting Firm Helped CCP Owned Company Export Key Fertilizer Minerals From U.S. Mines To China.

>>17728714 Trust in media hits new crisis low

>>17728717 Midterms 2022: If Republicans take the House, QAnon controls the agenda

>>17728720 @Sen_JoeManchin: My statement on comments President Biden made about shutting down coal plants

>>17728722 #21725-B

Anonymous ID: 7f8b53 Nov. 7, 2022, 1:42 p.m. No.17728825   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17728654 Musk: ‘Twitter Will Not Censor Accurate Information About Anything’

>>17728655 Mark Penn: Democrats Became "Inflation Deniers" Ahead Of 2022 Midterm

>>17728656 GA FOIA's substack

>>17728657 Kari Lake rejects COVID “amnesty” and says she wants a commission to investigate

>>17728658 "He [H.G. Wells] predicted that in 100 to 200 years, there would be two human races. There would be the upgraded, augmented elite

>>17728659 @KariLake⁩ “You the media have pitted us against each other.”

>>17728660 11.4.22: YOU are all PATRIOTS!

>>17728661 THE DHS is quietly broadening its efforts to curb speech it considers dangerous,

>>17728662 Security Threat Prompts Shutdown of Kari Lake Campaign HQ in Phoenix

>>17728663 Outspoken head of Cyprus Orthodox Church dies

>>17728664 Demonization of Fossil Fuels’ Is Driving Diesel Shortage Crisis

>>17728665 Scavino on Facebook 🇺🇸

>>17728666 Sources in ICE tell me that San Francisco is not allowing officers to interview Paul Pelosi's attacker

>>17728667 Podcaster Tops iTunes Charts With Song SLAMMING The Mainstream Media

>>17728669 FBI official tied to suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story is STILL involved in briefing Facebook and Twitter

>>17728670 And how exactly did the £50bn ,"Black Hole" come about?

>>17728672 Scavino: Miami, FLA Rally Pic In The Rain

>>17728674 Biden Makes It Official: Grand Theft Election II is On

>>17728675 Hispanics Across Arizona, Florida, Texas Abandon Democrats

>>17728676 Judge Loretta Giorgi revealed in court that she was a colleague of Christine Pelosi

>>17728677 Twitter employees were selling verification for upwards of $15,000

>>17728678 Former CIA Intelligence officer suggests using ‘counterterrorism’ strategies against ‘right-wing’ Americans

>>17728713 #21725-A

Anonymous ID: 7f8b53 Nov. 7, 2022, 1:42 p.m. No.17728826   🗄️.is 🔗kun

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