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>Persecution is not cause for rebellion but for patient endurance and righteousness.


First, thank you for a respectful attempt at an answer. But my point stands. If the Founders had heeded this type of morality, there would never have been born the Republic. And Paul in Romans 13:1-7 is unequivocal. God installed the powers that be, and we are to submit to them. You attempt to mince Paul's words by quoting the synoptics, but all you are doing is applying your own interpretation. Do you believe in Pauline Christianity, or not?

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>I think they are going to steal 2024 too. Only this time the support for Trump will be visible and talked about.


As if it wasn't overwhelmingly obvious in 2020? Massive Trump rallies, while the Potato couldn't even fill a high school auditorium. The only narrative that works is that "white hats" rigged Trump into power in 2016 and then allowed the Potato to squeak through in 2020 for the sake of muh Precipice. A very tired narrative at this point.

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>We are to submit to authority with the only exception being submitting to something that violates God’s laws.


Nowadays, everything violates God's laws. Yet churches submit. Christians have submitted for decades. What did Christians do to oppose abortion. Did institutionalized abortion not violate God's laws? Does not mutilating children's genitals violate God's laws (outside of circumcision, which is another matter)?


>there’s no conflict.


There is a conflict. What is your brand of Christianity? Catholic? Orthodox? Protestant? Where does it end? Where is the final authority on what is true Christian doctrine? Do you claim to be that authority?


Paul commanded us to obey the powers that be, because he claimed they were put there by God. Look at the powers that be now. Do you think they were put there by God?


Do you think that you have no right to defend your family WITH FORCE against tyranny?


If not, then you have no stake in the preservation of the American Republic.