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Darren Beattie: FTX And Their Influence On The Democratic Party [7 mins]

Nov 16, 2022

"We're working on something very big that will be out this week that will make FTX look like child's play".


Our funky haired crypto-Lords are better than [their] funky haired crypto-Lords.

(why can't I embed this rumble video, oh well deal with it dickhead)

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Any type of animal fat tbh, always organic and grassfed as possible since toxins are stored in fat. The only type of cake that should be eaten is cheesecake, and you should all be on Keto. Your brain and organs still need ~50g of sugar for certain functions so that is the maximum amount of daily sugar allowed so you will still be in Ketosis. Ideally though you will want to consume around 15-25g of sugar per day and your body can make the rest through gluconeogenesis. Only bit of sugar I get is from the 3% yogurt I eat and some from peanut butter (which I will eventually like to stop eating as well but is a good sanity snack for now).

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I think it was the health ranger that said it a while back but peanut butter is actually a great and cheap chelating agent, literally a paste that just absorbs shit and takes it out of the system safely. Not sure if it's true or not but at least it doesn't bloat me although I still consider it a starvation food like all plant-based foods. Flesh regenerates flesh, obviously of the non-human variety.


Also cows have 4 stomachs to digest just grass, and gorillas have to chew and eat 90% of the day; clearly humans are apex carnivores.

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Probably but I've survived much worse I should be dead 30x over. As I said it's a sanity snack, eventually I'd just like to be consuming only animal products. Takes 4-6 weeks to adjust cells to power off fat and even longer to optimize further.

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No one had books 2,000 years ago. Humans were brought down to the level of literal sheep that stared at their hands in awe and they didn't know which way was Tuesday. The written Word was a Godsend, more-so back then.


If you're the type of person that hasn't even read Proverbs then you wouldn't understand. The stuff written in proverbs is all of the "red-pill" knowledge talked about today but it was written thousands of years ago in the Bible. Also read KJV, it's more palatable than all the thy, thine and here-ye's.

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I can't prove you wrong but I'm an eternal optimist. You saying it's difficult makes me want to prove you wrong and therefore is the carrot on a stick that will be the free-perpetual-energy machine that will make me live that extra few / thousand year(s).


Even if you put me in one of those padded insane asylum rooms, I'll still find a silver-lining in it.

a) free rent

b) free food

c) can do a shit tons of pushups / squats and reach 9000 power level

d) I'll be mentally indestructible if I survive this


The mental / emotional prison I've survived through teenage-hood and my 20s felt like thousands of years. Every second was torture, I couldn't even sleep, just tossed and turned in my bed. What did I gain from all that? "Everything''.

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>My greatest fear is being encased in concrete at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft. Or being sent down a fracking pipe or something equivalent.

I just don't think about those things, when I face imminent danger I always feel like something is above me watching over me


>But I do respect your attempt to rationalize ways to choose happiness even in the face of long-term incarceration. I've been down those roads of thought myself, and I suppose I would try my best to keep my mind ordinated properly and hope and pray for freedom to somehow return to me.

Only reason I made it this far. I say fuck it and keep going anyways. I've had some sort of death experience before, it's just a cold and dark abyss; I guess that was my own hell.


Reminds me of Dante's Inferno, when he reached the final layer of Hell, he finds the Devil but there was no fire. It was just a frozen wasteland. The Devil was cursed, he had to keep flapping his wings or his wings would freeze and fall down the endless pit.