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I think they are going to steal 2024 too. Only this time the support for Trump will be visible and talked about. There will be no doubt that he won and the cheat will be OBVIOUS. Things will be so much worse by then that the people will want to hear what he is saying. For people to do anything about the fraud (or anything else) they cannot have a way to "buy an escape" from the uncomfortable. It has to touch everyone. They cannot have a job they HAVE to get to or be afraid to loose ANYTHING. The normie patriot base in this country are still thinking that if they just buy a house in Florida or "vote red" in large enough numbers all will be well. In my opinion, nothing changes until patriots can't hide their head in the sand. Think about it? if we were on a verge of a real revolution would you be taking family vacations,attending sporting events or concerts, or funding your IRA? Patriots will be needed to carry the people and until they are ready, nothing else matters. They will be ready when they realize that they truly have NOTHING even when they think they do because it exists in this matrix.