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>>17728969 ————————————–——– White hats have secured many systems, but problems still remain.


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>>17774768 Who are the puppet masters behind Black Rock, Vanguard and controls the worlds information?

>>17774772 How much is a vote worth? How about a dollar?

>>17774774 Gov. DeSantis Launches Initiatives to Support Florida’s Military Families

>>17774777 U.S. Naval Forces Intercept Explosive Material Bound for Yemen

>>17774779 Election machines reported more votes than physical ballots cast in two precincts in an influential Virginia county

>>17774783, >>17774816 “Did the FBI have confidential human sources on J6?”/Wray

>>17774785 US Household Debt Jumps Most Since 2008 Even as Credit-Card Rates Surge

>>17774787 Abbot has initiated an investigation into election irregularities. He has also invoked the invasion clause

>>17774792, >>17774802 IT BEGINS: Patriots in Arizona Call for a New Legitimate Midterm Election on December 6

>>17774799 FTX Donations to Democrats from Foreign Entities Like Ukraine Are in Violation of Executive Order 13848 Signed by President Trump and Biden

>>17774800, >>17774803 SBF_FTX spin

>>17774808, >>17774810 Nevada Supreme Court greenlights hand-count, despite objections

>>17774819 Steve Cohen’s Point72 Weighs Limit on Investor Redemptions

>>17774838 U.S.-Funded Military Research Goes to Chinese Institutions

>>17774849 FTX Balance Sheet Contained Investment Called “TRUMPLOSE”

>>17774853 FTTDK you don't get ANY swampier or DS than Sullivan & Cromwell

>>17774855 German army gets ‘SS’ uniforms

>>17774873 Ken Griffin, CEO of Citadel, highlighting one of the darkest details of the entire FTX situation

>>17774882 Top Maricopa election official launched PAC in 2021 to stop Republican candidates who questioned 2020 election

>>17774889 Disgraced Detective Arrested for Kidnapping Young Black Girls and Forcing Them into Sex Slave Ring

>>17774891 Q delta today Bunker Apple Yellow Sky

>>17774901 Fox News Hires Tulsi Gabbard

>>17774903 Andy Biggs To Challenge Kevin McCarthy For House GOP Leadership

>>17774907 Food Prices Up 40 Per Cent on Last Year as Potato Costs Rise Over 70 Per Cent

>>17774911 Depopulation is Purpose of Homosexuality & Feminism — 1969 Rockefeller Memo

>>17774922 New York Federal Reserve and multiple global banking giants start a 12-week "digital dollar" pilot.

>>17774923 Polling Clerk: I Saw Counted, Uncounted Ballots Get Mixed Together, 'Troubleshooter' Tried to 'Send Ballots Off'

>>17774931 SHADY24 MC-12W Huron departed Palm Beach Int'l after about 90m on ground from Savannah Int'l and we all know wut began on February 24th, 2022

>>17774936 This is the Specialized Vessel That Will Launch Photo Tourism Space Pods

>>17774938 Roundtable: Hunter Biden Joins the Show!

>>17774939 New York Innovation Center to Explore Feasibility of Theoretical Payments System Designed to Facilitate and Settle Digital Asset Transactions

>>17774947 Ukrainian Army Spotted Using Israeli-Made Armored Vehicles

>>17774953 @marklevinshow McConnell lapdog RINO Barrasso refuses to delay leadership vote

>>17774958 "There are groups in Arizona that will shut down the entirety of Arizona until there's a free and fare election"

>>17774960 Google Privacy Lawsuit Settlement with 40 States “works out to about 12 hours of revenue”

>>17774974 #21777

Anonymous ID: 41bbde Nov. 15, 2022, 10:27 a.m. No.17774979   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17774394 The election was not real, but you get to experience the reality of it.

>>17774413 Klaus Schwab is now part of the G20 and here he is giving his instructions directly to our "elected" leaders…

>>17774415 Clause 2. The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason

>>17774444 DHS live hearing

>>17774446 - Facebook owner Meta's India public policy chief and WhatsApp's India boss quit

>>17774453, >>17774478 Pedovores exposed!

>>17774471 Today is the 245th anniversary of Continental Congress approving the Articles of Confederation

>>17774513 FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Attempts to Raise Fresh Cash Despite Bankruptcy

>>17774517, >>17774614 Q Deltas today TRAP NOTE POST NUMBER YO'S 4517

>>17774528 China’s Xi warned Biden not to cross Taiwan ‘red line’ in summit talks: state media

>>17774541 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Wolf's Cave Nebula

>>17774546 Melania Trump lawyer tipped to become Slovenia’s first woman president

>>17774554 Harris Faulkner's Book is out Today! Miraculous Stories of the Healing Power of Prayer

>>17774559, >>17774516 Q posts asking about the silent thief, and then Ivanka wears a copy of the iconic Grace Kelly dress, from the movie To Catch a Thief

>>17774566 Yesterday, Trump asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco to reinstate his Twitter account immediately… Musk said he would

>>17774587 PF Yerp-Med-Gulf Activity: Chinese AF 11057 Y-20 heading NE back into China after another Karachi stop-caught them leaving Karachi yesterday (after 90m stop) and trace froze over Oman so dunno where they went

>>17774609 World population 8Billion today

>>17774611 DHS Secretary Mayorkas, FBI Director Wray testify before House panel on threats to U.S.

>>17774640 Watch Live: WI v. Darrell Brooks - Waukesha Parade Defendant Trial - Sentencing Day 1

>>17774665 Dersh off the Giuffre hook

>>17774668 Trump Defeats Niece in Inheritance Lawsuit

>>17774673 Planefag CONUS Activity: ASSAY'''89 E-6 B Mercury out of Offutt over SW South Dakota, SAM643 G5 west from JBA, RCH4567 C-17 west-moar equipment

>>17774674 JFlynn: they will never hold power they sold out to the commies …useful idiots/Kinzinger/Pence

>>17774676 Record Low 7% of Voters View Mitch McConnell Favorably

>>17774684 I spoke to SBF for over an hour

>>17774713 Trump Family Signs Deal With Saudi Real Estate Developer

>>17774737 #21776

Anonymous ID: 41bbde Nov. 15, 2022, 10:27 a.m. No.17774981   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>>17774053, >>17774055, >>17774070 FTX funded the bogus trial

>>17774056 'They Will Torture Me to Death': Crypto Pioneer 'Drowns' Hours After Tweet on Discovering CIA Pedo Ring???

>>17774066, >>17774077, >>17774084 COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?

>>17774071 FTX cryptocurrency scandal is just the beginning | Will Cain Podcast


>>17774097 Trump is going ham for anons on Truth Social right now

>>17774108 Control a people, control the food…

>>17774125 Science???

>>17774137, >>17774136, >>17774191, >>17774241 bankman-fried brother Gabe

>>17774138 The only way to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is win on the battlefield, NATO Sec Gen Stoltenberg

>>17774144 NYC Judge lets criminal possessing 20k rainbow fentanyl pills free without bail

>>17774146 @elonmusk Twitter is All the News By the People, For the People

>>17774167 AZ: reconcile

>>17774175 Jeff Bezos Says He’ll Give Away Most of His Fortune to Charity

>>17774211 Tuesday, November 15, 2022: Join RSBN live from The Mar-a-Lago Club 9:00PM EST

>>17774306 It's funny how the demonrats are admitting they lost the house

>>17774351 Blackrock will take over where FTX left off

>>17774356 Biden unexpectedly skipped the gala dinner Tuesday at the G-20 summit in Bali

>>17774371 #21775


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