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Concealed carry permit holders surge past 22 million, report says


Patato repeatedly has called for more and more gun control, but has accomplished relatively little, with only a modest gun reform plan, since he's been in office.


One area where he's having literally no impact is on the issue of concealed carry permits.

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Obama caught boasting ‘we got Democrats in charge of the voting machines’ in resurfaced video


The resurfaced video features Obama giving a campaign speech at Kent State University during the 2008 election.


Obama sought to ease concerns about potential Republican landslide victories by telling the crowd of Democrat voters in Ohio that they needn’t worry because Democrats control the election voting machines.


Anons post the video thanx

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>Darren Beattie: FTX And Their Influence On The Democratic Party [


>"We're working on something very big that will be out this week that will make FTX look like child's play".



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>Ukraine—The place full of secret US funded bioweapons labs is also the place responsible for shooting down the plane full of AIDS researchers


notable digg

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Sen. Hawley Criticizes Sec. Mayorkas for Colluding with Big Tech to Treat Americans as if They’re Threats to Homeland Security (VIDEO)

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Top Republican on House Oversight Committee: Hunter Biden Is Guilty of Committing “Seven or Eight VERY SERIOUS CRIMES” (VIDEO)


Rep. James Comer: “We’re releasing a report today that details what we’ve uncovered. We’re also sending letters to Biden Administration officials and Biden family associates renewing our request for voluntary production of documents relevant to this investigation. This is an investigation of Joe Biden. And why he lied to the American people about knowledge and participation in his family’s international business schemes.”

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NO MORE $ FOR UKRAINE: Freedom Caucus Member Thomas Massie & Florida Congressman Cory Mills Demand Accountability Before Further Action


Earlier today, several members of the United States Congress, including Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie and Florida Congressman-elect Cory Mills held a press conference detailing the need for robust oversight and audits of the money sent to Ukraine by the Biden administration.


Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who kicked off the presser, highlighted how the money spent on Ukraine could have helped to address the influx of Fentanyl into the United States by Mexican drug cartels, but acknowledged the fact that the Democrats were shamelessly parading around wounded Ukrainian soldiers around the United States Capitol, but wondered why they weren’t doing the same for families who had lost loved ones due to the Fentanyl epidemic.

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Maxine Waters Dodges Questions About FTX as Pics of Her With SBF Raise New Concerns


The Chair of the House Financial Services Committee announced that she would be launching an investigation into the collapse of FTX to “explore exactly what has taken place.” We reported on the collapse and the funny business that had allegedly gone on with the funds, estimated at over $1 billion that went missing.


Except that the only problem with that is that the Chair of the Committee is Maxine Waters. If you ever wanted an open and honest transparent investigation of anything, Waters would probably be the last person you would choose to be in charge of it–particularly given the involvement of the Democrats with FTX.


How do we know that this isn’t going to go well already?