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Quit being so fucking retarded and gtfo, you retarded pos. Go slurp that vomit at black mass. The bioweapon is in the form of an injection because bioweapons are considered a "poor man's weapon" and the prollem with bioweapons is how do you release them to get enough people so they did this roll out. We aren't the ones confused here. Go lie to your mother, you pos.

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>you are simply too stupid to live

Suck an egg, you luciferian literal ass fucking faggot. You don't understand life or God. Go eat that menstrual blood with semen on a wafer for black mass and get lost. Everything I know I learned from God and it's the direct opposite of the luciferian programming you dumbasses tried to shove down the throat of God's children but we know the sound of His voice and can hear Him in HD. How do you think all these Christian whistle blowers got out of the cult? They never let go of Jesus. They found a tumor in my dog and vet sent him home to die, I know God, though and his tumor is gone now. Vet doesn't know wtf happened. I do. You have bigger shit to worry about than me.

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>too stupid to live


Me: Lived off the grid alone without electricity or running water for over a year and a half, comfy af with 20 below zero temps during the winter.


(For the good Anons, I don't have any. imagine_your_ faves_here.jpg etc.)