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"once the most prosperous country in africa"

now bombed to hell

so not only libya's gold disappeared , so did a lot of uranium


this is a good example of why the us blocks war crimes trials at the hague

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thinking something similar

joe said no tax money will be used to bail out all the leftists in california

only fdic funds

which is true

but when your local bank fails, all of the funds will be gone already

to bail out oprah, newsome and silicone valley

not sure if they planned it this way but when svb went broke they sure did not want their friends to lose any money


hedge fund and large bank guys started the un on the bank by telling people to draw out their money

now the big 4 banks are getting a large cash infusion from people putting their money in them because they are "too big too fail"

the hedge fund manages are ready to buy svb assets on the cheap

win win for hedge funds and big banks


ran out the small farms in the 1980s

credit unions soon after

all pork and chicken now controlled by a few big operations

small business out during covid

small banks gone next?

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the treasury, fdic and the federal reserve announced they would cover all deposits at svb and signature bank

they are just ignoring the $250,000 law

they said that they 'are not bailing out the bank"

they are just "making the depositers whole"

abc news 3-15-2023