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Donald J. Trump



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Gateway Pundit uses Ukraine colors? mmm Why?

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Exclusive: Farmers Praise, Thank Trump For Giving Them ‘Hope That The True American President’ Is Back: ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’


As 45th President and leading 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump traveled to Davenport, Iowa on Monday to give an address on education and protecting farmers, farmers are thanking Trump for giving them “hope that the true American President” is “back to take care of the American farmer again.”


Trump gave his speech to a massive crowd of supporters that not only overflowed the arena but wrapped around the block outside in freezing temperatures.


Before Trump’s trip on Monday, Trump wrote on his top-rated social media platform, Truth Social, on Sunday, “Nobody, in history, did more for the FARMERS of our Country than I did. Even got them 28 Billion Dollars from China based on how unfairly they were treated, before me, by the Chinese Government.”


“People couldn’t believe it. Nobody’s going to win with the Farmers but ‘Donald J. Trump.’ Will be in Iowa on Monday. Big crowd,” Trump added.


In an exclusive interview with the DC Enquirer on Tuesday, CEO of Northern Colorado Seeds, Trent Leisy, agreed with Trump, saying, “No other president did more for American farmers than President Trump.”


“While past presidents were caving to the demands of Mexico, Canada, and China, President Trump was putting American farmers first. Farmers understood that as President Trump was negotiating the new USMCA as well as new trade agreements with China that they would be financially impacted,” he added.


“Farmers were okay taking a short-term loss knowing that the long-term gain would be financially rewarding. President Trump’s promise to the American farmers was a promise kept by President Trump,” he continued.


“He returned billions of dollars back to the farmers when his new trade agreements were established. For the first time in modern history farmers were the forefront of a president’s agenda,” he said.


“Farmers went from being revered by President Trump to being disdained by President Biden,” Leisy said, adding, “Farmers are now suffering through this record inflation.”


“Farmers are paying more for input costs than ever before. Farmers went from prospering by expanding their farming operations under Trump to record farm sales across the nation because of Biden’s inflation,” the CEO explained, concluding that when “Trump entered Iowa on Monday, farmers were given hope that the true American President was back to take care of the American farmer again.”


During Trump’s speech on Monday, he vowed “within hours of my inauguration, I will cancel every Biden policy that’s brutalizing our farmers. Every single one of them.”


Trump’s speech was held at the Adler Theatre which offers seating for 2,400 people. Despite the event not being advertised heavily, Trump massively overflowed the theater with a crowd much larger than 2,400 people and a crowd of over 500 people waiting outside.


Videos show a massive two-mile-long line of loving supporters there to see President Trump wrapping around the block of the Adler Theatre.


The temperature of Davenport, Iowa during Trump’s speech was 32 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Weather Channel.


Before Trump’s speech began, he visited a Machine Shed BBQ to a cheering crowd where he is seen on video being hugged by supporters and taking photos with others including a pair wearing “Trump won” t-shirts.


On Rumble, while Trump was speaking, over one-million people watched his speech via his personal channel, over 500,000 people watched via the Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) channel, and over 100,000 people watched Trump’s speech via Real America’s Voice (RAV) channel. An additional 30,000 people watched Trump’s speech through the pro-Trump social media platform Gettr. Trump’s online viewership is continuing to skyrocket.

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Trump Delivered on His Promises


He has one of the strongest records of policy accomplishments of any first-term president, writes Rep. Elise Stefanik.


Though the media wishes otherwise, Donald J. Trump has one of the strongest records of policy accomplishments of any first-term president. I disagree with Gerard Baker’s column “DeSantis vs. Trump Pits Accomplishments Against Narrative” (Free Expression, March 7), which echoes the media refrain that President Trump’s campaign is about only narratives and grievances, and not deep on policy or accomplishments.


One of the many reasons that voters in my district and across the country voted for Mr. Trump is because of his agenda-setting policy vision and his ability to deliver: Promises made, promises kept. Too many politicians over the years have spoken a big game on the campaign trail only to backtrack when they arrive in Washington. With Mr. Trump, it was the opposite.


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Donald J. Trump



Election Interference!





Trump highlights ongoing ‘ELECTION INTERFERENCE’ aimed to ‘take out the undisputed leader of the Republican Party’


Trump highlights ongoing ‘ELECTION INTERFERENCE’ aimed to ‘take out the undisputed leader of the Republican Party’


Photo: Alamy President Donald Trump shared his observation on the double-standard of treatment between himself and the “BIDEN CRIME FAMILY" in a statement posted to Truth Social this week, calling out…


Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)


Mar 15, 2023, 5:44 PM