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>>18513760 Lread

>>18513760 Bast

It's better to report on a fight where you inflict some damage to the other side, no matter how minimal, that to report on other sections of the front where Ukrainian forces collapse at the snap of fingers.

MSM is reporting on the waste of our tax dollars is all I see.

Hope the Russians capture as much NATO equipment as they can and beat the living crap out of the NWO/NATO with it.

It would be more cost effective using my tax dollars to ship all NATO equipment straight to Moscow and call it captured.

I view Russians more of a friend that NWO leadership and all of their lackeys.

All the shit we're fighting is New/different/opposite of what we believe to be true for our population of earth.

The new might be true in other parts of the universe, but here on Earth we have sovereignty.

We are more than willing to let every last one of thine enemies board that Mothership.

The aliens tell me that it's ok, they're all transgendered and have genders beyond their wildest dreams.

We get to stay on Earth and get our Jetson's future.

Tech to use, not become tech or be used by tech for another's gain.

Great big trap to root out evil DNA for the next universal graduadtion of Earth.

Let's make our own movies with the scripted futures we want.

Also, lets say what will happen and ignore those who say 'nothing ever will happen like always' because we know the truth and it's been happening since tthe Great Awakening start.

They're already in production with their movie script, let's revise it.

Shout out toMELand Roth'schildren movie

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dropping like ~~flies~~ files

I wonder what the Mother Of All ~~Bombs~~ Files will be

Files to the left of me, files to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with Q

You get a file, and you get a file, and you get a file, you all get files

File me tender, file me sweet

One liddle two liddle three liddle files, four liddle five liddle six liddle files

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How many felonies does tyat equal doled out to all parties involved in a RICO?

So death penalities, life imprisonments, and other assorted blacklistings to prison sentences?

There's a reason we're basket weavers, cause we're going to need a shitload of picnic baskets for all the public executions.