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If you did not get your heart's desire, it means it did not happen yet. When whatever happened that was the opposite happened, it was either because u still were not fully trusting but thought u were OR you needed more information to clarify what u want and so the bad happened but u maybe gave up then thinking it was the end instead of thinking ok .. so this happened, NOW what do I want? Then you take the bounce. If this has to do with a significant other, it could be because u think that's what u want (red car parked down the street0 but God knows that person will not give u what u think u want from them (you think u want red car but do not know someone removed the engine) and so u will get a blue one with the engine u want. God cannot not give u what u want if you line up 100%. If you have not gotten what you want, it is only and always only because you were noticing it had not happened yet or needing it in order to feel better which means you are aware of the lack. You have to feel better first BEFORE you can see it because the reason you feel better is due to faith. Faith 100% cannot fail. God cannot ever fail and only we limit God. IF God could not give you what you want and even better than you can possibly imagine down to the smallest detail you had no idea could even exist for you, then God would put a diff desire in your heart that He could answer but the thing about God is that He has no limits. WE limit God always and only always by fearing the vulnerability that comes with letting go and letting God. It takes a true leap of faith but it is not scary when you understand fear to believe 100% blocks it and doubt hurts always. It has to feel like Christmas Eve and you know this is going to work and you can't wait to open your present. If what you want has not happened yet, then it is in the process of becoming and is waiting on you. The shortcut is once you understand all of this, and it is logical because you understand what you are doing with your thoughts and therefore how you feel, every time no exceptions ever (ALL emotion EVER has to do with desire from our hearts and letting it in/faith/joy/eagerness/bliss/passion/life giving or blocking it/doubt/fear/worry/anger/frustration/pain/no energy) then when that lil ego comes up to remind you that it will never happen and you can't have it and it's never happened before and it can't happen to you or whatever the fuck, just say oh look! a thought! and release it. Go back to remembering God's promise. It's scary but u know u are believing the lie when you try to trust and there's that fear in there. If u feel less than really good, you are in that doubt still. So shortcut is to know it will happen without needing it to happen because u can feel better on your own. It's a delicate balance but when done correctly, it cannot fail BY LAW OF PHYSICS. Not possible. What u want is guaranteed. Shortcut: know it HAS to happen, know that little tinge of fear to truly let go and believe is what keeps it from coming, and then go about your day. You take your lover to the train station and know your lover is getting on a train and leaving but will return, you don't wait at the train station, you go on your way til lover returns.


You cannot not get exactly what you want. You get that, equal, or better and the HOW is not your work. The HOW is God's work. You don't know some lady will wake up at noon on saturday, go to the store and be talking to someone exactly as you walk by and says something that gives you the idea to a solution, or someone calls you and has an extra of what you want and gives it to u free, etc. God will move the people into inspired action even if He has to move 1 million of them to get you a straw hat you wanted. You just have to let it. I wrote so much text. God NEVER FAILS, only man fails himself via limited thinking.