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Could it be because people are afraid to go to Mpls now? Kek.. noooo…….


“ “At one point they saidthey were expecting 20,000 people. That definitely did not happen. As a vendor, I likely didn’t see over100 people, and I would be very surprised if they said it was over 200 or 250,” Smith said. “It was a complete disappointment.”


To answer a anon, frey the boy wonder and king walz are in charge. Ugh.

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Recruitment challenges: At least 1 Twin Cities police department short more than 60 officers

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>How does going all electric make sense?


Because it can be cut off easier for wrongthink.. tap into your smart nest IOT.


Heating with propane is not as tied to the grid (delivered by trucks).

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Agree anon. Good to think not just short term, but long term too. It may require moving to a more suitable location and the time to do this was last year. Get ready.