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This anon thinks there is an place somewhere that serves as a sanctuary for those that have been "killed" in the public world but are allowed to live out their lives in secret.


Perhaps an island. Perhaps underground. Perhaps a place we do not know exists.

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> the black Star


This anon typed black star into googlebox and got elder scrolls kek. Took some scrolling to find the info. Ever wonder if they do that shit on purpose? Name something new after something old to hide it with seo. LOL. Would be funny. Makes one feel a bit schizo to look at it from that angle.

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What are some things that could be done to a living creature using genetic manipulation? Could you add or subtract abilities like a comic book character? Could scientists give you a potion that would allow you to see at night? Or make your skin glow in the dark?


What if a connection to "God" exists within our DNA? A key that unlocks the door. Could mRNA make changes to DNA that would essentially "break the key"?


What if that connection keeps people "good, kind, helpful, decent humans, etc"? If the connection is severed do people revert to selfish demon freaks?

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Some of us correlate a love for anime with the lack of a human soul. At best it's low-tier selfish mindset which doesnt logic with baking. The rat can be smelt in the bread.


I dont care what you do. Anons, rise above. Think big things. Dont get lost.