Anonymous ID: dd4a92 bcEsCGG0PwsLHvV TpC3h Nov. 10, 2022, 12:07 a.m. No.17742698   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2718 >>2719 >>2725 >>2726 >>2731 >>2740 >>2749 >>2755 >>2757 >>2759 >>2761 >>2763 >>2764 >>2769 >>2774 >>2781 >>2784 >>2789 >>2801 >>2808 >>2814 >>2818 >>2819 >>2857 >>2863 >>2879 >>2897 >>2940 >>2944 >>3190 >>3248

wfamv F9Bjk cHgJm VQ9vL cGVan AtMIv YgvRJ C6x43 O4wqe fpaFW wrNgw OHvYF 7wclv ABjfJ OWgoC nJL5I gKC1u ZIrpZ cO7JU 8c0W8 zYPph w03oE Nnm1Y YvZc3 ZZYTh ge4Hb 4SH4G OYAYa 4d5MP ZcAry VzSGX DQuc1 K6bT1 07eKM ja2cx XV06W UsPmn IREXl RSfKL Niq0H F8knD 5uWRy iG6DO Yk5dU Csyf2 8vaGK 4iFNr JfUvD ROHXb 8a6rT fy8HR VJgoF ZceqM Mp8gR Jy8q5 A7uV3 lbOqi 3OOWP NhKga NVdzY B9UlZ Fh8gw TaLqX ZwtyQ t5iJV olH6I 6UNeO abhzf zmIt5 ZawBw KPxlA 7aQe4 VsNX7 WwudX fq9Sm zRU1a YIVfl iCU8t yQh2e bxs6s Nt1cT Tdsl9 0iMsN ZulC5 eniRd 5LXFM 2E3d4 JF4Zn Z3K8H 4nLxX JZuvq RhBf7 v2KqL GMlUB iVT4B Cn9BM 5A3r9 Lt4Se eVYKY H2JZU

Anonymous ID: ae8c9c Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742733   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3160 >>3270

You’ve to read this 23 post thread by Dr. Margot Cleveland on Durham revelations, too much to post but fascinating.


Dear Dr. Cleveland, I love your articles and tweets, they are chock full of insights, but would ypu break it down in separate articles and posts, they are too long for short attention spans. Kekkity

Anonymous ID: 2dd6d1 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742735   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3026 >>3156

it's a Kash game; ds on tilt

long game, PRAY for strength

World Serious game (that is not a game)

skill overcomes luck statistically

skill and luck is GOOD Time

momentum can be the start of the END

sometimes i feel sorry for the losers but then i wonder would they feel sorry for me

some would, some have so i know Respect is a thing

beware swamp creatures who SHOW the People no respect

Kash Patel Join Diamond and Silk to discuss his new book The Plot Against the King and more

Diamond and Silk

Published June 1, 2022 1,191 Views

Anonymous ID: 45b61a Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742761   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>What JFK started anons are finishing


is it a coincidence that my earliest memories are of being in the grandparents kitchen with the extended family, all silent and glued to the radio, listening to the reports of JFK being shot and me being clutched in fear and disbelief and the year following reverberated with that sadness and filled my young self with that trauma - a solid core memory I still carry

Anonymous ID: 224bda Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742769   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3087 >>3142


Trump didn't RT those memes.


Trump RT'd this meme, and pulled the memes deeper in the feed into the front as if that is what Trump saw.


This is what Trump RT'd:

Anonymous ID: 669d79 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742792   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3160

NEW: Unilever, Ben & Jerry's parent company, overruled the ice cream brand's Israel boycott.


"Anti-Semitism has no place in any society," Unilever said on Tuesday.

Anonymous ID: cb8066 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742796   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3111


>Jim refuses to show the board log to prove the board wasn't claimed after 18 months. Wonder why?


Perhaps because he is still driving home and has not yet had an opportunity to assess the situation?

Anonymous ID: b217e2 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742805   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3114 >>3266

Tensions Rising in Russia


People have been reaching out to me about the video of Putin being rushed to The Kremlin. Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov just publicly refuted the claims that Putin would be giving some sort of emergency speech, but did not refute that he was in fact rushed to The Kremlin.


Over the past couple of days, Russia has been dealing with an escalating situation with Lithuania, over a railroad blockade of food supply from Kaliningrad to Russian ally Belarus, via the Suwalki Corridor.


The US are publicly backing Lithuania, and NATO countries are supplying troops all along the Russian border in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. Over the past couple days, Russia has warned repeatedly that if the blockade is not removed, they will have to resort to “non-diplomatic solutions”.


So is something going on in Russia? Absolutely, and we all should be paying attention. One false step, and this proxy war could turn into something else entirely.



Anonymous ID: 2fd48a Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742807   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Hear Ye, Hear Ye.

85% download complete.

Everything will be known.

It takes time to prepare.

Removal of the cover(ups).

WAR is number one. [Israel]

LIES are number two. [Industrial Complex]

Anonymous ID: 3af8c0 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742808   🗄️.is 🔗kun


She's not lying. She's telling the truth.


"It's pretty simple: We [as in the cabal] have a right to choose our own leaders. We [the sick pedo/trafficker fucktards] can't let anyone take that away from us."

Anonymous ID: a375ec Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742840   🗄️.is 🔗kun

The same corrupt Obama judge who lawlessly nullified the November 2021 Gulf of Mexico lease sale, blocked lease sales in Wyoming, may have signed fraudulent FISA warrants in the Russia collusion hoax and attempted to unlawfully persecute General Michael Flynn, has now brokered a deal between the rabidly anti-American Biden Interior Department and an Enviromarxist terrorist organization to potentially retroactively cancel over 2,000 oil & gas leases in Wyoming… All because climate change.

Biden review jeopardizes more than 2,000 oil and gas leases

By Nicole Pollack Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange Jun 4, 2022

CASPER — The Biden administration will redo the environmental review of more than 2,000 Wyoming oil and gas leases sold between 2015 and 2020 — including virtually all of the leases issued under former president Donald Trump — in accordance with a trio of settlement agreements approved Wednesday by a federal judge.

None of the leases have been vacated, but their future is uncertain. The Department of the Interior now has to reevaluate and retroactively justify more than two dozen lease sales. If it decides it can’t, or its reasoning doesn’t satisfy the court, the sales could be reversed and any existing permits revoked.

Jeremy Nichols, climate and energy program director for plaintiff WildEarth Guardians, said the decision was unprecedented.

“This is getting to the heart of the federal oil and gas program,” Nichols said. “The question here will be not whether it’s OK to lease in the Red Desert or the Powder River Basin, but whether the federal oil and gas program even makes sense in the midst of the climate crisis.”


“Backroom court settlements like this, negotiated by the Biden Administration and its anti-domestic oil and gas allies, will continue to decide the fate of Wyoming’s primary economic driver until Congress reasserts its control and establishes a coherent national energy policy,” Ryan McConnaughey, communications director for the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, said in an emailed statement.


U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras ordered the department in 2019 to reassess some of the Wyoming leases. A year and a half later, he declared the agency’s second attempt inadequate.


In the cases before Contreras, the environmental groups argued, successfully, that the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires the department to assess the “direct, indirect and cumulative effects” that new leasing would have on the environment and the climate. But the oil and gas industry thinks that’s an inaccurate interpretation of the landmark 1970 legislation, which doesn’t mention climate change.


“Some groups will not be satisfied until NEPA is twisted into a law unrecognizable to its drafters, used to halt all mineral resource production in Wyoming,” McConnaughey said.


This is perhaps the most egregious case of “sue and settle” in the history of Enviromarxist lawfare against the US economy. Enviromarxist terrorist organizations sue regulatory agencies, who, when under Democrat control, quickly settle the lawsuits acceding to Envriomarxist demands that often bear no resemblance to the statutory authorities of the regulatory agencies.

Ponder this for a moment…

“This is getting to the heart of the federal oil and gas program,” Nichols said. “The question here will be not whether it’s OK to lease in the Red Desert or the Powder River Basin, but whether the federal oil and gas program even makes sense in the midst of the climate crisis.”

There is no “climate crisis”… While, there might be a potential long-term climate change problem, this is an actual crisis, a “real and present danger” to these United States of America

Anonymous ID: 3288a2 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742849   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3156

#DJLukeNasty #TwentyInTheTank #Vevo

DJ Luke Nasty - Twenty in the Tank (Audio) ft. B.Surius


May 16, 2016

Anonymous ID: b0850d Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742851   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3239

Colleges Are Ethnically Cleansing America’s White Kulaks


In the days and weeks after George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose, America’s universities proudly proclaimed an imminent “racial reckoning” on campus. “Diversity,” understood in a very specific way, became the top objective. Harvard’s university press published books on how to eliminate schools that were “too white.” Activists demanded the abolition of “white supremacist” standardized tests, and dozens of schools swiftly complied.


Two years have passed. Last fall, American colleges welcomed their first 100% post-George Floyd classes, and the results are clear: At one elite school after another, ordinary white Americans are being treated as academia’s “undesirables” and are slowly being cleansed out.

Anonymous ID: bdc9cc Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742857   🗄️.is 🔗kun







Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.387 📁

Nov 3 2018 14:09:12 (EST)

[D] Party Con:

When you can't raise money 'organically' through party (individual) donations (voter base) YOU STEAL IT from the American taxpayer and give it back to yourself in the form of campaign contributions.

[Example 1]

Planned Parenthood📁

$1.5 billion provided in taxpayer funding over 3-year period.

[Case 1]

PP spent $30 million [disclosed - real estimates close to $65 million] in taxpayer subsidies to influence the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections.


Should it be legal for a taxpayer [D+R+I] funded organization to donate massive amounts of money to the D party in an effort to sway an election?

D_insider_term: T_WASH

Re_read drops re: Soros & taxpayer funding




Anonymous ID: 6c254a Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742862   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3160


>isn't it weird, that there are supposed to be




>carbon atom has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons.




>makes me wonder.


>Why are children getting taught this in school, which no practical value


it's Common Core Cabal Satanism …


children, you are carbon based organisms, always remember 6-6-6

Anonymous ID: 0228c1 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742863   🗄️.is 🔗kun


You shut your fucking mouth when you're fucking talking to me



That dog became a meme to express righteous hatred for LGBT child fuckers



If it was real, they deleted it

Probably just fake.

I don't think their THAT based.

Besides, the owner of the dog would probably sue them (i think they're libtarded)

Anonymous ID: 71682b Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742867   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3256



>Federal prosecutorAlice de Chambrierwelcomed the verdict as "good for transparency".

Anonymous ID: c3d101 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742883   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3087

They view us as children, insects, cattle. Children, huh? We're going to show everyone that Santa Claus doesn't exist. We have the tools, and you're the target. Nothing you do can stop what's coming.

Anonymous ID: e74eac Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742897   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3224


>Half the world economy is walking away from the dollar.

that is why I said in a public way

VP started tossing all his US Debt starting in 2012 and in a big way in 2018 by the start of 2019 is was all gone ftmp

You need a 'dance partner' for that when it is done in that size.

Enter in 45 and VP as the providers of the music for the dance

Anonymous ID: 2bbb7e Nov. 10, 2022, 12:18 a.m. No.17742900   🗄️.is 🔗kun


President Biden threatens oil companies, blaming them for the sky-high gas prices because they want to continue making "more money than God this year."

Anonymous ID: dbd253 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17742926   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3087 >>3204




Quick skim of headlines…didnt read yet.

Anonymous ID: 022f7f Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17742931   🗄️.is 🔗kun

People who think the cabal has a counter move after the abortion overturn miss the gigantic deathblow cutting off their demonic feeding delivers them.


They got nuked yesterday

Our opponent is now a punchdrunk retard on the scale of Nagasaki.


Keep praying.

Stay on the offense.

We got this Bigly.

Anonymous ID: 5e9fbb Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17742942   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3160


i always think of it like in Harry Potter Quiddich, yes nerdy. But interacting with the shills is like being a Bludger. Its to distract those from interfering with those anons doing actual work. Keep the eyes off Frodo. Yes a LOTR ref also fuck im nerdy.

Anonymous ID: 0e1b86 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17742954   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3237




🔥 Lost 50%: The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the first time announced the figures of losses of the Armed Forces in equipment during the war.


"We lost about 50%. This is about 1300 infantry fighting vehicles, 400 tanks, 700 artillery systems,"

Anonymous ID: 94f0a4 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17742964   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3160 >>3208



Appears to be the case. My salt thread got deleted. Guess it was too salty. Reposting for posterity if I even can.


For the salt rot and anon linked Q post… an explanatory thread for anons bc clearly the subject isn’t going away. What Tor alterations could have affected the trips? Note: not just uIDs but the trips. Does the salt even affect uIDs or only trips? Why are trips inactive here? Anons can’t test and Q revealed prior passphrases Intentionally. Was the salt changed? If so, then Q’s Passphrase would not longer work to spit the same trip. Why did Q post as anon if whitelisted. Real anons need real answers. We all want Q back but the transparency here is nil. Nada. Zip.

Anonymous ID: f91510 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17742973   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Insurrection in Arizona

Someone call the DOJ

Someone call Merrick Garland

Where's Liz Cheney?

Why did AOC authorize this ATTACK ON DEMOCRACY?

We need a June 24th committee to get to the bottom of this!!!!

Anonymous ID: 6d88b7 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17742975   🗄️.is 🔗kun

i just went to breitbart to check their Ghislaine coverage and guess what - nothing at all.


instead the first 4 top stories are about jan. 6

Anonymous ID: 02ff80 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17742978   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Today it's a lot easier to ignore the naysayers isn't it anons. o7 to those who stuck it out and kept the faith. Taking the world away from a bunch of dark perverted demons requires a special kind of fortitude. Many were called and few were selected.

Anonymous ID: 56f21c Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17742984   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3239

Spirits are using me


You can't really be logical and not conclude that


  1. God exists

  2. God created the world

  3. God don't give a shit


God tasked angels to watch over humans. The Plan is a 2000 year endeavor created by angels because they give a shit.


Just sayin.

Anonymous ID: 262f50 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17742995   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3259

“SECRET Gender Transition Closets,” Where Young Children Can “Trans” Without Their Parents’ Knowledge, Are Popping Up At Schools Across the Country


50 years ago… 20 years ago… heck, even 2 years ago under Trump… Would you ever have imagined, in your wildest nightmares, that radical leftist activists calling themselves teachers would be setting up secret areas at school for children to undress and change into trans outfits? And in middle school, no less?


Well, unfortunately, that’s exactly the hell that America has found itself in. It’s 2022, Joe Biden is President, parents are labeled terrorists while the actual terrorists are handed billions in high-tech weapons, and schools are allowing teachers to create and maintain “secret gender transition closets” that are used to encourage children to change their clothes along with their gender, behind their parent’s backs.


So-called ‘safe spaces’ for gender transition originally started in colleges, and, like all other radical education theories and tactics, these trans closets – a room stocked with transgender clothes and accessories – are now appearing at middle schools and high schools across the country.


However, since these are younger children in this scenario and not college students, the trans closets are being used for a much more nefarious agenda – hiding the trans behavior and indoctrination from parents. Instead of simply providing an array of clothing options to wear, the students are told to change into their preferred clothing when they arrive at school and change back out to what they arrived in before going home – that way their parents are kept in the dark about their child’s trans identity.


Not only are these children being indoctrinated with a radical sexual ideology that has no basis in reality, but they are also being taught to keep things hidden from them.


The Epoch Times provided several examples of these “secret gender transition closets,” which they say are popping up “more” of late, especially in the wake of the “don’t say gay” hullabaloo over Florida’s new Parental Rights bill. In one example, Thomas Martin-Edwards, a transgender California teacher and founder of the “Queer Teacher Fellowship,” explains the true goal of these secret areas in a recent TikTok video.


From the Epoch Times:


“The goal of the transition closet is for our students to wear the clothes that their parents approve of, come to school and then swap out into the clothes that fit who they truly are,” the teacher said.


The California Family Council and others eventually confirmed the identity of the teacher as Oakland Unified School District Spanish teacher Thomas Martin-Edwards, who is also the founder of “Queer Teacher Fellowship.”


Martin-Edwards, the teacher who runs the trans closet, is also transgender. He has posted videos of himself in the classroom showing off the stilettos he wears to school.”


As for the school? They are apparently just letting it happen. Neither the district nor the teacher responded when asked for comment by the Epoch Times.


Another example comes from Colorado, where another trans closet was found to be in operation at the Denver Conservatory Green Middle School after it was exposed on social media. Naturally, parents and people in the community were outraged, with many tweeting their displeasure at the school, which, like the other one, did not respond when asked for comment.


Furthermore, the school is demanding nearly $2,000 to produce public records related to the trans closet.


The Epoch Times had more:


“‘This is grooming,’ Tweeted one Colorado man, ‘Police should come to the classroom and arrest whoever the teacher is in this classroom.’


The original post about the Denver trans closet was made by ‘Buy Nothing Central Park’ and refers to the closet for transgender students as being started at “our school.” It also asks for clothing for the trans closet being dropped off at the school.


Megan Fox, a freelance columnist for PJ Media and co-host of the weekly YouTube show “Exposing Family Court Corruption,” recently raised $1,650 through to pay for documents relating to the trans closet at a Colorado school.


Fox recently wrote in her column that the school told her she had to pay $1,650 to obtain the documents, which she requested via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). According to Fox, the school said the bill was based on 55 hours of staff time at $30 an hour to fulfill her request.”

Anonymous ID: 02cf92 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17743006   🗄️.is 🔗kun

An aide to Mark Meadow when he was Trump


The aide, Meadows' "special assistant" Cassidy Hutchinson has previously told committee she saw her boss burn documents in his office after a meeting with Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry.


Hutchinson has already met with committee investigators on three separate




God we pray, bless ALL on the board and protect Our chilldren.


Anoint the planet and solar system with your holy spirit.

Anonymous ID: 840147 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17743027   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3231

/Our/ Girl


Give this woman's salon a five star review. The kikes are bombing her salon reviews, because she exposed them. Search for 'Jenny Rose Luxury Hair' on Google Reviews.


Kike jannies in 4chan have deleted the first 4 threads:

Anonymous ID: 90bff8 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17743028   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3240

Dan Scavino/ @DanScavino

06/25/2022 21:51:27

Truth Social: 108541266335245561

6/25/2022 | ILLINOIS

Anonymous ID: 8ec189 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17743029   🗄️.is 🔗kun



“I know what you mean,” he said. “But that don’t make any difference. You just have to keep on giving, that’s all, see? Not all of ’em turn back. It helps a lot. Money is the only dangerous thing to give—but I never give money—not very often. I give myself, rather, as much as possible. I give food and clothing, too, but I try to show ’em a new way—that’s not money, you know. So many people need a new way. They’re looking for it often, only they don’t seem to know how. But God, dear brother, however poor or mean they are—He knows. You’ve got to reach the heart, you know, and I let Him help me. You’ve got to make a man over in his soul, if you want to help him, and money won’t help you to do that, you know. No, it won’t.”


He looked up at me in clear-eyed faith. It was remarkable.


“Make them over?” I queried, still curious, for it was all like a romance, and rather fantastic to me. “What do you mean? How do you make them over?”


“Oh, in their attitude, that’s how. You’ve got to change a man and bring him out of self-seeking if you really want to make him good. Most men are so tangled up in their own errors and bad ways, and so worried over their seekings, that unless you can set them to giving it’s no use. They’re always seeking, and they don’t know what they want half the time. Money isn’t the thing. Why, half of them wouldn’t understand how to use it if they had it. Their minds are not bright enough. Their perceptions are not clear enough. All you can do is to make them content with themselves. And that, giving to others will do. I never saw the man or the woman yet who couldn’t be happy if you could make them feel the need of living for others, of doing something for somebody besides themselves. It’s a fact. Selfish people are never happy.”

Anonymous ID: d95ba7 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17743041   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Three-time PGA Tour winner Bart Bryant, who won after six trips to Q-school, killed in car accident at age 59

Garry Smits, Florida Times-Union - 4h ago


>six trips to Q-school,

Anonymous ID: be8d82 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:19 a.m. No.17743045   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>3203


KanekoaTheGreat, [22.06.22 20:07]

[ Album ]

Remember when Democrats pressured electors to reject President Trump's 2016 victory❓



Anonymous ID: afda64 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:20 a.m. No.17743067   🗄️.is 🔗kun


I'm glad your job is automated now, I feel less bad now that know there aren't a bunch of political prisoners sitting at phone banks posting random nazi pics or whatever.

It makes these boards more human, you know?

Anonymous ID: 9f8e0e Nov. 10, 2022, 12:20 a.m. No.17743069   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Melissa Grenier [MelQ]🐸🍊, [28.06.22 12:40]

[ Photo ]

President Trump 4 year delta

Our Journey Together Q

Are you ready?

Truth Social @littllemel

Little Book of Q:

Anonymous ID: 93c8ef Nov. 10, 2022, 12:20 a.m. No.17743090   🗄️.is 🔗kun






Anonymous ID: c93175 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:20 a.m. No.17743095   🗄️.is 🔗kun



I don't believe there was a virus, so cure for what? PCR tests and fake news made this shit up, it was prepared in advance with Event 201, rolled out by China, and pushed by every scum we've come to learn and hate.

Anonymous ID: 9234a7 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:20 a.m. No.17743105   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Ateenage boy accused of raping and strangling a therapist who tried to help him in a juvenile probation center should be tried as an adult, the woman's distraught husband begged the judge.


The woman survived the alleged attack, which police say occurred in a locked room at the juvenile probation center in the city of Katy, just west of Houston, Texas, nearly a year ago, but is said to be so traumatized she can no longer leave her home.


Neither the therapist nor her young former patient have been identified, but now the woman's husband, James Haak, has spoken out to the press to try to ensure the 16-year-old is treated as an adult by the justice system.


The judge is currently deciding how the boy will be tried by the courts, and no trial has begun.


The teenager has been charged with assaulting and harassing the Harris County public servant, but if he is convicted as a juvenile he may be released by the time he reaches 18, in just a couple of years' time.


Whereas, if tried as an adult, he faces a minimum sentence of five years—but could face up to life behind bars.


Haak told Fox 26: "The only remedy that she has in this case is that he be incarcerated; we don't think that he could be rehabilitated.


"Let's face it, she was beat up. She was locked in a room, beat up, and raped. She didn't have a way to call for help; they had given them a radio, which he ripped the batteries out of."


"She can't be in public, she doesn't trust men. She can't do therapy anymore. I doubt that she will ever be able to do therapy with a male in a locked room, and that's what confidentially is all about."


She has had to quit the job she worked so hard for, Haak added, saying: "She put a lot of herself into the job, and he took that away."


Describing his wife's desire to help troubled children after raising her own family, he said she went back to school after a nearly 20-year career in oil and gas. She gained a master's degree and a license in family therapy, and began working at the juvenile probation center for Harris County.


The juvenile had been due to speak with a therapist and requested one who could Spanish. Haak's wife went to meet him, but police claim once they were locked in a room together he raped and strangled her.




The court is set to reconvene on Tuesday, where the judge will decide on how the teenager should be tried.





The juvenile had been due to speak with a therapist and requested one who could Spanish

Anonymous ID: a2f919 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743116   🗄️.is 🔗kun

how well would i have held up? kek. sad but face facts, i would have failed miserably. Trump truly is an American hero. God Bless him

Anonymous ID: c9b63f Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743118   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Lindsay Fucking Graham is ready to betray our country

Anonymous ID: 63e4d1 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743126   🗄️.is 🔗kun


lol they ended their post with fear mongering.

were gunna get you free thinking goys!


it will never work. death is better than living in zog land as a slave or to let someone throw you in jail for free speech.


I wonder if the enemy is ever going to go for blood to try and cement their control? We will see. Victory or Valhalla.

Anonymous ID: a930db Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743140   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Disney doubling down on perve nation company, this will not end well for them

Anonymous ID: 6e4c8d Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743156   🗄️.is 🔗kun

someone claimed at approximately 12pm last bread >>17743068


that the bread was half deleted and not to refresh. problem is, that post was the 745th post of the bread. if half the bread really was deleted at that point, a refresh would have brought the bread back to ~350 posts. that wasn't the case.


had 26 shitposts of zero value, including several that claimed to be "patriot tests"





there was no mention by any other anon that anything was missing.

there were no green text tags, which would normally indicate replies to deleted content.

there was no discussion of any "drops" in the bread, or anything of significance. if there had been, you would've seen multiple replies to a green text post. what does that mean? that anon, and the one in this bread, which is probably the same, is full of shit.

the clearly false claim was then spread to hivemind for the former board admin to drool over.


this shit might work on non-autists, but some of us have brains, shlomo.

Anonymous ID: 228753 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743157   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>"I meant remember Kash, coz he's a big old meanie and he eats kittens."



I'm ded.

I have a difficult time imagining a guy who looks like he smells nice and would seat his mother before sitting down at a table eating kittens.

Anonymous ID: 993887 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743160   🗄️.is 🔗kun











































Anonymous ID: f564a0 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743172   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Dutch Police Open Fire on Unarmed Farmer Driving Tractor Around Police Roadblock

Anonymous ID: 857875 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743196   🗄️.is 🔗kun


The chair serves Pelosi, thats why she received communion last week


Her family was involved in JFK assassination, she met him, she probably did the naughty with him. She can never go too low


Her clones cannot do as many drugs and alcohol as she can

Anonymous ID: 17f864 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743203   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>Obstetrical forceps

New souls come from the portal in the sun.

The invaders catch the souls on the way and send them back to earth.


Who receives the souls on earth?

What law do you apply to a foreigner who arrives by water?

birth control?

population control?

Cattle control?


Who gave this temporal power to the pope?




Anonymous ID: 3c3761 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743223   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Dismantle the D.C. Company Town


American Greatness, by Roger Kimball


Posted By: GustoGrabber, 6/5/2022 5:38:00 AM


Gertrude Stein famously warned that it was important to know how far to go when going too far. It pains me to admit that Democrats seem to have a far better sense of all that than do Republicans. Perhaps it’s because Democrats have a visceral appreciation of William Hazlitt’s observation that “those who lack delicacy hold us in their power.” The Democrats, that is to say, long ago became expert at the game of holding their opponents to standards that they themselves violate not just with impunity but with ostentatious glee

Anonymous ID: 1d8519 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743224   🗄️.is 🔗kun


tomorrow A-10, MC-12W, C-145A, C-146A and U-28A will land on M-28 freeway in Michigan


Agile airpower: Northern Agility 22-1 kicks off in Michigan's Upper Peninsula


UPDATE: Northern Agility 22-1 M-28 landing delayed to Wednesday

Anonymous ID: d48685 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743231   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Lol you aren't wrong.. But like meeting a legend and then him asking to do the cheapest parlor trick in the book - was were I was going with this.. It's just dumb

Anonymous ID: 561ce3 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743232   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Hospital ship #USNSMercy arrives in Vung Ro Bay in the Phu Yen province of 🇻🇳 for #PacificPartnership2022. #FreeAndOpenIndoPacific


📸: MC2 Brandon Parker

Anonymous ID: e6e25b Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743234   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Exclusive: “THE TRUTH ABOUT JANUARY 6th” Documentary Premieres Today on The Gateway Pundit! Narrated by Political Prisoner Jake Lang from Inside Solitary Confinement! MUST WATCH!


The highly anticipated documentary “The Truth About January 6th” premieres today on The Gateway Pundit! This groundbreaking documentary contains never-before-seen footage of and commentary on January 6th.


Watch the film BELOW and share to get out the truth about January 6th!

Anonymous ID: 33bfc8 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743238   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Anonymous ID: 9f7a1f Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743243   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>An old one but a good one

Truck takes out a stop sign.

New one (no rust) immediately installed.

It's cold so no muddy bootprints left behind before light snow falls.

Anonymous ID: 4f76a5 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743250   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Hes an actor in a movie. that man didnt create any of the companies he supposedly "started".


Do you still believe there is a Tesla in "Space"

"You know its real cuz it looks so fake?"


Think "Outer Space" now think outside the sphere.

Anonymous ID: 2042a9 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743258   🗄️.is 🔗kun


I actually got booted to the index when reloading the page once, seemed to work but not aly better posting results.

Refresh didn't seem effective.

Had the best luck posting after closing the browser (Fire Fox)

Anonymous ID: 7e2b72 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743259   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>They say nonprofit groups are supposed to use their funds to fund their mission, not fill their bank accounts.

someone should've figured out nonprofits have always been for tax write offs & money laundering.

Why do they only require any NP/Charity to use a measly 10% of their revenue on said charity case anyway?

Anonymous ID: c169ef Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743268   🗄️.is 🔗kun

\o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o

\o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o

\o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o

\o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o

\o \o \o \o \o \o \o

\o \o \o \o \o \o \o

\o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o \o

Anonymous ID: 9e281b Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743269   🗄️.is 🔗kun

The New York Sun



The group “Shut Down DC” plans to “blockade the streets around the Supreme Court” on Monday, according to its website, as part of a protest that aims to “shut down” the Supreme Court as it prepares to hand down a ruling that could overturn Roe v. Wade.


12:35 PM · Jun 11, 2022 · Buffer

Anonymous ID: f11369 Nov. 10, 2022, 12:21 a.m. No.17743274   🗄️.is 🔗kun



Christian pregnancy clinic in Colorado

is torched and graffitied with the words

'if abortions aren't safe, neither are

you' after pro-abortion extremists warned

of 'night of rage' following Roe v. Wade decision


Daily Mail (UK), by James Gordon



Posted By: Imright, 6/26/2022 1:55:49 AM


A fire which occurred at a Christian pregnancy clinic in Colorado is being treated as arson after chilling messages were spray painted onto the walls and ground outside. 'If abortions aren't safe, neither are you,' read one. 'Bans off our bodies' said another by the entrance at the Life Choices clinic in Longmont, northeast of Boulder. The fire broke out in the middle of the night at 3:17am on Saturday morning. Authorities believe the fire was set deliberately. No abortions are carried out at the center which aims to educate women on pregnancy